You’re high and can only watch one (How High)

  1. Hands down. Dumb and dumber is close though. Beavis and butthead looks like the series. More time to enjoy. Movie is killer too though.

  2. Hold on a min, your talking about the TV series we'll things changed up a bit, this should be in a different category unless it was do America or the new movie which I think is full of old jokes haha

  3. “We go through this every time I come here. I don't care what it's called. I just want a bag of fucking weed!”

  4. As a Redman and Method Man fan, Id love to say How High. But Harold and Kumar and Dumb and Dumber are better flicks.

  5. You gotta be objective tho, beavis and butthead is much better than all of this things. I recently rewatched the white castle one after years and damnn is a shit ass film. I think pinapple express is a much more iconic stoner movie

  6. Dumb and dumber for me . Jim Carey just makes me laugh anyway . The comedy is gold between him and the guy who plays Harry . Shame the second instalment didn’t have the magic of the first

  7. After looking at these 4 choices and 20 hits later I'm gonna say how high because I was so high I literally went all scientific thinking which has best scenes....and weed haha

  8. How high But any of them gone be cool White Castle a bad move unless u already got enough food because that shit gone make me want some and them bitches are rare too find A little nasty too

  9. harold and kumar is legendary that scene where they are hitchhiking broke and have nothing and then they finally see a car coming and it’s Neil Patrick Harris hanging out the sunroof of their stolen car doing coke off some girls ass, makes me piss my pants high or not

  10. The real question where can I stream these or your listed alternative ? We need a stoner vision streaming service with trippy movies and silky comedies .

  11. Where the hell Is Cheech and Chong up I'm smoke??? But probably Harold and Kumar , first time i got high with my older bro got me high and we laughed are asses off at both those comedy duo's

  12. I can only watch Harold and Kumar with White Castle otherwise I salivating the whole time. So I would have to go with Dumb and Dumber make me laugh my ass off

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