/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 213, Part 1 (Thread #354)

  1. Anyone know why Russia isn't blocking Russian men from feeing to Georgia and Finland? From their perspective, wouldn't that be the logical thing to do?

  2. You know? Seeing thit it is sad how some Russians (not all) hate Gorbachev and even see him as a traitor, and internationally he is seen like a failure. I think is time to recognize the man for what he was: Russia's most humane leader in decades.

  3. He is the “best” leader russia/the USSR has had in the last 120 years solely by virtue of not being an overtly corrupt psychopath. He may in fact be the best leader that russia has ever had.

  4. A 51-year old in Volgograd was mobilized even though he doesn’t have combat experience, is deaf in one ear, has poor eyesight, and herniated discs. Despite this, he was sent to training without a medical examination.

  5. One hopes that the Russians have at least preemptively looted walkers and wheelchairs from Ukrainian retirement homes in preparation for the offensive.

  6. Don’t read from Crybar or that Moldovan vatnik Incel Z. They are the hardest copers in existence.

  7. Police state, dictatorship, deep intelligence and repression appatarus whose roots go all the way to Stalin's NKVD which was all about and succeeded in utterly castrating the Red Army from even talking back to the politicians. Prisons that somehow managed to do the impossible and be worse than US prisons, making death preferable than being on them.

  8. To be fair, standing up to a full-fledged totalitarian government and secret police isn't anything to sneeze at. But of course if they're sending you off to die anyway...

  9. It’s a total madness with a number of population of 144 million people! Total losers! Only like 250 rised up against mobilization in the whole country!

  10. There is a potential for Ukrainian Army to completely encircle all Russian troops in Lyman. Expect to hear great news in a few days!

  11. There is about to be another collapse. This is where Russia was generating slot of force. This plus savtove and those new conscripts won’t matter if this line collapses

  12. Those who surrender willingly getting asslyum in Germany is mostly a win win as long as Germany actually wants to deal with them.

  13. In an authoritarian country like Russia, nearly every person who hasn't already enlisted in the military is probably not willing to throw their lives away because Putin says they should. It's madness to believe these people are not just capable but willing to charge onto a battlefield in a foreign country and eat lead for a dictator having a continent sized midlife crisis

  14. It's madness 90% of the country hasn't risen up and ousted its government. I wish Russians were more French.

  15. There is no evidence so far they are willing to resist it. There's some brawls and drunkenness, general Russian stuff but most people sadly seem to just be fine with being marched to kill Ukrainians.

  16. That's one of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron's WC-130J Hercules "Hurricane Hunters" . They'll be flying back and forth through all quadrants of the circulation for around 8 hours. They fly through Cat 5 Hurricanes, so they probably won't even notice Ian's turbulence.

  17. There's no chance in hell Russia is equipping all of their conscripts with body armor. We're going to be seeing World War level casualties on the Russian side soon. Putin is utterly determined to destroy Russia.

  18. They won't be, they don't have nearly enough in reserve and the war machine has more important things to produce than mere infantry protection.

  19. I would certainly feel out the situation if I was Georgia, but in all reality, if Russia doesn't collapse out of this, this would be their best chance to do so.

  20. And these guys were fighting for the, albeit false, impression they would get their freedom. Young men are gonna die in droves over the coming months.

  21. This is a preview of the poorly trained and poorly equipped mobilized masses. I expect Russia’s KIA toll to skyrocket beyond 100k in the coming months.

  22. people don't typically turn to crime when they have the skills and mentality for something else, surprised we didn't hear about more fraggings

  23. sooo...suicide squad only works because they have superpowers, not because they are rugged criminals, lol

  24. "Putin’s and Lavrov’s irresponsible statements on the possible use of nuclear weapons are absolutely unacceptable. Ukraine won’t give in. We call on all nuclear powers to speak out now and make it clear to Russia that such rhetorics put the world at risk and will not be tolerated."

