German road traffic agency says 59,000 Tesla vehicles have software glitch

  1. OTA update is still technically a “recall” - media likes to hype it up like it’s some big deal. Tesla one of the only companies whose recalls are mostly OTA.

  2. Recall doesn't mean what you think it does. In the US, Tesla has had tens of recalls, and iirc so far two of them has involved someone physically touching the cars.

  3. Any required fix is called a recall because it used to require actually getting the vehicles back physically to make the change. It’s an archaic term.

  4. my brother's Model Y has been pretty bad, I think it's died 7 times now, left him stranded, also the paint is peeling off the roof and hood,

  5. Tesla created a new quality of hype imo. The level and fervor of Tesla / Musk Fan Bros would even make Apple jealous. Frightening really.

  6. This is hardly the news item to conclude that. Tesla post software updates very often, and if the media treated every issue like is done in the article, they'd have to post several articles a day.

  7. Why is there an instant flood of negative Tesla comments? How many recalls have other manufacturers had this year. GM had one 2-3 weeks ago and no one cared.

  8. If you claim to be a math genius over and over and over again and then fail the math test people are more likely to laugh about you than if you just fail the math test while saying nothing at all.

  9. I don't think other manufacturers have had the authorities compare their driver assistance package to a drunken novice driver.

  10. "Tesla recall" attracts the attention of a very small but very vocal group of people that got suckered into trying to short TSLA and got their butts handed to them. To them, TSLA has become their white whale, an obsession that goes way beyond the bounds of healthy interest.

  11. If you start up a company in a market that is notoriously hard to enter, and do so with a product vastly different from the mainstream, there is suspicion. If the market is mature, any mistakes you make are going to held up as example you're incompetent. The incumbents are going to harp on those mistakes, irrespective of how many you still make or not. If the market is highly dependent on advertising, but you avoid using it, the advertisers are going to be against you as well. If the market is one of the major users of another high profit margin product, but yours does not use that product, those guys are going to be on your case as well. If the other manufacturers have dealers whose main profit center is maintenance and repair, but you do not have independent dealers, and your product does not need, (in theory) as much maintenance, guess what, the dealers of other manufacturers are going to lobby against you. If your CEO has Asperger's, has a tendency to speak his mind and hates to back down, he's going to end up pissing an awful lot of people off.

  12. It's not just a Tesla problem-- the more computational power you stuff into cars, the more pressure there is on mechanics to double as tech support. The only other way to deal with it is to require "in house" maintenance only, which people tend to dislike because it makes repairs more expensive and less convenient.

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