What a joke

  1. They say he’s too busy fighting a war to be bothered with dressing like a head of state, but he has plenty of time to schmooze with celebrities and host U2 concerts in Kiev.

  2. Dude just raked in billies from the US and still rocks a $10 tee shirt. I figured he could at least afford a collared shirt now.

  3. Right? You'd think that the president of a country that's supposedly being actively invaded would not do something insanely non-productive to their own interest like addressing students in another country halfway across the world.

  4. It's called securing future funding towards a war effort. If he can get these people to donate and spread word the benefit of doing a speach outweighs the time it cost to be used elsewhere.

  5. I mean, what’s he supposed to be doing? Pretty much his only job right now is “make people like Ukraine more than Russia”, he isn’t a military leader, same same if the US was fighting a war and Biden had to wake up to do some shit.

  6. He's not supposed to be on the frontlines. He is the head of state not the head of the army. He is supposed to do exactly this, gain support for his nation's war effort..

  7. He only gets a few % of those billions, the rest must be spent on American made weapons, ...and those firms have to pay their percentages to biden, who initially took the money from the taxpayers. I'm also sure a few illegals will make some money, when some swimming pools need to be extended.

  8. When you see it you just can’t deny it all falls into place… thanks Alex. Everyone should’ve listened to you

  9. Nothing inherently wrong with conspiracy theories, but you can definitely take them too far. Don’t listen when the media says the label “conspiracy theorist” is evil in any way.

  10. First Jacinda Ardern speaks to Harvard graduating class, now this. Can't people see they are being propagandized and manipulated?

  11. 2025, Jacinda and Zelensky couple of the year on Time magazine, expecting their genetically engineered democratic super baby.

  12. Does this guy own a suit? Seriously. He’s been wearing the same $8 military surplus T shirt for the last four months.

  13. He wants to look like he's "one of the normal people" even though he's hanging out with Pelosi and liberal celebrities. This piece of shit is gonna be the next Fauci

  14. Just like all his posse when they go to "negotiate" with the Russians. Lockstep brown shirts, really cartoonish. Personally, I think they're supposed to evoke the 1st person shooter role to get all the Millennials and GenZ, and the Che Guevara poster to capture GenX and the Baby Boomers. Maybe also they are distinguishing themselves visually in a way that can't be missed on phone screens. Whatever the minutiae, it's clearly brand management.

  15. Is he trying to inspire the students to be human shields and bullet sponges to carry out the US and NATOs foreign policy agendas?

  16. Russia will just continue to gain more and more land in the war. Ukraine doesn’t have the troops or supplies to win. It might take Russia 2 years. Maybe 5 years. I honestly don’t think Putin even cares after seeing that the USA had their ME wars for 20+ years.

  17. Maybe he can teach them how to be multi-billionaires with expensive property all around the world, just by being a sub-par comedian in an impoverished country.

  18. I mean... the worlds greatest conman giving a speech to a bunch of frauds makes sense to me. Just wait until his new book, 'How to get millions from globalist suckers' comes out.

  19. Stanford university - where he gave a talk on sept 2 2021 for the freeman spogli institute for international studies. Now he did another video conference this year, yesterday 5/27/22. Not that outlandish or weird with a little bit of context

  20. He's also an elected politician not a general. This is the kind of things politicians do. They talk to people, foreign and domestic. Morons think he should be out shooting at Russians.

  21. Oh don't worry. He's setting himself up for the book tour and lecture circuit in the west after all this is done. The guy has an elite apartment in Miami.

  22. This is about the most chill war ever. The mere fact that he's able to broadcast and teleconference totally at will tells me that the Russian Army has a terribly shitty signal corps as well. A decent signal unit should be able to determine his exact broadcasting location at any given moment and when combined with either an inserted Spetznaz team, a missile/artillery unit, or a fighter plane be able to nuke Zalensky off the planet on the spot as he's broadcasting.

  23. The Elites must really think we're stupid to think a spectacle like this won't be seen for the kabuki theater it's been in Ukraine since the start.

  24. Ukraine is one giant scam he took $40 billion from the uniparty not to negotiate peace how many people have died because of this man’s recklessness

  25. Anyone watch this? I can only imagine he gave them an Ivy League lesson on how to have your cake and eat it too (ie. bash the west and get paid for it)

  26. Ukraine isn't an ally, isn't in NATO, and has no defense agreements or treaties with the US. The US does not have a statistically significant Ukrainian expat or immigrant population.

  27. Ummm why? I'd be pissed if someone from another country is trying to give advise b he doesn't know life here, the left is really pushing this guy into the fore front

  28. bro your country is in a war on it’s own soil with lots of innocent people dead.. why tf would anybody do this dumb ass shit? i don’t get it.

  29. :puts my tinfoil hat on: The global agenda is most likely to put that guy in global power as the unelected Global President.

  30. Honestly this is kind of brilliant. You know how many powerful people have to sit through these graduation events because they love their kids?

  31. Can someone explain how putin (been in power over 20 years and murders journalists who show him in a bad light) is any better??? Yall lost me and many others on this issue

  32. You folks are wild, pretty sure it’s 90% bots tbh. Joined this sub hoping to find some kind of nuanced counter to the standard front page tripe, how wrong I was.

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