MRW mods sticky a shitpost trolling GME apes

  1. lol you can see she has seen and heard him do this too many times. A sigh and a tiny eyeroll with pinched lips. She is in lawn chair hell

  2. That doesn't mean very much considering the reputation this sub has and considering GME started here. It's just morons making fun of morons.

  3. Holy shit it's Jason Momoa. I only now found out although I've seen this gif god knows how many times.

  4. Already here. Get yourself an L2 and I'll send you some. I've been making JavaScript games for the past few weeks that work in wallet, minting costs less than $5 a set. Time it right and it costs about a penny to send. I'll even cover the activation fee so you won't have to onramp.

  5. They’re so dumb. Just search “Ted Cohen” on their stupid subs and see how much they use him to karma whore and use him to further their cults objectives.

  6. Those people are pure cancer and I hope we have that fucking recession soon so it may wipe out their accounts forever. WSB is a much better place without the apes and the tin foil hats who can’t accept that they made a stupid trade and instead they blame it on someone else

  7. Watch the woman in yellow… she looks like she is thinking “Fucking Jason Momoa and his attention-seeking antics”

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