  25. I just can't believe how poorly Russia's military has performed and continues to perform. Yeah the Ukrainians are kicking ass, but Russia just fucks up day after day lol. It's almost like everyone turned on the TV to watch the 1972 Miami Dolphins and we got the 2008 Detroit Lions instead.

  26. Me either. I thought I was pessimistic about Russia's military capabilities, but I wasn't nearly pessimistic enough.

  27. This is my 2 cents on everything surrounding the mobilization. First of all the media is overblowing the hype surround Putin’s warning on nukes. I believe Putin knows this and purposely said that to get the western media going, he is not a madman, he is a manipulator. Russia’s nuclear deterrence Strategy is escalate to deescalate. He is using the fear of nukes as a weapon, not the nukes themselves. And I highly doubt Putin would use nukes to defend annexed territory. If Ukraine hit Moscow? Than yes but did Putin use nukes when Ukraine attacked Crimea or other Russian bases outside the Ukrainian border, no. So why would they Annex territory? Russia knows they are losing at this point, they know they are not going to get all of Ukraine and they are on the defensive at this point, trying to preserve as many gains as possible. Hence the referendums while throwing bodies at it via mobilization.

  28. Even threatening nukes is a provocation. When a world leader says "I'm not bluffing" about nukes, I don't blame the Western media for getting going.

  29. Because people like to start rumors for a bunch of different reasons, many of which probably apply here.

  30. There was a non verified source who speculated about it, and then the internet turned it into a circle jerk.

  31. Because people full of wishful thinking click on links about Chinese drama, then ask about it in unrelated Reddit threads. Get better sources than uncited people on Twitter.

  32. Xi Jinping was not seen since his trip to Uzbekistan last week and there is a weird lack of planes flying over China rn. Their skies are pretty empty.

  33. Indian sources have been spinning rumours for a couple days now. No credible sources for it as of now though

  34. Pro-Russian TG (Rybar) admits that not only did Ukrainian break through at Lozove, but Lyman is now threatened & “the whole line could collapse.”

  35. I wonder if the russians reticience to pull troops from the kherson theater to reinforce their failing lines in luhansk reveals what they value more

  36. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Borova has been captured and that a temporary repair to be made on the bridgehead there, followed up by a lightning run by fresh units to Svatove.

  37. so it seems that Russia lost all those planes today because they are desperate trying to stop the UA north of Lyman (in the direction of Svatove). Once the UA reach Svatove everybody in the south will get encircled (it's basically Kupyansk and Izyum 2.0).

  38. Someone below suggested that the Russians lost contact with their Main Line of Resistance, and don't actually know where the friendly and enemy units are.

  39. That looks like two lines of march, both encircling Lyman, reinforcements against the inner line of march risk getting encircled by the outer line of march.

  40. For those of you doomscrolling late at night, I just came across a really really interesting perspective on Russia as a whole that is ... kind of scary... and might go a whole long way towards explaining "why don't more people stand up to Putin" and "why don't Russians..."

  41. So this guy says we have to balance our moral outrage at Putin’s actions now by examining Putin’s twisted interpretation of Russian history going back hundreds of years?

  42. Finland just wants a neighbor that isn’t a rapey psycho. Who can blame them? It’s not like they’re worried about Sweden doing that.

  43. Not going to happen, the writing's on the wall on Russia's defeat in this war and Ukraine doesn't need Italy to win.

  44. I suspect a lot of missiles are just launched with completely erroneous coordinates and launch parameters so they just fall wherever.

  45. I made a post that someone should start work on a Mine Resistant Tractor ASAP, you guys are going to need something like that for a long time.

