What will they try next?

  1. Then if you even mention any of their failed past attempts to smear his name, you’re met with either: “that was months ago, get over it!”, straight up denial of what happened, or insane gaslighting claiming false “facts” to twist the truth.

  2. Yep. It's like how the left went on and on about the greater good, and saving grandma, and all sorts of other arguments about why there was no such than as government overreach with regards to COVID.

  3. This is a nuke the fridge moment. They have used up everything else to the point they had to "leak" to WaPo it was about nukes... I honestly don't know where they go next. That he's building a giant space mirror to block out the sun?

  4. That's funny. Klaus Schwab is literally planning on creating a giant space bubble that can block out the sun to reduce global warming.

  5. Do you know I still have Facebook people that I know taking shots at Trump saying that Hillary would have been a better president. I mean even this morning. Can't believe it

  6. I visited political humor a few months ago to see what they were saying. Most posts were about Trump. Not Biden, Kamala, or the midterms. They hate Trump so much they can't even keep him out of their minds.

  7. Most of the mainstream media is saying all those that lean conservative are mad because Trump's private home got raided by the FBI.

  8. And it's all backfiring. Trump's numbers are just going up. I think we're about to get 4 years of trump followed by 8 years of desantis.

  9. What will they try next? Probably nuke some city and blame it on Trumps "stolen codes". Didn't you see what they did with a little cold virus? Trump is a threat to world security.

  10. They missed a real opportunity. They could have very, very easily "found" a USB or harddrive with CP on it.

  11. Nobody wants to talk about the DNC faction that is the epicenter for all of this. It leads to some really uncomfortable discussions.

  12. It has become apparent that the most important rule in D.C. is that "outsiders" can never be allowed to hold high office. They will do anything to make sure it never happens again.

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