/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 218, Part 1 (Thread #359)

  1. Apparently the „annexation“ isn’t fulfilled tomorrow already. „officially“ the duma will vote on it and discuss it up to the Tuesday. Which means the reports of the holding back were true.

  2. BBC World Service resumed its Cold War-era shortwave broadcasts into Russia & Ukraine when the war began. Their antennae are well away from Hurricane Ian, apparently in Poland.

  3. Pinpoint strikes were reported in Kherson roughly an out ago (~00:35 local time) in industrial zone of shipyard. This area is widely used by Russian military.

  4. I'm very concerned and worried that Ukraine is doing too well. Ukraine should just surrender, and the resurgent Russian Empire will be nice to the West again. Am I right, fellow westerners?

  5. The Starshe Eddy channel says it "will be a very difficult night and tomorrow a very difficult day," regarding the situation in Lyman. He says Ukraine is focusing on Yampil and Torske and cutting off the Lyman-Kreminna road on the east side of the pocket

  6. To me the importance of a fall of Lyman and a potential collapse in that part of the front is the prospect that the Russian military could face simple mass refusal to deploy to the front lines. The fiction that the newly annexed territories are now part of Russia isn't going to motivate men to die in suicide missions.

  7. I wonder how many mobiliks will drive out expecting to the front to be farther than it is and just get creamed as they ask aloud why that T-72 is facing east.

  8. You think Putin doesn’t give a fuck? Joe Biden is ese loco. He’s all hopped up on chocolate chocolate-chip ice-cream. He is one shenanigans away from going all Corn-Pop on a motherfuckers ass.

  9. It’s total revisionist history to say that nobody believed Putin would invade or mobilize. Analysts very much believed that those two things were set to happen. Using a nuclear weapon is a direct line to the end of human society and that’s why most analysts think the chance of it happening is low.

  10. Cool story, but I want to know more about how Ukraine is kicking russian butt in Lyman, move aside.

  11. He does give a fuck about Russia. He's doing this because he's obsessed with Russia's historical greatness. It's the Russian people he doesn't give a fuck about.

  12. To summarize, several Russian telegram channels are warning that the battle in Lyman is at a critical point and that Ukraine is advancing from the north and southeast. Possible that the pocket collapses tonight or tomorrow, which would overshadow the annexation announcement.

  13. The satellite and access to ICEYE's imagery cost 20mil and it's been active for 2 days. So that means they are using it to destroy 10mil in value per day. That's a massive amount of destruction if it continues at that pace for a few months.

  14. So here's what concerns me about the whole nukes situation. I recently learned that in the event of a nuclear strike people in Kyiv will have a massive orgy called Schekavytsya. Apparently, the whole thing is well coordinated and publicized. I'm beyond concerned that there's no such plans in the West.

  15. OK Mr. 30 Seconds. The idea of a woman with 3 tits was ok in the original total recall but if you're not being ironic I have no idea how you think this would be viable.

  16. Well, we need to get on this. First we need to set up leadership in each city. We need people to handle advertisement, recruiting and a crew to handle the location and supplies. We will also need a security team, maybe we can enlist the asexuals for this. In advertisement we need to break it down into local advertisement since we don't need to advertise the locations in each area to the wider population. So they need to handle newspapers, handing out flyers, etc. We will also need people in the LGBT community so that they feel comfortable and welcome. This is the end of the world folks, everyone is invited.

  17. SaberFlux said earlier that some missiles were fired from Belgorod, but malfunctioned and blew up, with pieces falling into residences and such in Belgorod.

  18. On the topic of 50-90,000 mobilised troops arriving over the next couple of weeks with little to no training while Ukraine has 700,000 additional trained troops from mobilisation 7-8 months ago, Arestovych said:

  19. 700k not just trained, but trained by the best trainers in NATO most likely. Even if they all didn't get direct training, it should get passed down. We've seen how effective the UA special forces have been after their training.

  20. I will also be annexing yakustk… I always lose risk I’m terrible at strategy games. Hey Russia! You lookin for a strategist? Will work for zubles!

  21. I see three reasons: (1) try to divide NATO with a false flag blaming the US. There were reports of a sub drone with cut cable found initially. Expect to hear about a bunch of stuff they will have carefully planted to point back to the US (2) as reported recently the pipeline may become permanently inoperational if not fixed quickly due to seawater corrosion. Fixing it would require lifting sanctions. (3) protect Putin by denying coup plotters access to revenue stream or relief that they can offer to Europe in exchange for outside support

  22. Putin's personal protection. The most logical reason is that he feared the oligarchs would initiate a coup, hand over (or kill) Putin, and try to resume business as usual with the west. Putin just burned that bridge. He is all-in, and he's bringing his country down with him.

