I doubt Khorne is reasonable

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  1. But he probably doesn't say anything because last time he did, the people went too hard in the other direction and it was ponies and rainbows for like two millennia.

  2. Actually in many ways Khorne is the more reasonable of the chaos gods, you know exactly what he wants and he rewards results dammit. Even when his right hand man tried to betray him with an axe to the back Khorne didn't flat out obliterate the guy he just kind of wiped his mind a little and set him a new quota of blood and skulls, Khorne is stern but fair.

  3. It sorta sounds like the blood god got that way because blood is the only thing people know that he for sure likes. Sorta like how you show interest in cat trinkets so the people who only sorta know you buy you cat themed items for the next decade. And it's not that you don't like them. Of course you think they're cute, but there's so much more to your personality.

  4. I saw an extension to this post where someone said “Just for a moment, this sentence made me understand the train of thought of Jeff Bezos” and I think about that constantly

  5. I mean, you probably also don’t become the blood god by just collecting blood. Presumably they can make it in a more spectacular way than the average person

  6. You cut out the best part of this, that being someone saying ‘I have a better understanding of billionaires now’

  7. as has been pointed out by others... skulls are also perfectly acceptable. now... please... take this chainaxe and ram it right into my crotch while telling me i am pretty.

  8. They say “what gift to you give to one who has everything” but the kind of person who has everything usually only wants one thing. More.

  9. That’s like asking why Billionaires want more money. They didn’t get to be that rich by saying that’s enough money.

  10. I would assume it's not the amount that matters, but more the act of spilling said blood that pleases the blood God. Action over substance.

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