Putin 'prepared to lose 50,000 troops' as leaked document reveals Moscow is bracing for 'medical emergency'

  1. 50k troops? That’s about how many US troops were killed in Vietnam over 9+ years of fighting there. Would be insane if those levels are reached by Russian troops after only a few weeks.

  2. Russia has already had more casualties than the 20 years Americans were in Afghanistan. Good thing they have mobile crematories.

  3. That’s only because of how they approached the situation. Its not really impressive it just shows Putin is willing to lose bodies, simply because he can. I’m sorry for all the people on both sides that are forced to lose their lives in this war neither population truly support.

  4. If Ukraine's numbers are to be believed. Russia has lost more than double the troops (in combat) in 4 days than the US has lost in Afghanistan since 9/11.

  5. I assume that 50k number is for a successful invasion and occupation which would put it in the year+ territory. I've seen a few reports seeing how frustrated Putin is that the invasion wasn't progressing fast but that just doesn't make sense. The invasion of Iraq took 5 weeks for Iraq to fall, against a force that was much more inferior to the US then Ukraine is to Russia. Much less urban as well and with a force that in some cases didn't have the will to fight. I can't imagine Putin thought this was going to be over in a few days. Even if Kyiv falls in the coming days or weeks it will still take much longer to conquer the rest of the country. I don't see Ukraine surrendering so they are going to have to win by force. If they manage that then they will be stuck with an insurgent campaign until they leave. It will never end for them. 50k is definitely realistic especially if the claim of 3k dead already is true.

  6. It would be fairly insane, but Russia isn't the US, and Ukraine is not Vietnam; they expect larger losses attacking a prepared enemy aware of their battle plan and armed by the west, clearly.

  7. This fucking madman is willing to send kids to certain death just to do what? Prove a point? Go out with a bang? Hell naw the best thing that could happen right now is someone assassinating this idiot

  8. 9% of Germany's population is Russian, because the Berlin wall fell and Russians fled to Germany.

  9. This is not surprising at all. I remember the Kursk submarine disaster when a Russian submarine was in distress and Western countries offered to help and save the sailors. Russia delayed response because they didn't want the help and all the sailors died. The soldiers and sailors mean nothing to Putin.

  10. Don't forget Putin was un fucking vacation the entire time. He got back when it was to late and told the grieving families that he though it wasn't that important.

  11. Lets hope at least one man in Russia has the stones of the Ukrainians. Even if they were a garbage person before, they'd still be a hero.

  12. You think putin is that dumb he gonna let his inner circle kill him probably has a nuclear button on stand by in case any one gets any ideas

  13. Apparently he has been living in almost total isolation for 2 years and it hasn't gone well. At a minimum, he has gotten very paranoid and he's developed grandiose ideas about Russia and his legacy.

  14. The last thing we need right now is british tabloids and the murdoch media empire throwing oil on the fires of war.

  15. Unfortunate most Russian parents won’t be aware their children are attacking Ukraine. For pity’s sake some of the soldiers weren’t aware they were attacking Ukraine while they were actually attacking Ukraine. When your disinformation campaign fools your own army.

  16. Here is what I don’t understand. Just before the invasion, the US was saying that Ukraine could fall within hours. Here we are in day 4 and it looks like Ukraine is giving them a challenge. So what happened? Is information concerning the mighty Russian force wrong? I know that people defending their homes are going to be tough to defeat. But are Russian forces so under funded and poorly trained that they don’t know what they are doing? I have seen posts of vehicles out of gas and the inside of tanks that are archaic at best. Or did Putin send out the second string team thinking he had this in the bag? I thought Russia had this massive technological fighting force which was a force to be reckoned with.

  17. The whole last two hundred years has been more democratic countries kicking in the teeth of more autocratic ones. Democracies punch way over their population level in a war.

  18. I remember reading somewhere that US intelligence had a history of overestimating the opposition's capability. That might be what happened? If there's one side to err on, definitely this is better.

