/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 199, Part 1 (Thread #339)

  1. I wonder how many new HIMARS targets this opens up to further degrade the Ruzzian’s artillery supplies. Even if they started to scatter their ammo dumps closer to the front, I’d bet anything there are now massive groupings from more rearward supply dumps that are pretty juicy right now.

  2. Longtime lurker. Followed this thread since day 1, have paid attention to Ukraine since 2014. The news in Ukraine always seemed so far off in the background. Putin's assassinations were as ordinary as news of a hurricane. Something horrible but natural that happens from time to time. The plane that downed over Ukraine, and the bellingcat boys before I knew what bellingcat was pulling traffic cam footage to prove it was the Russians when we all knew it was them. Deny deny deny.

  3. What a glorious start for the 200th day of this war. Let's hope it doesn't get to 300th and Ukrainian flag flies over Sevastopol by the end of the year.

  4. My favorite video from the first few days is happy Ukrainian guy warning Russians about "silent Ukrainian night" and urging them surrender while it's not too late

  5. Norman Schwarzkopf authored a combined arms offensive against Iraq in Gulf War 1 that effectively destroyed their forces completely in less than a month.

  6. $300b frozen Russian funds will help towards that. They owe Ukraine more than just money too.

  7. Can anyone recommend some good Ukrainian made spirits that I might find in the states? Preferably vodka, but anything will do.

  8. Tomorrow, Donetsk Next Week: Luhansk Until the end of October Crimea! Last stop will be Ukrainians celebrating Christmas in Moscow!

  9. Now THAT is some industrial grade Hopium. Ukraine is on an amazing roll sure, but they really can't (and certainly should not) advance beyond Ukraine. Kick Russia out, then let the sanctions and political instability end Putin's regime.

  10. I know today has been exciting, but Ukraine hasn't confirmed much of the Social media noise today, the movements on Donetsk might not have happened at all. There is still a long slog ahead, at the confirmed rate of advance this will still be going in Spring next year.

  11. Manpads are weapons of "corrosion" and it's a valid tactic earlier in the war but they are using very different tactics nowadays.

  12. They work every day. It just isn't nearly as sexy these days. The videos we see are of much bigger kills. Long story short: we only see the stuff that gets amplified to the point where some scoops it and posts it. Now that is reserved for big news videos.

  13. Absolutely. HIMARS are long range, flashy, and extremely effective. They will make the news because they make big booms and do a shit ton each strike.

  14. They’re still being used. Javelin is still the best way to take out a tank or armored vehicle. It’s just that russia isn’t making huge armored advances anymore, so there’s fewer tanks to blow up. As for stinger, these are good, but Ukraine has been getting more advanced AA systems recently, so these will likely become less common, although still an asset on the battlefield

  15. Yeah lets just disregard the Nazi's, Imperial Japan, Rome, The Mongols, China over it's many iterations..... Autocracies OFTEN have a great military, a lot of times to the detriment to a lot of the rest of society. But in order to make it work you have to have some sort of deeply entranced cultural "glue" self enforcing loyalty. Russia really doesn't have that under Putin, it's a country of mobsters run FOR the mobsters. Kinda hard to build a workable cultural identity out of that, much less one that breeds merit and competency.

  16. It's actually one of the reasons shoigu, who has no military experience whatsoever, is defence minister. Not only is he loyal to Putin, but he's ethnically tuvan and not a realistic threat to Putin's power. He's not a threat, but he also has no idea what he's doing

  17. People really out there reposting the same two clips over and over again. Not only are they almost one full day old, nothing even happened.

  18. There is a reasonable explanation. It’s Moscow Day and Moscow was holding a celebration including fireworks. If the center of Moscow is still closed off on Sunday or Monday, that will be a lot more suspicious.

  19. They had City day today or some stupid shit with a broken ferris wheel. I wouldn't read too much into it.

  20. I think everyone just wants Ukraine to win and Russia to get it's comeuppance or at least most sensible people do. Frankly it's a good thing for Europe to be weaned off of Russian fuel although it's going to hurt like plenty in the short term. I know people are going to be annoyed at both Ukraine and Russia for making their lives harder but underneath that all it's obvious we can't let a guy like Putin just steamroll his way across countries for no reason at all except imperialistic ones. Russia has to lose this war for dozens of different reasons if we want to live on a civilized planet.

  21. Ukrainians very thankful to USA, Poland, the Baltics and UK. Next on the list are other helping Warsaw Pact nations, Chechs, Romanians, Bulgarians, etc. Not sure on the other nations - support comes and goes with the perceptions of how much those nations are helping.

  22. Lysychansk is possible to achieve, but I don’t see any point of attacking Donetsk directly. I think Ukrainians shouldn’t leave defensive positions there. That line is very important. And after other parts liberated, Donetsk should be encircled but properly, with a better preparation not as in 2014-2015.

  23. Nothing solid. Probably gonna be at least a few more hours before we start getting new info. The sun isn't even up in Ukraine yet.

  24. Donestsk is an endgame but doesn't seem to be strategic at the moment. It seems that RU supply line for Kherson is mainly through Crimea as opposed to Melitopol. This means they are not confident on Melitopol-Mariupol front. If UA breaks out of Zaporizhia, head through Melitopol (with help from partisans) and go for the Crimea/Kherson bridge, this would also force RU to divert resources from Kherson front. That bridge is more important for RU than Kherson itself.

  25. Remind me of the good YouTube channels that have been doing updates on the war. Can't remember for the life of me the ones I was watching at the beginning.

