How would you feel about Amber Midthunder as X-23/Wolverine?

  1. I personally don’t want the old xmen to return in any way more than a cameo I think the characters need new actors, including wolverine.

  2. I feel like the actress is good enough that we don’t need to stick her into a typecast box. There’s a lot of roles in a lot of different things that I’m sure she’d be great at.

  3. No, I don't think this is the right call. She would kill as Dani Moonstar! I think Dafne Keen deserves to be MCU Laura Kenny. She is the perfect age for it right now and already knows the role.

  4. Absolute high bar for x-men/mutant content. Their ability to creatively demonstrate the use of mental powers is better than anything I’ve seen. The fight on the psychic plain (“behind blue eyes”) was a gd masterpiece. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped a show immediately and gone back to rewatch something as many times as I did with that.

  5. I’d take her as anything on any movie/show…as long as she keeps working, I’m in. Loved her in Legion and been a fan ever since

  6. I would rather see Laura get her own identity . She has more than enough great character development to move on from being a Wolverine. She could be another badass animal like a Wolverine. With that change I could see Midthunder play Laura.

  7. I rather they have her play Danielle Moonstar. There are a lot of Native American characters in Marvel comics that has yet to be adapted into the MCU and brought to the mainstream. I personally don’t see her as X-23

  8. And they're already sweeping Logan under the carpet. Let's at least get the core X-Men out of the MCU before you start your legacy characters.

  9. It would be great, but won't happen because they won't have two wolverines and they're not getting rid of the original. Also, she already was part of the X-Men. Bring back Kerry Loudermilk! She ruled!

  10. So apparently not, but a young woman Blu Hunt Was Dani Moonstar who is a Lakota descendant so either way I’m ok with this

  11. My stance has always been that I don’t need the first movie to be about the O5, but I want them to keep that kind of timeline in place. Like if we start with the Claremont team, fine, but recognize the the O5 existed first. Or even if we start with like the Utopia team or the New X-Men team, just acknowledge the history that would have come before that point in time.

  12. To play Laura Kinney? Ok. I just don’t know if Zac has the range for her backstory with assault and everything else she’s gone through as a character…

  13. The only wolverine we need to be talking about is Logan. Bring him in the MCU. And somewhere waayy down the line, X23 (Dafne) can make appearance.

  14. This is one of the few castings I’ve read that make sense. You can’t bring back Logan cause Jackman owns it like RDJ owns Ironman.

  15. Fuck that noise. Jackman’s version of the character was a barely passable adaptation. He needs to be done right.

  16. Of course you can. But this will probably not happen until the close of the MCU's 6th era. I think there's probably a pretty good reason for Kang to be involved, and it's the same sort of tomfoolery that DC is doing with the Flash movie.

  17. I think that while it's fun to fancast, fancasting goes too far these days. People get their hopes up for certain actors and it spreads, and then little assholes online harass the actual actor.

  18. Everyone says she should be Dani but I feel her being Laura would be better. She would get way more scenes playing her. Of course Dafne could come back but honestly that's a toss up

  19. Personally think Amber looks pretty much off the page from the way Laura has been drawn for the last few years. We also know from Prey and Legion she would be able to capture the character's vibe.

  20. Hell, not even just current comic Laura. She looks damn near identical to the original older design for laura we saw at the end of x-men evolution. So if they wanna go with an older laura where logan’s already dead instead of using dafne, i’d say this is pretty damn near perfect casting.

  21. Unpopular opinion but I don't think Amber's the strongest actor. I haven't seen Prey yet but she always left me wanting more in Legion. It kind of worked since her character's supposed to be a child but I didn't fully buy it.

  22. Danielle Moonstar since she's also a Native American. She has the power to make hyper realistic illusions based on her target's fears. That's way more interesting than a crazy kid brawler.

  23. Dani Moonstar is too important to be anyone besides Amber Midthunder. Imagine Dani in the MCU! New Mutants, Thor crossover, endless X-Men crossovers.

  24. If we're atuck on the people having to be ethnically correct to their character, is there a good canadian actress who can play Laura?