  19. But the Russia community on this site has a stickied post saying all the Russian soldiers getting captured or injured are actors.

  20. They are clearly not, even most Russians get it. Mothers of some of the kids were found and interviewed and you can even find solders’ pages in Vkontakte. Those are real people, one has to be delusional not to see it.

  21. Imagine the relief of Russia's grieving mothers when they discover their children were NOT in fact annihilated on foreign soil due to the bloodthirst of their country's totalitarian regime, but simply demonstrating a hidden passion in their local acting troupe! :)

  22. It's important to remember that these are the same people who planted most of the anti-American memes on Reddit over the past decade. People need to be more independent-minded. Russia has been using social media to hijack public discourse for a long time.

  23. Damn when i first read that 100 000 troops were on the border to ukraine i thought they would have the country in like 2 days...

  24. I thought they were going to specifically invade the East. In no world is that the proper troop level to invade all of Ukraine though the air imbalance may work in Russia's favor. He should have put 300,000 or more troops and had a plan to make sure the UAF was eliminated. The real question is how hard be wants to press this. If he's serious, he will win. Militarily. The occupation will be like Afghanistan was preschool.

  25. Losing one out of four of his 200,000 soldiers would be fine with Putin. Plus the loss of Ukrainian life, which doesn't matter to him. Plus the destruction, the injured, the crippling financial penalties... It's the price he's willing to pay for more land, because Russia doesn't have enough of that already.

  26. Losing 1/4 means you no longer have a functioning fighting force. You would have zero chance of winning at those rates. Alternatively committing too many more troops would make you vulnerable domestically. The house of cards won't hold up to 50,000 deaths.

  27. I'm afraid you'll understand after tonight's events. Carpet bombing civilians has a way of convincing leaders that the price of war is too high.

  28. Damn, this goes to show that Putin has gone mad. No decent leader would be willing to sacrifice 50,000 men for a selfish goal. This should be a good enough reason for the military to organize a coup d'etat

  29. before the conflict there's a an estimated 150K russian soldiers are near and around Ukraine borders. Putin is clearly mad, he can stomach 33% casualty/losses

  30. He is not a Sane man. Thats what makes it dangerous. I fully believe that if things got bad enough, he is willing to go nuclear

  31. Why wouldn’t he? Remaining in power over a pile of ashes is a better deal for him than the alternatives; which likely include death.

  32. That is crazy, i am rather taken by that they are projecting that and if the numbers that have allegedly been already killed is around 3,000 in 4 days in, this is going to be a meatgrinder for the Russians...

  33. Which is weird because I’m guessing the Ukrainians would happily deliver that many and many more Russian casualties.

  34. Let me guess, and if any countries try to prevent his push he will nuke them blah blah blah boring send in the troops to defend ukraine

  35. Sounds like he's well on his way to reaching his "goal". Russian soldiers should be reading this crap, they'd know just how valuable Putin considers their lives.

  36. Just imagine being such a sociopathic, selfish, power-hungry asswipe that the lives of 50,000 people (and more than that, the citizens of your country that you are supposed to protect as their leader) just don't matter to you.

  37. I'm quite sad that all this death, destruction, and general instability is due to Putin's ego; miscalculating how much Ukraine and its global supporters value sovereignty; and misunderstanding (or misinterpretation) of Russian/Soviet/world history. We'd do well to rememer that tigers don't change their stripes, however hopeful we may be. The free world needs to collectively resist Putin and those of his ilk who view the world in terms of zero sum games.

  38. Medical emergency likely unrelated to the troops. Medical emergency will be them bombing a Russian city and blaming Ukraine or NATO.

  39. He’s giving off some serious Lord Farquaad vibes. “Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”

  40. The fact that we're starting to get more and more leaked documents means Russian officials aren't exactly chill with Putin's actions. If they were happy with them, they wouldn't leak. This is a good sign, in my opinion.

  41. Look at how Russians send their troops. We've seen it from the captives in Ukraine. They were not told where they are, they were not told they're going to war, but exercise. And definitely there were not told they are going to have to kill Ukrainians of all people the nation who has so many family, cultural connections with.

