It's bullshit that Superman is always depicted as extremely buff, he should look like a skinny weakling

  1. Also the yellow suns radiation literally super charges his muscles as well. It literally is the sun powering him up like he's some fucking plant.

  2. And he’s always throwing planets and planes around, punching it out with villains near his level and flying faster than the speed of light.

  3. I believe the yellow sun of the earth helps grow/develop his muscles as in Flashpoint superman was kept in a room with red solar energy and was smol af

  4. If you take the sun away, he does turn into a skinny weakling, his kryptonian dna means the yellow solar energy from our sun empowers his kryptonian body as yellow solar power is the source of kryptonian energy.

  5. He was depicted as you described as a frail skinny weakling in the The Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox animated movie. In this movie, he was deprived of sunlight and kept in a lock maxibmum security cell his whole life by the government. He was malnutritious and barely alive because his body didn't get what it needed.

  6. And if you give him excess solar radiation, he develops excessively massive muscles and reverts to a caveman-like intelligence. More sun, more swole.

  7. In the flash alternate timeline where he was captured by Russia and never let in the sun, wasn’t he a shriveled small man?

  8. That's really all that needs to be said. Frankly I'm amazed he can actually stomach human food or that he's as humanoid as he is already. I wonder if he shits...

  9. Yep. Humans losing muscle mass when we don't use them is an evolutionary adaptation to save energy and consume less food. Some other species gain more evolutionary benefit from having big muscles ready to go at all times.

  10. This is an amazing argument, never thought about it in this context. If gorillas can do it Kryptonians could too.

  11. don't know anything about krypton but let me speculate. if krypton is an earth like planet, which is probably is since it can support life, then the aliens on that planet evolved to adapt to their environment. so alien anatomy and ours shouldn't be too far off. not to mention that with almost all animals, they get bigger muscles by training them with resistance.

  12. Yeah, let's apply logic and the rules that govern reality to dictate our opinion of a Depression era magic space man who wears a cape (not common at the time of his creation) and bright red briefs over a unitard. For, truly, that's what this tale is missing.

  13. In the movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, he was skinny. He was kept in a prison where he couldn't get sunlight, and it made him all shriveled up and weak. His body works different than a human's. Sunlight... Makes muscles... Or something. I dunno. Superman always seemed conceptually lazy to me.

  14. Original Superman couldn't even fly. He's got power creep that's been going on for almost a century.

  15. There are many animals which have large amounts of muscle for example gorillas who do not regularly progressively overload their muscles in order to be so strong or so physically muscular. Because superman is not human we could just theorize that his species like gorillas are naturally more muscular.

  16. The boys portrayed this really good in S3, there is scene where Homelander is naked and he is pretty skinny without the suit which makes sense as he doesn't train or doesn't has anything heavy to use for weight training

  17. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that Superman is a fictional character

  18. Guy, the guy lived on a farm.... farm work is hard as fuck. Also henry cavil doesn't look like a roided out bodybuilder lol. Yeah he is on PEDs but not that much. No where near Olympia levels

  19. Kryptonian physiology is different than human physiology. Clarks powers come from the sun, not from exercise. Their whole race looked different on Krypton.

  20. I actually asked George Perez about this several years ago. According to him, and I'm not saying he's the ultimate expert on the subject but considering his credentials, Superman didn't absorb enough yellow sunlight to develop his powers until he was an older teen. Up until then he was just a normal kid working on a farm. Farm work is hard and he developed his physique before he got his powers.

  21. Maybe the workout is the pull from his opposing super strong muscles. The whole immovable object unstoppable force paradigm. Try doing static muscle exercise for a month and you’ll see results.

  22. I always had a anime in mind wherein the superhero was an alien like superman. He is super skinny because he can lift anything easily, and works as a security guard because that's the only job he can do without breaking stuff due to his super strength. And he was always made fun as a pervert because he keeps on burning off his clothes when he uses super speed to save people.

  23. The thing you're forgetting is that Clark is a farm boy. Those people may not look like peak shredded bodybuilders, but they look thick and sturdy bc they have that "country strength" from all that constant physical labor. Imo, the Alex Ross depiction of Superman is how I imagine he'd actually look irl, clearly sturdy and muscular, but not ultra toned/ripped. Granted, this only works when his origin has him gaining his powers when he's like 16.

