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  1. Hey, with some hopes out here in BC, we may even have psychedelics decriminalized soon as well. It is basically legal here except for the official legal announcement.

  2. Don’t worry, that’s what the heroin is for. Either they go to sleep, or you’re gonna want something to numb you out

  3. Mushrooms growing publically ie: on nature-strips, front yards and in parks will be immediately handcuffed and detained, their bank accounts frozen.

  4. Not to mention a complete lack of understanding of how the Canadian government works. The Federal government has nothing to do with this, and those drugs are criminalized in 90% of the country.

  5. This isn't a financial opportunity. They are addressing an opiod crisis. Don't mistake this for legalization.

  6. So will the cops take it from you if you get caught (decriminalization) or is it actual legal to posses small amounts and they will let you go with the stuff in hand?

  7. Why wouldn't they do it for the harmless ones like psychedelics and shit? Cocaine and meth are family destroyers and Hella addictive

  8. While it may seem crazy, the places that have the most modest drug laws actually end up better off in many cases. Decriminalization actually is very beneficial, as odd as it seems. When it is legal, there's less violence, robbery, and murder.

  9. Oh you mean an incredibly rich nation with good wealth distribution and tons of opportunity for its citizens won the war on drugs? Wow big shocker. They could have put the drugs into piñatas and told his they were candy and still had lower addiction rates. Lots of people use drugs to escape their problems.

  10. Anyone against legalizing ALL drugs is an ignorant pawn. They already make any illicit drug in a prescription form that is EASILY obtainable aside from psychedelics. Do you want to know what damn near every college kid is on to study? Adderall or Concerta. Do you know what the generic version of these are printed right on the bottle? METHAMPHETAMINE SALTS.

  11. Vancouver and Victoria are trying to emulate the squalor and shitty sidewalks as modelled by San Francisco.

  12. Misconception. Legal drug sales are safer, the less shady the better. Most overdoses are accidental, caused by poorly cooked, cut, or substituted drugs.

  13. The idea is to keep the sale and distribution of the drugs illegal, but the possession and use decriminalized. That way the addicts can get help and move on with their life without a criminal record and the dealers continue to go to jail if caught. Are there publicly traded rehabs in Canada? Bullish on those. These kind of laws tend to lead to higher rehab admissions.

  14. i feel like this law is going in place because of the existing opiod problem they have already. Ive seen documentaries where cops completely ignore junkies getting high or going into paralysis from fentanyl. It’s really sad that they just gave up trying to fix the issue this law would be cool if they fixed the huge drug problem in poor communities first.

  15. BC police are just tired of having to do the paperwork on the junkies in the street. No Its still business as usual for an 8 ball of Chochy or enough E to get you gurning. No street fiend can afford much more than a hit or two or a few rocks. Vancouver is drowning is serious crime. This is a step in the right direction at freeing up resources to police for real, and hopefully put harm reduction in place of prosecuting small fish with mental health problems

  16. This is just to decriminalize it and enable addicts to get safe help without fear of legal repercussions. I know it’s counter intuitive, but it works

  17. My god why do people not understand. The Dutch (Netherlands) or (Holland) depending where you are from. Did this years ago. For the most part they have been successful. They diverted a lot of the money they spent to enforce it into treatment of the disease versus punishment. In the US jails are mostly privatized and keeping people in jail is big business. We all think police is here to serve us which a majority of them also believe when joining but then quickly they find out they are in a big machine that they themselves can’t fight. Fines and jailing equals loads of money.

  18. 🇨🇦BC resident here. This law means we aren’t overrunning our courts with useless possession charges, and also frees up police. It’s good.

  19. So ban guns but heavily sedate the population at the same time... I'm sure it just a coincidence. How do I invest in Canadian military and police equipment manufacturers?

  20. There’s a difference between decriminalization and legalization, and even farther beyond that encouraging drug use. But ya, keep spinning your narrative and letting your kids die in school shootings, meanwhile we’ll get addicts the help they need, not have school shootings and be actually productive.

  21. It's not legalized. Its still illegal, you just don't get arrested or a criminal record if your cought with under 2.5 grams. Instead you get pointed to rehabilitation services.

  22. Now cocaine will be smuggled by both US borders instead of one. I guess Trudeau is losing the younger demographic so has to do anything to get back their votes.

  23. The consumption potential, and wealth of our society comes at a price... the permanent underclass that produces the goods for consumption sometimes produces addicts and the homeless.

  24. Supposedly these thresholds approved are too small for the average drug user so the cops will still bust people for hard drugs just like they are currently doing.

  25. As a person living in B.C. this is the most moronic & bullshit comment I’ve read. What ever have you been smoking to say such crap… Well congrats you can now legally keep 2.5grams of it.

  26. yes, lets give junkies free drugs at the expense of the taxpayer and we’ll also supply the Naloxone for when the junkies start OD’ing 😂

  27. its pretty fuckin messy already in rural canada with drugs. Honestly anywhere outside the larger cities its all the kids do.

  28. Yes, if a lake could flood. Then yes. Canada is totally over run by meth and opioids. I suppose we are about to lose our beach... Methaphorically spiking

  29. So you can stay inside and kill yourself with drugs and live off the government but you can't defend your home with a handgun. Meanwhile the criminal black market running all those drugs are gonna be trafficking guns too. Sounds like Christmas for criminals. Ohh Can-uh-duh.

  30. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  31. Their population will be screwed... Opiate addiction will change their lives forever.. Most people on it can't work and will have major mental issues that sometimes are permanent.

  32. But gonna limit handguns? Because “violence”? I’m really starting to have technical difficulties cuz I just can’t wrap my head around how stuff makes sense to people lately. It’s just not possible to be “empathetic” and try to “put myself in their shoes” and try to fill in the gaps of logic with some kind of made up altruistic yet poorly guided intent to do something “good”, something where I can say “well, at least they meant well”. All I can muster is a blank stare tinged with derision and the verbal response of “how the hell do you think this will turn out?” And the answer is with societal degradation, destruction of young lives, increases in child abuse, babies born with addictions and developmental challenges, thefts, violence, auto accidents, deaths by OD. Fuck it. This is how we know the end is near when they don’t even pretend to be looking at consequences to legislation decisions in a 5 year time span. Its just about a 6 month time span that they are throwing out bread and circuses and attempting to disarm us before shit gets real. They know it’s not gonna make a damn if every 18 year old today is an addict 2 years from now.

  33. Sure ban handguns but let everyone use. Yeah ok Canada, real mature! Let me guess pedophilia will be the next thing legalized and rape will just be a slap on the wrist?

  34. This is a sign of a dying society, I believe they are also in the talks of legalizing assisted suicide for people with mental health problems.

  35. Euthanasia is a great option for extremely special cases. Also, can you expand more on that 'dying society' you speak of? What constitutes a dying society?

  36. If any government wants to legalize drugs then fine, but don’t charge people taxes to keep them supporting them with programs. Time to let them sink or float on their own then.

  37. They are not legalized, you just get support to try and get you out of that addiction instead of getting arrested if your a user.. Those programs are nothing compared to the taxpayer costs of incarceration and medical costs.

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