Justice Department opposes unsealing of affidavit in Mar A Lago Raid. What are they hiding?

  1. “Guys, we need to drag this thing out because A) it backfired. We look like assholes and it further eroded the public faith in us. B) we need time to develop a better narrative and implicate a crime.”

  2. guys we fucked up and we need more time to figure out what we're going to do, but TRUST US drumpf is in trouble big time. He's in timeout right now while we try to come up with anything that remotely sticks or conjure up fake evidence

  3. I dont even like trump and I can agree that this shouldn't have been done, had no grounds to be done and that this is a prime example of the law being above the law. I have my reasons for not voting for the guy but since before his presidency he's been targeted and attacked by the media and opposing political parties. When does this shit come to a head?

  4. At this point I expect the FBI to swap out the contents of the sealed Affidavit once they find a crime like a magician pulling a card trick.

  5. In 2024 we should have the FBI do a weekly raid of AOC and the rest of the dems properties . Just to check they haven't done any more crimes in the last week.

  6. That doesn't stop them from trying. Just like repeating no one is above the law. We CONSISTENTLY see that's in fact NOT the case. None the less, they keep repeating, no one is above the law. illusory truth effect at play.

  7. Translation: We didn't do this for any other reason than to manipulate the market at the behest of politicians knee deep in call options.

  8. You are the first to say the Maralago raid was market manipulation instead of political payback. Evidence?

  9. So concerned about leaking things. I mean, what if intelligence agencies just leaked things willy nilly to the news? Can't have that. No, no.

  10. These are groups that leak like a boat anytime they have "information" that they can use against Trump. If they're staying tight-lipped, whatever they're hiding makes them look bad, not Trump.

  11. What absolute cowards. These fuckers are so dirty. They straight up lie to your face, then hide the evidence when questioned. How can anyone still be supporting this kind of tactic?

  12. They’re going through it trying to make-up a case to cover themselves. Even if it means filling in the gaps and digging for arbitrary unknowns parts of law.

  13. Chances are this is because the true motive could be used in court by trump to prove it’s all a load of BS.

  14. What Trump should have done is taken a picture of each document with a smart phone. Then, if the FBI were to show up all he would have had to do is smash the phone with a hammer.

  15. Obviously, the government disregards it's own rules whenever they are inconvenient to it; but, this just seems so contrary to things like the right to face your accusor (combined with the right to not be denied liberty or property without due process of law).

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