/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 205, Part 1 (Thread #345)

  1. I have a question. When western countries “give” Ukraine weapons like tanks and HIMARs, are they just gifts with no strings attached besides political sway, or are they going to be payed off by Ukraine later on?

  2. Most of them are gifts. Purchases would take time to go through the regulatory process in those countries, while simply giving the stuff usually only requires the approval of the executive branch in those countries.

  3. Ukraine began exhuming more than 440 bodies found in a mass burial site on the edge of liberated city Izium, Kharkiv region.

  4. "Without you" is a really powerful speech. But here's one more, from Russian anti-war rock legend Yuri Shevchuk:

  5. Full speech translation:"And now they are murdering people in Ukraine. Why? Our boys are dying there, why? What for, friends? Why? Youth of Russian and Ukraine is dying. Old people, women and kids die too. All because of Napoleonian plans of our Caesar.

  6. ISW and liveuamap have conflicting assignations of the Novovoskrens'ke area in northern Kherson. Which is correct? Granted this is just a couple fields and doesn't mean much.

  7. Unless you live in one of those places… Slava Ukraini small villages! We root for you… in our hearts and minds every day

  8. The funny thing about that is it is admitting that their military is far worse than NATO. Which isn't that much better of a look than losing to Ukraine.

  9. It's been hinted that the Russians have abandoned many towns in northern luhanks. There's really no point in defending it, theres mostly small towns and open fields. The land serves no purpose since with the fall of kupyiansk the logistics routes are within artillery range.

  10. East of the town of Siversk, the Ukrainians have been on the attack in that area, and were able to recapture a couple of settlements there, they were even able to make a crossing of the river in the town of bilohorivka (famous town where Russians lost something like two BTGs a few months ago trying to cross it)

  11. We had to write into automod to remove any donation links the first week into the conflict because of how many people were scamming or, despite meaning well, linking to a scam.

  12. The NATO thing doesn't even make any sense if you think about it at ALL. I'm sure that's a common thread in propaganda though.

  13. I'll admit I didn't watch the whole thing, just jumped to the ending and you're right. That tv host nearly crapped his pants when he realized he was trapped.

  14. Good practice for when Israel and / or KSA and / or the Gulf states obliterate Iran. I used to have no opinion on Iran, but the fact that they and NK are backing RU has put a target on them from my perspective.

  15. Um, if that’s how they’re used it’s not a good thing. We want to use NASAMS to take out pricier assets.

  16. The problem with the whole escalation argument is that if you believe Russia will escalate to general mobilization or WMD before admitting defeat, then that assumption holds true no matter what method UKR uses to defeat Russia. It doesn't matter if they use GMLRS or ATACMS to finish off Russia - if Russia is willing to escalate then thats what they will do.

  17. I see no reason why would any of his friends protest. they are probably dreaming about this day already. and it's not a suicide for them, they're likely already found a way to both survive and remain in power. just think about it, it's a win-win decision for them, the only thing that could stop them that they could be stupid enough to deeply believe that God can exist and will punish them.

  18. It kind of occured to me that this war is slowly closing in on a year.... At the current rate, how much longer do you think Russia can keep this up?

  19. if Ukraine can liberate Kherson, pull another Kharkiv blitz somewhere and break the Russians at Bakhmut and push them back to the April lines or further in that part of the front I think that would be it for Russia.

  20. We've still got quite a ways to go before we hit the one-year mark, more than five full months. We're going to see a lot of shit before we get to that point.

  21. Weakness creates opportunity. It is highly likely that groups are forming in the shadows, creating alliances, and creating strategies. Putin's folly has impacted both the oligarchs and the military. Imagine being a military General who was sent to the front lines, while Putin's FSB/Siloviki friends are safe back home.

  22. It’s really hard to guess. Like a Jenga tower, they will collapse at some point. But which brick will be the last? It could happen sooner than anybody expects, or it could take longer than anybody expects. More likely sooner than later, I think.

  23. Winter will be interesting. The cold will likely have a large impact in terms of supplies needed and may further crush Russian morale.

  24. Well they're already scraping the bottom of available man power short of full mobilization. I think everyone expects the winter to be a slow slog where they take shots at each other but any offensive will be small and local. I think if Russia doesn't call for full mobilization in the next month they're screwed. They would need all of winter to draft and train recruits to be ready by Spring.

  25. I know I'm not alone in being baffled by the almost gentle answers that POTUS and Pentagon have given in response to the tactical nuke question.

  26. The US and NATO will intervene if nukes are used in Ukraine. Even a US general said it a few days ago. I don't get why some people think the west would do nothing / would be too scared. lol

  27. I wonder if India is really questioning their military equipment right now. They overwhelmingly have Russian equipment. India will want to Westernize and ditch Russia entirely.

  28. Iirc India wanted to produce the weaponry in India and Russia’s the only country that would let them do that with their tech. They’re also pissed the US is friendly with Pakistan.

  29. No they won't. It really comes down to the training of the users and the maintenance they have for the equipment. Ukraine still has a majority of Soviet stuff yet they have managed to use them adequately.

  30. I don't think India's military really needs to be that credible. They have nukes to protect their sovereignty. They aren't really that interested in the projecting power aspect of a military.

