Tomorrow my family is killing a sheep for a holiday. TW: animal death

  1. I don't give a fuck about any cultural tradition if it hurts others. Hunting is not OK. Genital mutilation is not OK. Stoning is not OK. Arranged marriages are not OK. Fuck violent and abusive traditions, PLEASE do what you can to save the sheep.

  2. I see your frustration. I'm frustrated too, but I can't save him. Even if i did the jailbreak and everyone started hating me, someone else will catch him and kill him. Also I don't think its fair to assume all those things are a part of Muslim tradition.

  3. Could you maybe take him and hide him somewhere untill you can get him to an animal sanctuary? Or maybe tie yourself to him as a form of protest to get your family to change their minds.

  4. I really wish i could but anything id do would just get me in like a lot of trouble with them. They see it as a religious offering and even as a kindness as they say the sheep will go to heaven or whatever

  5. Its not about saving my relationships. Its more about whst is actuslly feasible. Im a minor, i have no car and if i just let the sheep go free he'll either die of starvation or worse someone will just catch him and eat him. I would take him to a sanctuary if this even existed in where i am rn (Morocco), but im pretty sure they dont exist and even if they did i hsve no way of transporting him.

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