Filming in 60p Editing in 24p?

  1. Do some tests with the shutter angle / shutter speed to see if you can get something that looks good at both fps speeds. I know there's some kind of formula for shutter angle and FPS that I can't remember off the top of my head, but just fiddling with it should be pretty informative.

  2. Motion interpolation on TV's is the worst thing invented. I don't enjoy the Soap Opera effect when watching my movies. Drives me up the wall when I'm at a friend's and everything is 30-60fps, then constantly dropping frames to compensate for the interpolation. So awful.

  3. You have to choose whether you want it to look right for regular speed or slow mo when you shoot. 1/60 shutter speed (or 1/50 if you can) to use it at 24 or 30 fps and 1/120 for slow mo.

  4. Similar ish topic… how come my videos at 120/240 fps are automatically slowed down when dropped on to my 24fps timeline but the 60fps stuff is not? Is it because the camera sets up 120 or higher as High Frame Rate whereas 60 is shot normally?

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