just curious

  1. I found this sub after reading about it in another sub on Reddit. I was reading on Reddit before if even knew who Willow was. She’s not doing anything but bringing more bad attention to herself by asking us to report the sub.

  2. Yeah I wasn’t her biggest fan after the Brianna situation. Like I halfway defended her but after that she just got so damn catty and things about her seemed off. Then she mentioned this and I joined it and found that I was right.

  3. I never liked her. I thought I was just bitter and jealous cause I'm single. But she just has attitude all the time and rubs in people's faces that she's married and planned her kid at 16.

  4. Yup. Saw the Reddit video and joined immediately. This page wouldn’t have NEARLY the amount of members that it does if she hadn’t of posted about it.

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