Daily Discussion Thread for April 06, 2022

  1. Thanks Russia…you fucktards! Getting rich off your demise. TSLA shares long and calls on big fucking old fashion American energy is serving up the profits! Feel sorry for the mail order bride industry…lots of hot Russian pussy stranded at home with no way out.

  2. I wonder what the crisis will be in a few months for the Fed to have an excuse to start printing again. I’m really hoping it’s an alien invasion. 👽

  3. Who keeps propping up dwac? It bounced right off 43. We all know it is going back to it's nominal 10 when TS fails and the merger tanks. Don't fight it.

  4. Ran a straddle on SPY today. Legged out of put at FOMC minutes and netted 60. Decent play. Scalped the last couple hours for another 90. Messed up a ton with too many trades but hey, up 150, it was a good day! 👍

  5. Stop buying calls on down days and have some Fuken patience. If you try and time a bottom you will get rocked more often than not. Just wait it really is that easy.

  6. Fed said, they takin their play money to the tune of 95 billion a month, away from markets, and we flat on the day... You fools have any Idea what removing 95 Billion a month is going to do to markets? Let alone skyrockting interest rates? I'm gonna be buying puts Every week for this month. We are tanking.

  7. They're not taking $95b out of the market, they're taking it out of bank reserves, which are currently flush with trillions of excess cash. That's why the stock market didn't react very much... this was basically a known for the last 2 months.

  8. If you account for the reverse repo being approx 1.8T, that gives a bit of a cushion before the real non speculative impact is felt.

  9. FLAT ON THE DAY? SPY IS DOWN A FULL PERCENT, QQQ DOWN OVER 2%. Nobody cares if you bought puts this morning and you didn't make any money

  10. Go to the 1-hour chart on the Nasdaq and see how fucking retarded the last 3 hours were. Jesus Christ. All that up and down bull shit just to fucking end sideways

  11. I dumped my shorts about an hour before the fed release.. now I can't figure out what fucking direction to go so I'm just sitting here in cash.

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