  23. Probably internal Russian politics? Putin must be scared that theres a plan to oust him and the perpetrators could then do a deal with Europe and re open the pipelines?

  24. Every time I see NSFL, I think It's going to be something super gory, but lately I've seen it used for not so gory dead bodies and such, like this link here. I feel like less than gory stuff should just be marked NSFW.

  25. As the UA surrounds the city and zeroes in on the only remaining Russian held roads they'll try moving out in force in what vehicles they have on hand ranging from tanks to civilian cars. That's probably dwindling now and the diehard contract soldiers will continue to follow orders until their commanding officers that are left in the field give the order to w/d as fast as possible. They will most likely abandon more Russian hardware and try moving out on foot, take heavy casualties doing so, most of them will be captured, and the remainder will escape into Russian occupied territory at the next river crossing.

  26. They probably plan to get drunk. But realistically they are probably checking if there's a way to get out. Or if reinforcements can open up a corridor to get out through. How likely it is that will happen. And etc. Probably a lot of discussion about surrender too I'd bet. No clue if Russia's command would tell them to die fighting or give permission to surrender.

  27. So between Putin and Kim Jong UN we're just watching the state leader version of little-man-syndrome play out in real life? If they were both average little Joes in the US, they'd just buy a huge pickup truck and call it a day.

  28. Ukrainian soldiers trampling on and burning Russian and Soviet flags in recaptured Russian positions in Donetsk Oblast today.

  29. I sure appreciate your contributions but you would be MVP if you could post Nitter links or somehow find Twitter links that are mostly accessible for us non-Twitter users. It's strange. I am able to see maybe 1 of 20 Twitter links you post (I click them all) but am able to see 8 of 10 on U/pcx updates. Not sure what they are doing differently. I'm not joining Twitter because I have enough obsessive/ compulsive issues already. Just thought I'd share my experience since I know your goal is to spread good content. Thx again! 😊

  30. I can't remember who said it but it was someone who was former western military. They said that Ukraine is fighting the war around geology. Like how they pushed up to Oskii and stopped because it would be easier to secure the area they just took.

  31. The latest ISW report mentions Ukrainian officials being concerned about the mobilization of Ukrainian citizens in occupied territories.

  32. They’re using them in a very specific way apparently, at least on the Donetsk front. The cannon fodder are told that if they try to run or surrender they’ll be shot, then they send them to probe positions with blocking troops in the rear prepared to kill them. The problem, of course, arises if the dissenters reach a critical mass and think their best option is to frag.

  33. Please let this be liberated asap... it will really send home the point that Putin is making promises he can't keep and still being embarrassed. "Oh no, sacred Russian land has been invaded!! !!!" and you're going to do WHAT, hobbit-troll?

  34. Depending on the number of Russians in there and how hard they want to fight - it might take a lot longer than a night to take a surrounded town. Mariupol was held for months with just a few thousand defenders. Now Ukrainians had stores saved up for a siege and Russians don't- but you still get an idea.

  35. Can someone explain to me what is the strategic significance of Lyman being liberated? I'm OOTL and it seems to be quite important

  36. That'd be an insane implosion, then frees up Ukrainians to push towards Rubizhne which makes the Russians shit their pants about Sieverodonestsk and Lysychansk.

  37. That very well may explain why so many CEOs are "falling out of windows". Russian intelligence w/i the country is still on the nose and keeps an eye out for dissent in the ranks on a regular basis. Plus as heads of industry they have info that could be valuable to NATO when it comes to understanding the Russian military's capabilities, and where even greater weaknesses in their armor lie.

  38. This is the reason the Russian media occasionally takes a dump on the oligarchs about corruption. To prepare the people for when the oligarchs' shit gets seized and they're thrown in prison on "corruption" charges if they get uppity.

  39. I don't think they have that much power, and Putin can always find a window for them to fall out of / seize their Russian assets.

  40. ...And they're doing it juust before Winter begins to really freeze off those frostbitten stumps this time.

  41. That's not really a viable plan, Ukraine's beefed up the defences in the North and this time all the Russians got is their shitty last century 1930s gear and a useless hobo army. They lost a fuckton of their gear not to mention the VDV getting their shit kicked in the first time at Hostamel.

