They going in on her LMAO can’t lie, I’m indulging on my spam account!

  1. Willow will say anything 😂😂 just because you follow and someone follows you back doesn’t make you friends although TikTok says you are, I don’t think she means in an up close personal way, that womans TikTok was definitely aimed at Willow, why hasn’t she deleted all the hate comments otherwise?

  2. A doctor would never tell a 16 year old to look into adoption with a diagnosis of pcos or endo💀 many women in my family have both of these things. If anything, he prob just said “if the time comes and you are infertile, there are always other options” not “hey, 16 year old, go look into adoption”

  3. As someone with endometriosis and PCOS, it does not make you infertile. It can make it extremely difficult to conceive but not infertile.

  4. I also think her mom might be medically uneducated and pushed the infertile thing because of PCOS and Endo thus pushing the yeah you should try sooner rather than later since it might take a while to get pregnant because of your medical diagnosis

  5. predetermined endo?? i have endometriosis, and the only way to get a diagnosis is an exploratory laparoscopic surgery.. also while endometriosis can cause infertility in some cases, many women are fertile and can get pregnant naturally like myself. you can have stage 4 endo and still get pregnant. it all just depends on the person!!!

  6. PCOS can make you infertile … 😐😐 & this girls post I watch her all the time on tiktok and she struggles so hard so dang hard with getting pregnant and it’s so sad & heartbreaking

  7. I’m sorry but just cause you have PCOS and predetermined ending doesn’t mean you’re infertile. I have PCOS and got pregnant 4 times, once being twins. My mom has PCOS, endometriosis and adenomyosis and she got pregnant 2x once being twins as well 👍🏼

  8. I agree!!! If she was honest abt everything I think people wouldn’t hate her as much. Her page could become a safe page for hopefully mothers so also have PCOS to see it is possible to conceive. But instead she just shames single moms, claims to be infertile but had 2 babies before 20, and flips absolutely everything she says. I don’t think she could ever transition to someone people like now, but she had the chance when she started!

  9. Did y'all know that you can be misdiagnosed as infertile. Sometimes it's not that you are infertile it is just that you and your partners blood types are not compatible to create a baby.

  10. That creator has been dealing with infertility and reoccurring miscarriages so it’s wrong of people to tag willow she is literally not even close to understanding what that creator is dealing with. As someone who had a miscarriage and dealing with secondary infertility willow seriously frustrates me

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