Embarrassing Experience at Cosmo...

  1. They suspected her, but didn't want to make a scene because they didn't know for certain. If they had known for certain, they would have tossed her in a heartbeat.

  2. You are way overthinking this, much more illegal/dangerous stuff happens daily on large hotels like the Cosmo in Vegas. I wouldn't worry about it in the least.

  3. What's the legality of a guest who isn't causing any trouble refusing to provide ID to security? If they've shown it to the bartender and been served alcohol but don't want their name in a database? I'm assuming there are differences to law enforcement and public space vs private security on private property?

  4. Honestly, it sounds like you’re overthinking it. Next time you see the bartenders, just crack a joke about it lol.

  5. Yes, you are on a list. When casino security asks for ID, they either radio in the name/info, hold the ID in front of their bodycam, or just take a photo of it with their cell phone.

  6. Nobody thinks you’re a prostitute. Typically girls that are working, trafficked or up to something not good do not have ID or will leave immediately after asking. It’s a diversion tactic, trust me nobody cares…… they don’t know who you are and I guarantee you as a bartender nobody judged you either. You got ID’d, it was just that! Get over it

  7. Don't go to the Cosmopolitan again, all the thug employees there love to act like their hotel police, one violation of their unwritten rules and they'll kick you out, beat you up, yell at you, then threaten to ban you. They recently were sold to MGM Resorts, unknown if their anti customer service policies will change.

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