  24. Dude this is an alien that's weak to green rocks and wears his underwear on the outside he clearly does not obey physics and biology

  25. If it’s In the genetics he can get buff without working out. Like how animals grow muscular just by existing, eating grass and shit. He wasn’t born an adult, he was a kid who lived life. So at some point he was scrawny and over time his body filled out like bulls would or kangaroos or other buff animals by just having high testosterone and growth hormone.

  26. You know that he’s an alien right? What makes you think and alien is bound by human biology and limitations?

  27. OP is wrong on many levels, first, Kyrptonians were engineered and while Clark was natural his parents were part of that. So he had a head start.

  28. This is a good point for Homelander but like everyone else here has already said, Superman is an alien who literally gets his powers from the sun

  29. I met more than a few guys, prison and in the army that were just genetically gifted to have muscle without even working out.

  30. It's arguable that he's constantly doing isometric exercises as he holds back his strength in order to avoid destroying people and things, which could definitely contribute to muscle mass growth

  31. You draw the line at mussel mass? Why dose he look human at all? How do Laser Eyes work? What dose he use as propulsion in space? And most impotently how are glasses a disguise?

  32. But ... He even pushes planets around and juggles trucks frequently. That some pretty tough exercises!

  33. Genes can help determine how muscular you look naturally. As long as Superman isn't consuming too many calories he could naturally have a strong fit look. Since he is alien this is even more of a possibility.

  34. That's wrong. People can inject Testosterone and build more muscles doing nothing but that, than people woeking out.

  35. If he had a myostatin deficiency he would be able to grow by doing whatever, and in that case his muscles would then have to be stupidly massive for them to match his strength

  36. You can be jacked purely from hormones. Look at a kangaroo or a tiger or a horse, they’re rippled with muscle in their prime years even if they are lazy AF. If you give a human anabolic steroids and don’t change their lifestyle at all, they will pack on a lot of muscle mass regardless.

  37. Aside from being genetically engineered, haven't you ever had a friend, or seen a person that is absolutely jacked and all they do is play video games?

  38. So, the fact that he can lift a planet, fly through space, and shoot heat beams out of his eyes is okay, but being buff without resistance training is where you draw the line?

  39. Actually hormones decide if we get muscles or not. We are a species which can run a lot, our advantage is our incredible high endurance. We can nearly out run every animal in the longterm, because we dont have hair, do sweat, are efficient and on 2 legs (which makes us also more efficient).

  40. That's only true if we assume Kryptonian biology is identical to the average Human biology outside the whole Solar radiation aspect of it.

  41. i mean, if that were the case he should have no muscle or bone density at all to speak of since earth environments provide no challenge to either of those systems in sypermans body. Clerly Kryptonian biology works dfferently, afterall, even the juiciest bodybuilder out there can't perform .000001% of what superman can, so he's actually way too small if anything.

  42. Some people are gifted athletically to the point where they are muscular even without training. Muhammad Ali is said to have avoided weight training. Weight training has traditionally been drowned upon in boxing. Ali maintained a pretty muscular physique by virtue of his excellent genetics.

  43. If you watch The Incredibles Mr incredible is supposedly a Superman and when he gets out of shape he plays with actual trains to train with as weights so it's a reasonable assumption as Superman does this also

  44. I love how this post breaks down the human qualities not making sense when applied to a fictional alien.

  45. There are breads of animals that humans have bread to be very muscly like bulls, dogs, even some big cats. You don’t see them lifting weights in the wild

  46. I agree just on the basis that it's absurd to see Clark Kent walking around making bodybuilders look like children and nobody notices.

  47. You are sort of correct. The strongest man I ever met was 5'2" small framed man. He didn't look weak, but he wasn't intimidating at a glance. He could stab people with his fingers. His entire body was hard, like hard as a rock. The first time I shook his hand it scared me how rock hard his hand was. He was a Kung-Fu master and a US special agent. Don't judge a book by its cover ladies and gents.

  48. Bulls that have a gene deficiency with myostatin are called double muscled because their muscles just literally keep growing.

  49. Forget his physique. How does he cut his hair, or shave his beard? If his hair is as invulnerable as the rest of his body, then what tool could he possibly use to cut his hair? If it's not, then it would be destroyed with all the fire he takes and buildings he breaks through.

  50. Well, some people just genetically have more muscle mass. I have huge quads and calves despite never doing any lifting to make them big. And it's not fat - in high school I was in peak shape - vey little fat - but those huge quads and calves. And then there are guys who don't like their small legs and are constantly working out but not getting a lot bigger.

