Missing coins

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  1. I’m sure it’s just a glitch. I’m getting people sending me links in my inbox now. If you do too, do not open them

  2. Don’t contact anyone! Don’t do anything! It’s a glitch.Paste your receiving bnb bep20 address on bsc explorer and your coins will be there.

  3. Same and came here for answers. Checked pancakeswap ., my coins still there. Hopefully it will be fixed soon or get a word from the trust wallet folks. I don’t like seeing my wallet at $0

  4. Came here for this. Thanks guys. I literally shit myself as i was checking my balances while in my ‘war room’

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  6. I lost EVERYTHING I had in trust less wallet and will never use it again, no support fuking scam Never open or respond to any offers for help full of scamming aholes

  7. @SoulcietyClub is Web 3.0 Lifestyle Healthy App with Combination of #Move2Earn & #Play2Earn Concept.

  8. Check out #AstroBirdz. Big things happening with this project with release of marketplace and N.E.S.T. (NFT Energizing Space Terminal). Load up now or #FOMO in later. Your choice!

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