When does she ever NOT brag???!

  1. Bragging about healthy kids is not a flex.. anyone who mentions that among bragging about other things rubs me the wrong way. Might just be me, though

  2. Like my mom said “your kid can be born healthy but you never know what will happen to them” its as easy as them falling and hitting their head in the wrong spot and they become disabled 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Idk anyone who would take it like that. If u live on your own it’s your house, so therefore they are in their own house

  4. I agree with you. She put the word “own” in that sentence twice. If she meant to only imply that they don’t live with their parents, she would have said “live on our own in a house”. That said, she has acknowledged in previous TikTok’s that they are renting (nothing wrong with that!) Why does this matter? Well, to young and impressionable teens who may not have any context from her precious TikTok’s to know that she rents, they may receive the message that being a teen parent is easy and owning a house is super attainable for all teens.

  5. People with real money don’t brag. Period. It’s always people who have some money for the first time in their lives that brag like they are wealthy. She doesn’t have wealth. She has a savings account. She talks about making 6 figures. I make 6 figures from a job and I’m not well off. 6 Figured is nothing in todays economy. I’m grateful for sure but I’m not bragging about my “wealth”

  6. Right. We make 6 figures in my household. We do own our house, but bought it for 150k when the market was down. Our cars are paid off, but they are also 2008 and 2011s.. which is fine, they get from point A to B safely. We don’t have kids yet but we do have 4 pets. And we do have some nicer things (electronics mainly), but nothing crazy… i would say we are likely middle class in our area, definitely not rich by any means but we make ends meet with a little extra each month to save for a vacation or two a year.

  7. Me and my spouse both make six figures and I would NOT consider us wealthy 🥲🥲 I have the newer car and it’s a 2017, and our house was built in the 70s 🙃 we aren’t living paycheck to paycheck but you don’t see us in bora bora

  8. It’s just a basic middle class income these days. Shes basically bragging that she’s a “normal grown up” and “not like the other teen moms” and that’s gross.

  9. not defending her! i grew up in that area it’s so difficult to keep a lawn on the dirt but i mean you can live on a cotton farm lol

  10. 3 cars is such an over kill imo. one car each is perfectly fine, but i dont even think willow drives so in that case id say 1 is fine lmfao

  11. Right?! I can see having the truck for his work but for her, she doesn't need some top of the line car. Something to get the kids around in the off chance she goes somewhere. Or for an emergency for sure

  12. It makes no sense. I have mine, my boyfriend has his. We’re installing a car seat base in both cars and keeping emergency stuff in both cars, I would never see the need for a third one.

  13. I really don’t get the need to say “our own house” in every ocasion, when she fully knows it’s not - she could’ve said “our house” instead at least. Literally nothing is wrong with renting at only 20-21 years old.

  14. If she has to defend herself that much, then she must be really lying 💀. Humble people never brag, but she constantly talks about it all the time which makes it seem like she’s trying to play it off like she has that much

  15. I understand being proud of your accomplishments but lying abt them on top of bragging abt them is something else smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ she makes no sense

  16. Didn’t she mention that it’s okay for moms not to make their entire personality about being a mom or some shit like that but her ENTIRE personality is about being a young STAHM of 2 that’s legit alllllll you talk about sis, if you have so much in savings why don’t you take your family on a vacation? My family is very middle class but growing up we always went on vacation every 2/3 years something i will make sure to continue when i have my own family honestly i loved my big family vacation with my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins some of the best memories of my childhood

  17. I don’t follow her on insta, does she do a lot of sponsored posts? Just trying to figure out where this 6 figure social media salary comes from because all other large creators say tiktok doesn’t pay well at all and all their money comes from sponsored posts.

  18. She must be trying to brag to cover up something she feels she is lacking in or perhaps she just doesn’t have a lot of confidence in her self. This is narcissistic vibes

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