  51. I think you're way overthinking this. When designing superman, I'm assuming the artists were not considering the science of muscles. They likely thought "hero that can lift heavy weights" is super strong, so he must have super big muscles. It's not for realism, more for public appeal.

  52. In one movie,‘I can’t remember which, he’s shown to actually become super skinny bc he doesn’t work out. He then becomes super buff after running and lifting trains. I think it’s not that he’s just strong, but probably just easier for him to reach peak strength. Just like any person on the planet

  53. OP is using basic human biology lessons to complain about how an alien’s body in a comic book with multiple organs that humans don’t have… isn’t working the same way as his body does LMAO how do these kinds of posts even get upvoted?

  54. What if I told you it’s a fictional character in an alternative universe with different rules. SMH 🤦‍♂️

  55. That’s not how genetics work, gorillas can spend their whole lives chillin and eating leaves and still have 600lbs of muscle on them lol. I’ve even met humans who never work out a day in their life and still have an unreasonable amount of muscle just from genetics lol

  56. Most of his powers would have to be psionic anyways for them to make sense. He just changed his body through belief.

  57. In maturing boys, the amount of hormones pumping through them will give them some amounts of muscle mass without much work. Maybe that’s the something that could be looked at.

  58. There are animals in the wild that are basically born muscular without having to work out the way humans do, such as tigers. It wouldn't be illogical to assume that Kryptonians work the same.

  59. in the Flash point event the superman from that version was actually skinny because he was captured and never saw earth or sunlight, while being exposed to red light all his life, making him weak and skinny

  60. You’re forgetting something very very important. He’s not human, he may look human, but that doesn’t mean everything about his anatomy functions the same.

  61. Idk man he's literally an alien with an entirely different physiology, his muscle strength comes from the sun, his muscles are activated by UV light not resistance.

  62. Nah it's not bs. You can literally see him workout in some comics. Since he was a toddler he lifted cars, he would run fast af, jump high af, do all the farm work fast af, do thousands of push ups fast af, lift heavy shit repetitively. Just because the yellow sun makes him basically as strong as he needs to get for whatever, doesn't mean his muscles doesn't get a workout. His muscles and bones are also naturally much denser than ours because of his home planet and the genetic modification. So even if he doesn't work out he'll still be huge just more fat. Not skinny LMAO. He can still build muscle like anyone else. And guess what happens when there's a red sun? He needs to be ready. That's why in every version of the fortress of solitude there's a room replicating Krypton. Simulated red sun, gravity and other conditions let's SM go for full body workout with normal equipment. Humans would be crushed by the gravity alone. So you can imagine how much more muscle he packs on there than on earth, without even working out.

  63. That’s only for humans,kryptonians are literally different people.that’s like saying gorillas have no right being that strong when they don’t lift weights

  64. That's not true. He's not human. Humans get flabby, skinny and weak if we don't exert ourselves. But look at the other great apes, even in captivity they get jacked af because of genetics.

  65. I feel like you ignored his entire backstory. Krytponians engineered thenselves to be biologically perfect, including the muscled body Superman has. They considered physically fit, buffed out bodies to be the superior inage of perfection.

  66. I'm pretty sure his muscles are enhanced by the energy of Earth's yellow sun. Our sun has more radiation than the sun of Krypton, so it gives Superman all his powers. There's a scene in The Dark Knight Returns comic where Superman is hit by a nuke and it weakens him and turns him deathly thin. But he absorbs the sun's energy from a field of sunflowers and his muscles grow again. In other words, he doesn't need that physical resistance in order to build his muscles like Earth's humans do. And no, this isn't scientifically accurate; in real life, our sun's radiation would more likely just kill him, but this is pulp sci-fi comic book logic and sometimes you just gotta roll with it to enjoy the lore.

  67. There are people who are genetic elites who are muscular without much excersise. They dont look like a Mr. Olympia, but still above average. Plus he was probably lifting cows and tracters when he was like 4, so while light for him are still resistance training.

  68. I’m going to make a stupid argument here. Steroids have been shown to increase muscle mass in humans without the need of physical activity. I think they had people sit on couches while on steroids and they still gained muscle. I would argue that the Sun would have a similar stimulating effect and allow Superman to gain mass without effective resistance training.

  69. So the fact that he is an alien that can fly and has nearly unlimited power isn't a problem, but that he is jacked is?

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