  31. If India maintained their weapons adequately, contrary to Russia, then they could be fine. Nothing a couple of test wouldn't confirm. They might, however, need to review the Russian maintenance manual.

  32. I suspect their problem is that their insistence on technology transfer plus their historical close alignment with Russia means that any Western equipment they're likely to get is going to be either crippled or older models facing obsolescence.

  33. They've been screwed over on so many Russian arms purchases over the past decade or so that they were already moving towards western and domestic arms for a while. The war is just accelerating the change.

  34. Everyone says we have the best, most powerful drones. Unbelievably amazing. You've never seen drones like these before.

  35. As Russia's authority wanes, we should expect to see conflicts in regions that have previously been solidly in Russia's sphere.

  36. Absolutely, and we're probably looking at a Cold War situation as China and NATO vie over the region. A lot of people are going to get caught into the crossfire.

  37. It just occurred to me that, like some dystopian movie, the world actually has a real life evil megalomaniac right now threatening the world with destruction. Crazy.

  38. Iran is in a similar position to Russia: they're equally invested in both countries and won't overtly take a side. Additionally Iran has large populations of both Armenians and Azeri. Azeri have more influence, due to shared religion.

  39. Everywhere where Russian soldiers were, there are executions and mass graves. Bucha was not a one time thing, there is a system behind it. Which means these must be the orders from higher up.

  40. They did it in Syria in Chechenya :( that is just how their army works. It is not a new thing, it just moved to Europe :(

  41. Ukrainian soldiers transformed this Peugeot cabriolet into a stripped down battle-buggy complete with bull bars and a space for a machine gunner

  42. You know, I really think Ukrainians have just ran with it and gone thematic. Parts of that have no real use, they just look cool as fuck.

  43. Out of curiosity, and just as a thought experiment, was there any way for Russia to possibly incorporate Ukraine back into their fold?

  44. I think the Euromadian revolution forever changed how Ukraine viewed the East vs. West question. If you haven't watched "Winter on Fire" I highly recommend it. It was the birth of Ukraine as we know it today. The nation of Ukraine is taking its place on the world stage in (real time) front of our collective internet eyes.

  45. This was never about the Ukrainian people, it was about the natural gas and other resources. The people would've been mistreated as badly as Russians are currently.

  46. Well kinda. Russia theoretically has all the stuff to be rich, developed and if it would end up democratic after 1991 and would lose their imperialism goals, I have no doubt that more Eastern European countries would wanna have unions etc with Russia and NATO would not be needed.

  47. The responses to your question have been confusing. Yes, I believe pre-2014 it was absolutely possible for Russia to absorb Ukraine without much resistance. Russians keep saying on their news that there is no "Ukrainian people" and pre-2014 they were to some degree right. Ukrainians have always viewed themselves as very close with Russians and most people in Ukraine didn't really consider themselves two different peoples. Almost all Ukrainians speak Russian, fewer Ukrainians speak Ukrainian. The economic situation in Ukraine has been terrible, it's one of the poorest countries in the world; by contrast Russia over the last few decades has grown a lot economically and was slowly becoming a middle class economy. The standard of living for Russians is much higher than the standard of living for Ukrainians and the resistance to Russia was low

  48. Pre 2014 very likely, but even in 2022 it would have been possible in the right circumstances maybe. The whole "problem" for the Russians was that they severely miscalculated the level of military resistance they would encounter. Imagine the situation where the Ukrainian government flees and the Russian military is in Kyiv in a few days, and have conquered the whole of Ukraine in two weeks.

  49. Maybe the east. Actually before Maidan the elections were always kind of equal, pro-russia or pro-ue candidate were winning by not that many votes. Before the invasion mamy people living in east Ukraine would identify themself as Russians, there were many people who moved there from Russia while it was a part of ZSRR to work in plants and mines at Donbass. I live in Warsaw and my kid is playing everyday with group of kids who moved there fleeing the war. The all speak only russian - once a new kid arrovid, who did not know or did not want to speak russian, just ukrainian - and those kids from ukraine did not understand him, they knew only russian. That probably will be changing now, but those nations are really close. Many historical writera and scientist worshipped in Russia as Russians were actually from Ukraine and I have no idea what nationality they would claim.

  50. Incorporate as in with willing Ukrainian participation? Not likely, unless russia itself completely overhauled and became a direct opposite of what it is now. Like the EU. In that case maaybeee. There's a lot of bad blood between them, and Ukraine would justly be suspicious of joining even a democratic remake of the USSR.

  51. There are centuries of history of russia abusing Ukraine. It would have taken decades, like at least a generation or two of close friendly relations to build that kind of trust.

  52. They actually do have shared cultural history. US/UK fought two wars against each-other. But it would have to be a relationship as equals.

  53. Tanks, armored personnel carriers and fighting vehicles, artillery (preferably self propelled), mobile anti-aircraft systems, additional aircraft, and support vehicles and equipment for all of the above.

  54. Probably long range missiles. Specifically, to strike the Kerch bridge to cut off Russian supply lines to Crimea

  55. One explanation I've heard for the reason they still keep pushing although it's clearly pointless is that it's the Wagner PMC doing it and they work based on a bounty system, they take up a contract to capture a certain location and they get paid for doing it, and they couldn't care less if it is meaningless in the long run.

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