big short 2 trailer just dropped

  1. Lol go look at /onlyfansadvice right now. No one is spending, models are loosing subscribers left and right. Literally everyone is running 50% off promos.

  2. all windows probably painted shut, half the outlets don’t work and none of the light fixtures match. Paint bubbling up because they didn’t use primer lol.

  3. I've not done any maintenance in 3 years, the bathroom is covered in mold and I'm charging $4500 a month. Why isn't anyone renting my house?

  4. My hope is that she's trying to be ironic and is just satirically venting about the frustrations of owning rental properties.

  5. she probably has a grift angle somewhere ~ the govment screwed me and renters are savages > Venmo PLEASE!

  6. Just from my personal experience and anecdotal experience I feel like the “Mom and Pop or amateur” speculation factor in RE this time around (especially since 2019) is off the charts. In the neighborhood where I sold my previous personal home in 2021, a new build in 2017, 50% of my neighbors had bought second homes to rent and many were buying more in that neighborhood alone.

  7. I don’t think she’s trying to gain sympathy. This is same as posting loss porn on wsb with huge options and stock losses. They are disappointed and are making fun of themselves.

  8. Yeah started selling my house 3 months ago by getting an apt so we could buy right after selling (no one takes contingent offers here).

  9. The worst tenant I had wasn't actually that bad until they moved out and I had to deal with the massive amount of filth they left behind. Which was strange as they never smelled bad when I talked to them. But one of the bedrooms which was for their kids, which they neglected to mention was 4 massive Rottweilers had about a half a foot of dog shit in the bottom of it. Not to mention the probably 3 feet of fast food bags all over the other bedroom and kitchen. I'm sitting here thinking how can someone live like this for 2 years. Needless to say they did not get their 2 months security deposit back

  10. I always like to say "think of how stupid the avg person is and realize that half of humanity is stupider than that"

  11. I've seen a tenant who finger-painted the walls in their apartment with their own feces. There are a lot of people out there who are unwell.

  12. Meh landlords don’t add any value to the system and they systemically rip people off. Always nice to see them have to eat one.

  13. Don’t these people run background/credit checks??? I only rent to people I know. I have friends in the navy, so I guess it’s easier for me. But, I wouldn’t rent to a stranger until I did my dd on them.

  14. i mean... the reality is much more common. people, through no fault of their own, fall behind on rent. receive no consideration or flexibility from a land lord. endure intense crushing anxiety ...terror at the prospect of housing insecurity.

  15. See, what’s scary is doing shit like that to the wrong person. Like the landlord has likely got all of your personal info from the background check, why fuck with a person that can easily find you?

  16. Yup, unless its an apartment complex which would need commercial buyers, she can easily hell single-family rental homes (one caveat, if the Tenant refuses to move out, it makes it difficult to sell)

  17. Idk how ppl could record themselves crying, edit it, confirm it looks good, then post on social media. That’s taking desperate for attention on a whole different level.

  18. This is all a plan to get us to live in mass produced BOXABL style modular homes once the technology overlords take control. You won't own your home but you'll be happy vibing out in some kind of crazy Porno virtual reality role playing as a fish

  19. People like this are gamblers like us. They just jump through more hoops to secure a play. Then call us degenerates while their leveraged mortgage loans are basically prolonged trades on massive margins.

  20. The irony of hate for this post when people are more than willing to invest in REITS or corporations that invest in rental properties. But when a person puts in the work to maintain their rentals...

  21. I think there’s hate because they’re crying about shit they should’ve prepared for? It’s anecdotal but I was always told that you keep 1-2 years mortgage payments on the rentals in cash. To account for things like damage, unexpected major repairs that you are legally bound to fix ASAP (water emergency, AC/heat going out, appliance failure), and tenant vacancy.

  22. most likely it’s because she purchased these places during the bubble for well over market value and now the rent she has to charge to cover that mortgage is way beyond what people think is a fair price

  23. The “American Dream” of having your own house was a debt trap. Lots of debt = loyal, obedient workers for decades.

  24. Wow I feel so bad for you that you way over leveraged yourself in a housing bubble and drove up extreme prices even more by purchasing several homes you didn’t need and then trying to charge renters enough to cover a hilariously overpriced mortgage. How could this not work out perfectly for you?

  25. As far as I can tell it's dumb luck. I've known people who own everywhere they move for work and just rent it when they leave for elsewhere. Millionaires.

  26. Let me play you a song on the world smallest violin while you charge tenants 200% the mortgage and expenses of the rental property. $2k for a 500 sqft apartment is criminal.

  27. good. i saw so many things online where ppl are like "bro just buy 10 shitty hovels in florida, spend 5 mins painting them, then rent them out for like $2000 a month and just live off the passive income bro"

  28. One of my friends who loves real estate investing had an apartment complex he invests in burn down. People died. They sued him. Worst experience he’s had in more than a decade of real estate investing. He’s no slum lord and isn’t as leveraged as some appear to be. It took a real toll on him. People who think RE is passive… don’t do RE. Even with property management companies involved you can have issues like this.

  29. I work at a mortgage lender and we deal with alot of rental properties. Unfortunately this is more common than you would think. Especially since covid hit, people have just turned into weapons grade assholes and don't pay their damn bills.

  30. Honestly, why would you pay your bills? The legal system basically garuntees you housing until evicted which takes forever. If you have no assets (most Americans) then you literally have nothing to lose.

  31. Good. Landlords have become bottom feeders; exploiting basic human needs for inflated profit. Hopefully she’s homeless and bankrupt at the end of it.

  32. I don't see anything wrong with landlords since they assume the risk and provide the service of home maintenance.

  33. Lmao imagine trying to get sympathy for having enough money to own property and charge people who can’t afford property to live there

  34. I love all the broke ass people on here hating on landlords. This new generation is a bunch of softies crying over shit they can’t do anything about. Unable to accept the fact that most people went through hell to get somewhere in life, and they just can’t seem to understand they’re going to have to go through it too. Where did all the hardworking strong willed over come adversity kind of people go? Replaced with people-bots looking for hand outs and telling everyone how much harder they have it than the people before.

  35. You seem to value hardworking people, but you’re defending landlords who make money from sitting on their asses and leeching off of workers by exploiting a basic need.

  36. I want to buy property to rent out but have no desire to rent to regular ppl. Govt subsidized me all day

  37. You gotta try really hard to fuck up or live in a city with stupid ass laws for this to happen right now. People are outbidding each other on rent and lines wrapping around the block for viewings. Multi-family is where it’s at.

  38. There’s a bubble in the NON-QM section of mortgages. $STWD, $MFA, other REITS that lend money to investors to buy real estate.

  39. did she do background checks on the tenants? is it not in the agreement that she can evict after a certain number of months rent missed?

  40. HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry the level of schadenfreude I get from these landlords getting hurt is almost on level with hedgies and shorters getting fucked.

  41. I know personally one of these lol Did some work, spent money, rented the house, they "rented" there for free for 6 months and then packed and left never to be seen again. Probably went to do the same to some other sucker

  42. "I thought I had a easy way to get rich while providing nothing of value, but now it turns out I risked too much and might lose it all. Please pity me!"

  43. This is exactly the type of scenario that i hope will happen in my country, as if i give a shit for these tears from these speculators.

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