April 13 Daily Thread

  1. does anyone know what the best powerbuilding 4-day split is? i have a ridiculously long workout for upper body days that i adopted from my ppl split (switched to upper/lower because i can’t sustain 6 days anymore). i want to emphasize my upper body, since i am happy with my leg development and don’t really want to increase size there much more. i’m interested in hitting pr’s again, hence powerbuilding, but upper body size is my primary goal. thank you.

  2. Looks like I might have to move my lifting to the morning, before work. Which is fine—I did that for years at one point—but it's going to constrain the lengths of my sessions to about an hour on weekdays. Plenty of time to get work done... but doubt I'll be able to fit the longer sessions of Bullmastiff in. Not sure what I'll do instead yet. I've really liked everything I've done from Base Strength, so maybe I'll just pick a top set + backoff progression for a single main lift and follow it with as much bodybuilding-y work as I can cram in the rest of the time. Might open up hitting it more days per week if recovery's ok, too?

  3. Screw today. Mentally tired. Physically not feeling it. Humid af in the garage. Just did one of my "default" workouts since I have no plan in place right now.

  4. Holy shit. I'm doing Super Squats, and today I was supposed to hit 155lbsx20. I'm in a rush because my in-laws are coming with dairy queen and I'm trying to earn it. I slap some weight on and hit my 20 squats. Rough but not too bad.

  5. Having a chill day here, Found out my router was getting too hot and that's why the internet sucks sometimes. At least we solved it.

  6. 30 yo female, i've been lifting for years but mostly just dicked around with no plan until the last couple years. mostly ran influencer types of programs, have been on an advanced Bret Contreras program for the past year and ready to move on from it. currently finishing up marathon training as a fun/terrible goal i set for myself. excited to lower my running volume. looking for a good hypertrophy and strength program and on the fence about GZCL (or GZCLP), SBS2 hypertrophy (which i know many of you just ran as a group), or Renaissance Periodization female physique.

  7. I’m a fat old guy who’s currently running SBS hypertrophy with my son and we both love it and are seeing great progress. The setup for it is super easy - pick your main movements (and there are already suggestions in the spreadsheet), guess at a training max, and the spreadsheet does the rest. And if you’re off on your guesses the spreadsheet takes care of it and dials the weights up or down for the following week. It’s stupid easy.

  8. The cool thing by being in your early twenties is that you have the freedom to develop skills, and with consistency, you will have a decade of experience in your thirties.

  9. I'm actually surprised how quickly I bounced back from covid. Sunday and Monday I was completely out of it, a nasty cough that wouldn't stop, high fever, completely worn out. Then suddenly yesterday the cough stopped, fever dropped, I felt energetic and today I can say I'm fine. I have no idea what happened or how I did it but I'll take it. Still going to avoid unnecessary contact and strenuous exercise. My heart rate spiked a bit just from being in the sauna for 5 minutes. I'll be off from work until after easter so plenty of time to rest. Once I'll get back to training I'll hop on to SBS RTF 4x week and slowly start running again. Was thinking that I'll start to see if I can do 3km and then move on to 5km. It's 7 months so I'm not holding my breath that my running form is what it was but it always comes back quickly.

  10. Definitely starting to feel the wear and tear of cutting. My recovery is shit. My strength output feels like shit. I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end, but also can’t be over soon enough.

  11. i heard about people passing out after deadlifts... never had more than slight dizziness after my top set.

  12. I nearly passed out on overhead press once, which would've been a really bad time. Realised my vision was shrinking to a small circle and has to bail.

  13. Just finished a mid-high rep cycle and today was my first day in the lower rep ranges. It was upper body day, but my gym will be closed on 4 days of the next 5 days so I tried to cram as much shit as I could into the workout.

  14. I finally got back to training this week after nearly two weeks off (not counting the meet). I was sick all last week with a nasty head cold that is still lingering. But I jumped back on the wagon Monday.

  15. Well, waiting on my USPA membership to update but I'll be signing up for the meet in September once that's done. With that in mind, I have some next steps:

  16. DAE run extra hot the night of and morning after lifting? Parts of my body seem to stay warm to the touch for an extended period.

  17. i think that's the weekend he's doing the Brewhouse show in OKC. I'm not planning on competing again till late summer or early fall

  18. Been lifting consistently for just over 3 months now, on a basic 5/3/`1 program. Went from 152 lbs to 166 lbs. Lifts have gone up. But more importantly this is the point I've reached before where I stopped going to the gym. I had gotten some progress in the past and was lazily satisfied. I'm hoping things are different this time around. Now, I'm less motivated by gaining weight and more by getting stronger. This morning I OHPed 95 lbs for 6 reps. I'd like to do 135 lbs for 6 reps one day. I want a strong deadlift and squat.

  19. Excited to hear it's going so well for you dude! That combo is so effective. I'm almost done with my second run through the whole thing, and like you, I'm STILL learning some lessons as I go. Hope it keeps on being effective for you!