  26. I can only imagine the emotions and intensity of the Ukrainian defenders. I hope they push those russian rat bastards into the sea.

  27. The obsession with the number of posts in the thread versus the facts on the ground bothers me more than it probably should.

  28. I hope every single boot-licking fascist dimwit who looked up to Putin for his "strong leadership" feels like an absolute clown today.

  29. They're still clowning. The denial is fierce. Take a look at Armchair Warlord's Twitter feed if you want to get an idea.

  30. People who look up to putin will still look up to him. They've invested to much of their identity in it. They will blame everyone except putin. Waiting for them to have a moment of clarity is a waste of time.

  31. The authoritarian nitwits always imagine themselves to be on top of the heap. Their lack of talent or effort could be compensated for by Jack booted thugs.

  32. If I was magically placed in his shoes there is really only one really hail mary l see. The fake coup. I let one of the higher ups in the military take control of the government and "imprison" me for the crime of trying to stop the war they all lied to me about. Let them go full mobilization call all the conscripts for a last ditch Soviet style human wave tactic. Then either way it goes I have a " people's movement" to rescue me from my captivity and restore me to my rightful position. If the all out mobilization was successful point to the "referendum" from Kiev where they asked to join the Russians federation and shrug well I guess they wanted to join us anyway, and if it failed sign for piece after giving back Crimea in exchange for not having to pay reparations and apologize while scape goating the military higher ups that have disappeared in my triumphant return to power.

  33. Ultimately things haven't gone "wrong" for him yet, despite the news recently. Kharkiv was always extra territory that they didn't need. This invasion is really based around the donbass and the south at this point, as long as putin can hold those he can frame things as a victory. So i imagine that at this point he's threatening the military to hold their ground and not let Ukraine take anything more than they currently have

  34. Move troops out of all but the south. Commit to ending offenses during negotiations. Offer the EU discounted gas and oil if they convince Ukraine to agree to freeze the conflict along those lines.

  35. Declare that Russia is at war with NATO and they need a strong ruler to protect them. That NATO will invade any day.

  36. Best case for Putin is to get on a jet and disappear. Seriously. Even pulling back his troops... things aren't ending well for him. Fake his own death and disappear somewhere.

  37. We need the Chimera (?) guy with his yellow and blue canadian flag back. I haven't seen him post in a long time. I hope he is atleast following as a lurker in these threads. Miss his good comments.

  38. Don't worry buddy, from the way things have been going you'll be feeling flabbergasted and awestruck again and again.

  39. Russia always brags about how others nations don’t want to poke the Russian bear. However they are now finding out what the Drevlian’s learned: don’t mess with

  40. I think with Ukraine's call for media blackout we should probably be especially skeptical of reports for the next little while. With that said, I suspect that no news in Luhansk and Donetsk is actually probably good news for a little while while the army pushes until it meets heavy resistance and then locks in its gains by establishing supply routes. I also wouldn't be terribly surprised if we start seeing some bigger gains by Kherson.

  41. Even if Russia did a mass mobilization of the general populace would there be enough volunteer forces left to train the new conscripts

  42. Man I wish other countries that are getting bullied by Russia would fight back. There is no better time, but thats easy for me to say sitting on front of a computer in a completely safe country.

  43. There's another half dozen that could be added to the list and another half dozen if you include regions of Russia that have been fucked hard by Russia.

  44. Yes!!! The revolution in russia could actually start in Belarus. They tried and failed because of Putin's help. But maybe he would not be able to help now.

  45. Kazakhstan has been giving Russia the middle finger. Belarus is stuck because they have about 1/5th of the population of Ukraine and Russian troops in their borders. Lushchenko is also balancing between annexation by Russia and popular revolt.

  46. So I’ve been wondering how the term “Cyborg” became attributed to Ukraine’s troops. Turns out the name was given to the defenders of Donetsk Airport by the Russian backed separatists at the time. The Ukrainians earned the nickname through their fierce fighting. Eventually the airport fell in 2015 after 242 days. Now, if rumors are to be believed, and with the rate at which Ukraine has been regaining territory lately I am inclined to believe, Donetsk Airport may once again be in Ukrainian hands.

  47. The talk of Ukrainian soldiers having taken Donetsk Airport unfortunately seem to be only rumors.

  48. “Russian backed separatists” being code for russian military posing as separatists - with a bunch of conscripts from the region alongside them.

  49. They are too busy cataloguing abandoned equipment and figuring out where to put POWs. Cut them some slack, they are only human.

  50. Has there been any word on what happened to the Russian forces that were around Izyum? There were supposed to be up to 10,000 in that area and it seems like they've just disappeared off the face of the Earth. I don't believe for a moment they just drove or walked away when Ukraine had them practically surrounded.

  51. There was a credible report that they were in a "cauldron", being fired on from multiple sides. The actual result of that is still unknown. Fact is, there won't be any confirmed information available for a few days at least.

  52. I have heard 5K POWs. Multiple reports of entire divisions dead or captured. Plus whoever ran away or disappeared. It will be a few days for a full accounting though. Ukraine has been VERY tight lipped with POW numbers, but video after video shows captures.

  53. Judging on rumors, it looks like some of them escaped, and some didn't, and there was a lot of POWs. Probably most of them escaped before it was too late. But it's just rumors.

  54. I been trying to imagine what a 2500 square km area is (for US - about 30 miles by 30 miles). Anyways, the island of Reunion is about 2500 sq km.

  55. Impressive, but keep in mind that Russia still occupies ~135,000 sq km. This is a start, but makes up less than 2% of Russian occupation, at this rate of advance it will take until spring next year to get them all out.

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