Daily Discussion Thread for July 21, 2022

  1. Who'd buy anything with the incoming interest rate hike next week? Just curious, are things really cheap? I think some biotech stuff is, but otherwise, not much out there, unless it's some oil and gas stuff. WTI is cheap, PBR is cheap, but otherwise, idk.

  2. Tesla is a comically shitty place to work. Long hours, you have to work for the honor and if you have a pretty face, the boss wants to see you in the office.

  3. Yeah, don't take a nap on the job, you may wake up with your butt hurting for some strange reason...front butt if you are a female and the other end if you are a dude...

  4. Yields down like over 5 % today, GDP nowcast at -1.6, inflation casting with PCE 6.6 against expectation 6.3. Yeah, this looks bad.

  5. Why are most of bulls retarded as shit? Imma have to start thinking like them. Tesla not even profiting and missed earnings? Fuck it rises 10% shit makes 0 sense anymore who needs a fucking degree in becoming a stock broker when you can trade like a retard and make so much more.

  6. They had an earnings per share. That means they had a profit (even excluding btc sale which doesn't even show up in free cash flow and regulatory credits) . They still have among the highest margins in the entire industry and 4x the roic of Ford and stellantis. I feel like before you get angry you should learn stock basics my man.

  7. Yo why is the entire market tanking AH? This is weird even for the rigged casino. Somebody know something we don't know?

  8. Tapped 4000 on /ES where there were 1,000+ sell orders would be my guess. That's a lot of profit taking and/or shorting meaning institutions think this is the area to open shorts and close longs.

  9. .30 isnt fucking tanking are you new here? The fucking market should be at 369 rn but retarded bulls like yourself raise it high to 396 cuz Algos. Tesla shouldn’t even be where their at cuz they missed fucking earning

  10. I just made 160 bucks in 5 min buying a spy call, I tried to sell at 359 and couldn’t get it fast enough, now I kno I’m screwed tomorrow

  11. Asking for general advice. I have a SPY $388 put that expires 8/8. Figured with Fed talking and market sentiment being relatively poor it would reject around that level like it has been for past month or so.

  12. Asking wsb idiots is the worst idea you done so far, not buying a put or watching it lose 50 percent, but asking wsb for advice is your worst idea

  13. How do celebrities fix their teeth without getting braces or Invisalign? Like I’ll see before and after photos of them with bad/ok teeth and then perfect teeth. How do they do it?

  14. Literally as soon as I started shorting and buying puts, everything keeps going up everyday. I’m devastated and I want to kill myself.

  15. If you can’t handle it then option trading isn’t for u, also why would the market go down right now? There is no reason except for it to be oversold

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