Got stuck behind this on a rural road. What’s this used for?

  1. Do these things have any sort of suspension on them? Or a 'see saw' axle like tractors? Or the 'legs' themselves are telescopic?

  2. The bigger tires are also used for covering long distances faster and with less stress to the motor. As with each rotation of the wheel a greater distance is covered

  3. It's used for mass application of Vick's vaporub and ginger ale in some of the country's larger pre-schools/daycares. They've tried using nasal coagulants as well, but apparently it was leading to hyperactivity and selective hearing.

  4. If my wife’s SUV was just a little smaller and narrower, it was very tempting. Got the picture as it rolled off the street, still in motion

  5. Though I can't get a clear enough zoom on the hood, it's looking like a STS12, 2020 or 2021 model year, with the hybrid boom system. Guessing it's a John Deere engine as well, don't see a Cummins badge on the hood either. I weld there. That gen model I welded the mainframes for them.

  6. This thread is opening my eyes that so many people don’t see farm equipment very often where they live lol, these things are not a rare sight in most rural areas.

  7. It's the vehicle of choice for the local gangster pulling up to try and steal your mom away for recreational activities.

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