  42. I think the Soviet Red Army during WWII cared more keeping their soldiers alive than Putin does right now. One thing for sure, the Red Army was helluva more organized and effective than whatever shit show Russia is putting on.

  43. Hospitals preparing for a mass casualty situation, I would guess (from reading the standard amount of the article, i.e. just the title).

  44. When you find out you are an expendable pawn with your king planning to expend you its hard to believe anyone would stick around.

  45. If Russia launches a chemical or nuclear attack against the peaceful Ukrainians, I’m not sure NATO would still stand back. I think that might be a bridge too far, the straw that broke the camel’s back. I think we’d be looking at WW3. When will Putin realize he has grossly miscalculated and retreat?

  46. First puts Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces on alert and now this news? Is the dude really about to nuke his own troops to stage a nuclear attack? From a country with no nukes? This is beyond evil.

  47. Hell be ousted long before that many sons and daughters of Russia are murdered if their mothers and fathers have something to do about it.

  48. Dear Russian soldiers: Putin doesn't give a damn about you or your loved ones. Turn on him and side with Ukraine and save peace in eastern Europe!

  49. Between active and reserve, Russia has about 2.9M. 50K collateral is what he’s been planning for since the beginning of time.

  50. Soo im guessing, since he doesnt want to completly destroy kiev, he will send thousands of troops into urban combat with very limited support... jesus christ...

  51. Shows how much Putin cares for even his own people. Why would those troops even want to fight, let alone die, for a coward like Putin? They are dying and forced to murder innocents while Putin is hiding and screaming orders like a coward. He's not a "leader", he's a dictator. A nazi. There's nothing respectful about Putin.

  52. It's hard to imagine the Russian military servicemen wouldn't mutiny in mass if losses became anywhere near this significant, right?

  53. Ah yes, senseless loss of life. When are we going to learn that zero of our modern governments are for us the people?

  54. Spread this information everywhere so that Russians know that their rulers are ready to sacrifice their lives for nothing!

  55. Some food for thought; the soviets lost "only" about 15k men over 9 years in Afghanistan & that is remembered as their biggest military failure.

  56. Well that's big of him isn't it! Putin, "50,000 troops lost, I'm okay with it, we are after all talking about boosting my ego and my ego needs to be boosted at all cost!" Putin is clearly loosing what little mental faculties he has left!

  57. It sickens me when leadership is prepared and willing to sacrifice so many of their own people. Think of all the lost lives and the grief. Fucking sociopaths.

  58. Purposefully “Leaked”. If he loses 50,000 troops over this obvious farce “peace keeping” mission and the russian economy grinds to a halt, i think Putin will accidentally slip and fall out of a sky-rise window.

  59. Can you imagine the public reaction if the US military lost 5000 soldiers and hundreds of vehicles in 3 days of fighting in Afghanistan?

  60. I’ve seen videos of Syrian chemical attacks, and that’s the most evil shit I’ve ever seen. It’s downright fucking awful. And, worst of all, it’s indiscriminate. Seeing those children writher and tremble as they struggle to breathe absolutely makes me sick. Hell is not hot enough.

  61. But are your people? Are your oligarchs? 50,000 mothers' sons lost for your ambition Mr. Putin? I do believe your people will not suffer such callous disregard for their lives.

  62. The messed up thing is Russia's replacement fertility rate is way below the rest of Europe. Especially in the past 10-15 years. This will put a huge dent on Russia's population and economy for decades to come, if this many troops are lost.

  63. I'm Pro-Military, I believe a country needs a strong military to help not just in war but in emergencies where your day to day services are overwhelmed.

  64. Russian troops are basically canon fodder at this point. If I was in the army… I wouldn’t want to go to Ukraine.

  65. If I’m China, Siberia is looking really juicy right now. China can double its land and make Russia purely a European country. I met a guy from Siberia delivering a car. I thought he was Chinese until he started speaking English with a Russian accent.

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