  20. Anyone else have experience with switching from squatting in a mirror to no mirror? I feel like I'm so much weaker due to the adjustment, but maybe it's just one bad day.

  21. It took me a month (?) To transition from mirror to mirror-free. I changed gyms because my first gym closed & started working out in a Crossfit room - no mirrors to be seen. It kept me out of my head during the lift.

  22. give it a couple of sessions and you'll get there. In my experience, looking at something stable or at nothing at all improved my squat and definitely my deadlift.

  23. I feel so much better since I switched. Took a little adjustment but now it's amazing. Feels like I can focus on how I'm lifting, not how I look like I'm lifting.

  24. I've been putting thought into trying to bench my weight times age rather than squat it this year. I'm only 175lbs but I'm also turning 39, so that's a load of reps to bench your bodyweight...

  25. As much as we know how far we've come in long periods of time, there's a certain rush of realization when you actually see it in context from back when instead of just a number on a page.

  26. I tend to get really busy in the summers so I plan for a roughly 8 week period to be “maintenance mode”. Last year I did General Gainz during this time and really liked it. I’m actually basing the training for my curren cutting phase off of it as well. What was so great about it for a “maintenance phase” is that it’s more of a system of training rather than a template. You can definitely set it up like a normal program where everything is predetermined, but you can just as easily walk into a gym and do a workout on the fly without putting a lot of thought into it or having to know a max or percentages or any of that stuff. It’s very flexible as well. Last summer I ran it as a 4 day sort of bro split and right now I’m running it 4 days full body with a lot of intuitive lift selection involved.

  27. I think 5/3/1 is great for that. I mostly lean on it when other things take priority because it’s simple and familiar, I don’t have to learn anything new.

  28. When I have other priorities I used to default to a base 5/3/1 progression for my main lifts and yolo bodybuilding pump accessories cause I feel like it. Now I basically do the same thing with Simple Jack'd, running the main work when I am able to and sprinkling in accessories just to keep things exciting.

  29. Yeah your middle back starts to bow out a bit before the bar breaks the ground and then you're extending your back at lockout rather than using your glutes.

  30. Pretty sure with the extra calories your body is no longer freaking out about trying to lose weight and let a bunch of water weight go.

  31. Water down Gatorade + salt has been my go to for intra workout carbs for a while and it's a God send, especially when cutting or when it's HOT AF out

  32. Just been lurking a lot, lately. Training has been progressing, but slowly. This is the busy part of the semester and I’m behind on grading. Big lifts have been going smoothly, but sometimes don’t have the time to get all of the accessories in. Nothing sexy, just trying to get the work done. Last faculty sports are on-tap as well, so playing a good bit of basketball (which I’m bad at but is good for cardio) and chess (which I’m less bad at but is not good for cardio).

  33. Week 6 of cut. Down from 91.3/201 to 83.5/184. Focusing my training on remaining used to high weights and improving technique and mobility.

  34. Workouts recently have sucked to be fair and i think it all peaked today. I did candito a few weeks ago with pretty decent results. Deloaded and started gzcl vanilla. Today was last day of week 2 and i failed my squats with something i did like 4 months ago. I didnt get any extra reps on my deadlift plus set and im to be frank quite bummed out. Pair this with the feeling of not making progress physique wise for like a year i think its actually taking a big toll on my mental. I have no idea what im doing wrong. Im a new lifter i should be improving fast.

  35. Don't worry about it, man. Maybe try taking a step back and regroup. Take a little weight off and try again. Sometimes you run in to little road blocks but they're not dead ends.

  36. So yesterday I had my final squat workout of this Powerbuilder wave. Worked up to a single with 460lbs which felt like absolute death. Then I hit 405x8 @ 9 on a backoff amrap.

  37. Does anybody have any tips on how to put lifting on the backburner? I have other commitments until September that are taking up all my free time but I'm having a hard time admitting that I might have to sacrifice lifting in order to succeed.

  38. I think Alex Bromely has video about training when you're short on time that might be worth checking out

  39. I really love that you have to use all your small plates to avoid knocking holes in your ceiling. And yet you're still really close to doing damage as it is!

  40. Instead of elbows I assume you mean forearms vertical? In which case they don't need to be perfectly vertical. It'll be pretty standard to have elbows slightly in front when you have a high amount of external rotation during the load/rack position. It will also vary based on grip width. A narrow grip would tend to force you to have more angled forearms vs vertical.

  41. Had originally planned to go for a run this morning. Stomach still stuffed with an excessive amount of shrimp, so that ain't happening. Man alive I'm sore from yesterday - my calves are still feeling fairly sore and achey. Suspect that's from the erg, which means it'll pass.

  42. I've been doing daily mobility / stretching work for the past two weeks, it's amazing how well it makes your body move, especially right after a session.

  43. Signed myself and the wife up for a 5K in 2 weeks. She hasn't really run since last summer, but did a slow and easy 5K on a treadmill this weekend, so she should survive. If I enjoy the whole race experience, the plan is to do a half marathon or a mountain 10K next year.

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