Who do you guys think would win a conventional, non-nuclear war between NATO and Russia?

  1. NATO would definitely win a conventional war. You also have to consider the dissent of the Russian people against the government.

  2. Eh war has historically rallied the Russian people around their government, with the notable exception of Afghanistan. Plus, Putin has a 60% approval rating and pre-pandemic it was around 80%.

  3. If China and Iran will ally, more would follow. Japan, Australia, India, Israel and much much more. So it wont be only those 3 vs Nato forces.

  4. Most likely NATO. More manpower, money, etc. But it also depends on what other nations might do and how NATO members feel about going to war with Russia. For example some nato members that are in Europe are heavily dependent on Russian gas. It's hard for Germany to accept a war with Russia for example as a lot of the energy German produces comes from natural gas that is piped from Russia. Would the German government be okay to make their citizens live without power? Their industries would go bankrupt as they literally wouldn't have electricity. Of course other nato members such as the USA don't really care if Germany crumbles economically.

  5. If Russia enters a war that threatens their home nation, we would have a 2nd bolsehvik revolution. Russians not affiliated with the government have strong disdain for Putin. NATO would have a total victory

  6. Where are you getting this? Recent data from polls doesn't support that and while it's anecdotal, even my Russian friends who hate Putin are seeing this as US agression and would support him at least until the fight was over.

  7. In a conventional war it’s NATO and not particularly close. Why do you think Russia is seemingly so intent on keeping Ukraine out of NATO? Once a country enters NATO, they’re untouchable.

  8. Keep in mind that the USSR despite a much smaller GDP led or went toe to toe with the US in many areas, space being a great example, so it's not all about the money.

  9. Old Cold War Joke: Russian commander of the 2nd Guards Tank Army is sitting with the commander of the 16th Guards Air Army in Brussels at the Grote Markt, having a little Cake and Kaffe. The grizzled tanker looks over to the air commander and asks: "Say, who won the air war anyway?"

  10. I mean you're comparing an alliance between nearly 20 odd member states including powerful members such as The US, UK, France, Turkey and Germany (actually seeing how the last 2 have been acting recently, you might have to cross those two out) with massive influence in global trade, global finance, resources including resources from non-NATO trade partners in Africa, South America, Asia, etc., with a population just shy of a billion people, with (including aircraft carriers under construction, not including helicopter carriers) roughly 20 aircraft carriers, and a military budget of over a trillion USD, and roughly 3-5 million soldiers.

  11. I'd rather say that NATO could win if all NATO countries participate and make a coalition force, just like in Operation Desert Storm they formed a coalition force.

  12. Quickly? After seeing how long the US was in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m not sure quick is a bet I’d make.

  13. It depends on the objective of the war for each side. Limited objective on the periphery of Russia without the United States, most definitely Russia. NATO with US even on Russia’s periphery, probably NATO. Larger or almost unlimited objectives, total war or a war of survival even without US most definitely the European NATO countries; but with US, Russia stands no chance. Look at the economies of the countries… as soon as the war became protracted Russia is doomed.

  14. It's incredible that people even ask this. Stop listening to CNN. Russia is a shadow of it's former self, and it's military apparatus has been pushed to the absolute limit by the most clever leader Russia will have from now until it's complete dissolution. Germany alone could probably grind Russia to a standstill in conventional war. Ukraine could stop Russia with just the aid of Germany. It would take about an afternoon for the US to mop the floor with Russia in organized fashion. This is not to say that anyone could invade and pacify Russia, because no one can. But Russia is weak.

  15. I feel we should consider China and Iran to be apart of the mix. I also want to add domestic issues in Russia did not stop the russo japanese war and I feel domestic issues would not only plague Russia but NATO countries as well. IMO even with the U.S. it would be too close to call. Although China remains unproven and appears as a paper dragon, America's ability to win in a peer to peer conflict is questionable. After 20+ years I feel we have become too reliant on air superiority and the advancements in tech that give us the edge against an enemy who can't afford such.

  16. Russia learned a lot from modern conflicts, even after Ukraine they aren't the same... However I'd say they couldnt afford taking losses... Their best units could propably execute some well coordinates maneveurs, especially against forces that combine a lot of different styles of equipment, doctrines, leadership etc. but they'd propably start losing somewhere, we would break the line after gathering more equipment in one place and striking a force with smaller morales and their forces would propably have to retreat as their situation becomes dire... However I wonder how many dirty tricks russians would pull on us, like their spies blowing something important or rockets hitting things we didnt expect to hit

  17. Turkey is a nato member so the question asked would include Turkey on the nato side, and in the destruction of Russia Turkey would gain immensely regional power so no reason for them to screw then selves over

  18. I think a lot of people will die and then they will sign some bullshit armistice and in the end nobody will gain nothing

  19. given russias allies will follow, natos allie’s will follow (india, south korea, japan, israel, etc). nato + the allied powers will outnumber them in money, technology, and people

  20. I have experienced Russian soldiers first hand many times trust me they’re not quality at all miles from even a JROTC in the US.

  21. In means that have nothing stopping them from accomplishing a brutal war. US has too much manipulation to do what it will take to win.

  22. Russia can single-handedly beat the US, UK, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, etc.?

  23. Nato would steamroll Russia! If the Armenian-Azerbaijani war thought us anything, is that Russia can’t do shit to counter drones

  24. Russia had a lot of modern conflicts to take lessons and modernise, even after recent Ukrainian War, their military isn't the same

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