  42. This makes sense. An attempt at Kyiv would be the bold strategy they require to turn the momentum. Aside from it being the capital city, if they can encroach on it it renders the open field advantage UA has moot. They want Stalingrad style fighting with waves of flesh. Door to door fighting. This would also give them an opportunity to flank the eastern UA troops involved in the UA counteroffensive. Crimea and Donbas have had so many years to fortify and entrench, so they probably expect the fighting to get ugly there with UA’s speed of advancement not being as fast as it was in UA’s counteroffensive.

  43. If this happens Luka is done. You don’t fuck around if you don’t have a nuclear umbrella. I still think he knows this and will stop it.

  44. I think that's it, saw one a few threads ago do the same thing into Rostov. Agreed it's probably Mobik Airlines.

  45. Foreign students kept as slaves in Russian prison camps for 6 months after invasion:

  46. Where's the outrage from AI and others? I remember at the beginning of the war there were cries of racism when Indian students weren't allowed to quickly pass by the Ukrainian border guards and "white" (local) women and children were prioritized instead.

  47. It's going to be a lot harder to transport all of the newly anticipated Russian POWs without those buses. Perhaps that was why?

  48. Will Belarus attack Kyiv from the north? Does anyone have insights on the probability of this and how well the northern border is guarded by the ukrainians?

  49. Turn the tide? Just more fertilizer food. The soldiers are less trained and supplies then before. The region is more fortified and there is no element of surprise. They’ll be slaughtered. This also puts further strain on Lukashenko who doesn’t have public support.

  50. Every Russian general has an FSB "handler" assigned to their units as their direct link back to Putin. They're basically the modern day version of the commissars who take their orders from Putin, and dispense his will at the strategic level. If they even got a hint of a General deciding to refuse orders at best that General would be detained, fired, and sent back to Russia for judgement. At worst their family would be threatened, their assets frozen, and they'd be arrested if they're lucky.

  51. The fact that apparently most of the entirety of the Kharkiv invasion force just turned and fled, leaving hundreds of tanks/vehicles/equipment intact, says to me that this has already been happening. Either the generals themselves abandoned post or lost control of the forces and had to bug out themselves. Either way there was a collective decision to get the hell out, whether command-driven or not.

  52. He has weeded out those with any sign of a spine to do so, and got them all not trusting each other, so any one of the generals would think that all the others would rat them out to Putin at the first hit of discussion about doing so.

  53. That would only happen top down, only if there's consensus among senior leadership, not bottom up and not in a silo.

  54. Putin keeps replacing his generals based on loyalty to him and not competence. He also prefers if they have already committed documented war crimes so they have no choice but to stick it out with him till the bitter end.

  55. The point of the Ukrainian offensive strategy has been to maintain pressure while preserving Ukrainian troops and equipment, and not overly exhaust the energy and strength of their forces. Their operational tempo will adjust to the situation in front of them. Terrain, weather, defensive configurations - lots of things to consider.

  56. So you see Ukraine taking ground at the normal pace, and because it isn;t happening at the previous lightening pace(which ONLY happened because Russia super fucked up and had most of their troops in the wrong fucking part of Ukraine) you take that to mean "Ukraine isn't doing well" That's a pretty hard misread of the situation and how wars tend to go in general. You typically don;t get breakthroughs like Kharkiv.

  57. I don't understand the down voting. Just seems like things are going to take a very very long time to see any results now. I'm definitely rooting for UA. Just sucks that nothing good has happened since the counter attack.

  58. Yes you were spoiled by watching probably the second greatest rout in the history of modern mechanized warfare. That's correct.

  59. The Ukrainians are making excellent progress against Lyman, you’re either a troll or have no idea what you’re talking about

  60. Wars don't get won over night, be patient. I for one, I'm glad that Ukraine has the initiative and keeps at it

  61. It's very rare to advance at the pace Ukraine did during the Kharkiv collapse. What's happening in Lyman is a much more normal timeline.

  62. At this point are there any realistic outs for Putin? Earlier in the war there was always a concern for leaving some sort of off ramp for him. But at this point, are there really any left?

  63. I mean no matter how many outs hes given he just torches it. Now with the annexation tomorrow any out will require him to give up "official" russian land which will lead to ridicule and issues at home, especially after russians start finding out about how their mobilized kid who "definitely wont be going to the war" just got blown up only for putin to then surrender the land they fought for.

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