  46. Why did the Russians allow Russia to become a dictatorship again? Why did they allow one man to have so much power?

  47. Short version: because Russia thinks it needs a strongman at the wheel in order to survive, even when he's weak.

  48. The western tradition of democracy came about over 200 years of history, from the 1700s through to the ealry 1900s, and was driven by the example set by America, the French Revolution, and Great Britain - and the principles they espoused and spread by example. ( A really great book covering one of the most important periods is The Pursuit of Power Europe, 1815–1914, Richard J Evans - it's way too long, but you only need the first half of the book for the historical societal bits ).

  49. The same reason the Germans voted in Hitler. He promised to make Russia a strong and prosperous nation again after the humiliation that was the collapse of the USSR and losing the cold war. The parallels are actually pretty striking. One could see Yeltsin's government and the 90's like the Weimar Republic in Germany. Things got so bad people just wanted someone to tell them things were going to get better.

  50. Why did Americans elect Trump? Why do the Brits keep voting for a party that is robbing their country blind? Why don't the Chinese tell Xi Jingping enough is enough?

  51. Natural evolution of "apolitical" societies where the average person thinks that the government is always corrupt and doesn't bother with politics or holding the people with power accountable.

  52. Learned helplessness and the cult of personality. Russia suffered massive economic contraction under the Yeltsin administration, so people appreciated anyone who could put them back on the map. Had Putin retired after his first two terms he'd probably be remembered favorably as the guy who reversed Russia's decline, despite having a few authoritarian tendencies.

  53. All those videos of Russians protesting made me go back to vids I saw from the Maidan Uprising. The difference is just crazy.

  54. Russia is a sick country, anyone with any sense leaves, no one but old ailing people who were scarred by a post/Soviet economic collapse buys their propaganda. Iran has some healthy roots to it.

  55. Do you think that if China and Japan asked Russia to get out of Ukraine or they'd move to take Primorskiy and the Kurils, would that get Russia to change their mind?

  56. The world is done with grabbing territory, your borders are your borders. You can vote in free elections to join territories, like they’re thinking about doing in East Africa, but that’s the only way to change the globe.

  57. I've been reading comments in the russian liberal Telegram public "Lentach" for 2 days and here is what these liberals say:

  58. I see a lot of these talking points are exactly the same that i have seen here in reddit. I guess it is bot farms typing this stuff in reddit as well.

  59. Incidentally, doubt anyone in the channel's interested in anything in English. But if you think this might be useful at all...

  60. It's important to remember that Russian troll farms are going to infiltrate such sites, and that useful idiots will take some of their disinformation seriously. Do why I'm sure this represents the general gist of Russian liberal opinion, it's important to remember that some of that opinion is seeded, and tgat some of it is represents the Russian state line trying to move the option a little bit in the pro war direction.

  61. You’re saying this as if they have to confirm between each other that they don’t want to kill Ukrainians or not. That being said, Лентач has always been a place to whine at with people falling into self-pity, so I’m not sure what did you expect to see there.

  62. People are innately selfish bastards, it's true. (Not everyone, but enough.) But if there's energy there that can be directed Putin's way...

  63. Anyone else think those mobilized Crimean Tatars will be like "ok give me the guns and I'll join the other side"?

  64. There is a Tatar force fighting for Ukraine in the territorial defence. I am sure they would be keen to have more.

  65. It's not a vote. I wish people would stop calling it that. It's not a referendum either, for that matter. And it's not a "sham referendum" because that implies its like an election but just has problems.

  66. Last I heard, it seemed to involve soldiers going to people's houses and forcing them to sign papers at gunpoint. Not sure I get why they bother.

  67. Some of the ballots have only 1 check box (vote to annex). I assume, if its not checked, your ballot gets tossed for being incomplete.

  68. Well, you just voted yes by talking about it (new rule!), so in the land of the deluded and lala land the separatists vote is going swimmingly.

  69. Russian person in a wheelchair with balls of steel protests mobilization by himself attracting an observing crowd by holding a sign daring authorities to conscript him.

  70. Loving the news about the potential breakthrough north of Lyman, hope to hear about the libration of th city when I wake up in the morning.

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