  25. I don't go for fancastings as a rule, but I would love to see this (and for Logan to have a First Nations actor as well tbh).

  26. I’d love to add Amber Midthunder to the MCU, but perhaps as one of the established Native American characters in the lore and not just some ethnic washed fan casting.

  27. I think the actress in Logan nailed her role as Laura. Amber could play one of Logan's many other kids. Maybe even his kid with Silver Fox.

  28. A lot of people are commenting that she'd do well as Dani Moonstar and that they'd like to see Dafne Keene reprise the role - which are both perfectly good takes - but there are a couple other options, here.

  29. I could absolutely get behind this. But then don't bring in Logan as a fuckin' white guy later. He was born in the 1800s in northern Canada; there would be nothing weird about making him native as well. (Plus as much as I love Taylor I really hate the retcon that she's as much his daughter as his clone. There's a reason nobody ever brought that up again.)

  30. The older Dafne Keene gets, the more she resembles present-age X-23. I'd be overjoyed if they were able to still put her in that role sometime

  31. I don't know anything about her acting but the MCU isn't goi.... let me stop there. The MCU is going to hire good actors. This ain't FOX no more. Remember the actors names who played Storm (Apocalypse) and Colossus (X2..or X3?)? Me neither. They were just filler.

  32. Because she’s native American it seems as though people are limiting her to only Native American characters and I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  33. I didn't expect to like the movie, watched it with friends. But she really sold it for me. I would love to see more of her, and yeah she would be great as Laura

  34. Yeah, wait till she finds out she could have been cast as Dani, an even cooler mutant with their OWN identity and name lol

  35. I didn’t know there was a female wolverine but if there is I would love to see her as a live action incarnation however I don’t want her replacing Logan. I would take a new Logan any day

  36. My only problem is that would be an extremely long time from now. Make her a version of Thunderbird combined with Mirage and she can be an Avatar in the 3rd season of Moon Knight instead of a mutant. A version of X-23 might not come around for 10+ years.

  37. Laura/X-23 has been around since 2003 and became Wolverine around 2014 when Logan was dead for a while, and has shared the codename with Logan since he came back in 2018 or so.

  38. Ugh. About as well as I felt (and still feel) about a Venom origin movie having nothing to do with Spider-man at all. It’s just idiotic and rushed. Take the time to do it right. Don’t ruin a character I think is awesome by cheaply undercutting their rich history that makes them so great.

  39. If you have read comics for that long you should know that this “wokeness” everyone is complaining about has been there for decades. Gtfoh with that nonsense.

  40. I’m tired of the gender swap thing if they want to do any kind of swapping it should be race swapping and not just switch them from white to black get some more culture different races it’s annoying how marvel thinks diversity is changing a white character to black or to a woman I’m sure they can figure out more races to swap to.

  41. Let me pitch you a movie. New Mutants vs the Predators. The Predators kill of all the Hellions in the beginning of the movie except Catseye. She makes it to the Xavier institute and informs them. The NM squad wants revenge for their friends and don't inform the headmaster that they've gone to fight them. A large squad of NM characters (some miscellaneous characters that can be killed should also be in this team like Birdbrain, Rusty) against a squad of technarchy upgraded Predators. Make it R-Rated. The battle would be on the grounds of the large abandoned Massachusettes Academy Estate. The estate can be rigged with Emma sanctioned booby traps that were installed to keep threats aways ( adds drama and surprises -Hunger Games pods style). Some characters die. Magik's limbo demons can't beat Technarch enhanced Predators. Dani can't manifest the Predators greatest fears. Doug and Warlock's prove extremely useful. As does Rahne's senses. In the end, Dani is finally able to show the last standing Predator his greatest fear. What do the Predators fear most ? Their own defeat. Dani beheads the last Predator with Magik's soul sword. Headmaster Magneto appears in the post credit scene. Pissed as hell. End.

  42. Laura and Logan have been co-existing as both being Wolverine for a couple years now at least. She started as a new character and has had a really complex arc to get where she is now. And it’s Logan. He’s not going anywhere.

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