twitter is the worst place ever

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  1. The worst thing is that when you complain about your appearance people tell you that and you're supposed to be 'grateful' for that. Bro wtt??

  2. This is literally disgusting just because someone is ugly doesn’t mean they should get happy that someone raped them. Rape is traumatizing and one of the worst situation a person can go through but these people find a way to even joke about such a serious crime.

  3. this kind of thinking is way too common. it's really harmful to victims, both because people dont take them seriously, and because they've been conditioned to think this way themselves.

  4. i mean exactly considering millions of people are twitter at any given moment it shows not many people actually agreed with him and also consider that he's literally just trying to get arise out of people like what half the users do on twitter to begin with

  5. i was raped when i was 17. the guy who did it has done it to others. people are disgusted and angry about the others, but all that happened with me is people made fun of him for fucking someone so ugly.

  6. Damn that’s so horrible. I’m sorry. Some people are literally garbage. You don’t deserve any of these horrible experiences .

  7. there's just sometihng a little bit ill in soceity right now that this sort of comedy is socially rewarded. i don't understand it. how do people find this stuff funny?

  8. uh i have to say it respectful this is not kind At ALL- im not gonna use swear words as they are usually my red flag but pls- the person who wrote that is not mentally healthy in my eye- and 15 upvotes tho ;-; !? well ig this is how world work lol -__-

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