What do you do if your in a simple restaurant abroad?

  1. How did you get to a destination of a foreign country without preparing to know the words for, or have google-translate for, or word for vegan, or words for no animal products please?

  2. I’d probably pass. Being difficult sucks but I’m not about to compromise for convenience sake. Stop at the market and buy some fresh/local stuff so you can make great food at the inn.

  3. I used google translate while i traveled all over mexico, pretyped the message and showed them the translation

  4. I’ve been to Vietnam for 5 weeks as a vegan, and in Vietnam specifically it was sometimes hard and sometimes easy because there’s a lot of those Buddhist monk restaurants in there, the restaurants say “chay” in the name and that means vegetarian… I don’t think they have a lot of dairy, but they do use egg in fried rice so just make sure u ask them to not put egg.. “an chay” is vegetarian and then u should Google what “no egg” is in Vietnamese… but anyway those Chay places are good for vegans in Vietnam, also very cheap!

  5. Gonna be EXTREMELY unlikely that any street food anywhere is vegan; it was not when I was in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos and imagine it's similar in Vietnam.

  6. I have screenshotted the local words for "I don't eat meat and I am allergic to eggs and dairy products" or some variation and show them that

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