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  1. Try setting a time to study a subject you dislike but one that you need to learn, cleaning the house will suddenly become very interesting

  2. This is spot on. I'm trying to learn a foreign language on my limited free time and I would rather clean the floor.

  3. They are Nymphs, spirits of ponds and fresh water. This is a painting of a scene from classical mythology where Hercules's lover Hylas is seduced and drowned by water spirits. Hercules becomes obsessed with searching for his missing love, whose body is now a plaything for the Nymphs far underwater, and ends up abandoning the other Argonauts and Jason, because they need to leave, and Hercules refuses to go until he's found Hylas.

  4. There’s that threshold, though, you know what I mean? Smoke the right amount: focus and ready to tackle these chores; go past the threshold: start thinking about how often the average Ancient Egyptian peasant may have seen people eaten by crocodiles

  5. Well they’d at least drown him, with the exception of depression, none of the other things will kill him. False advertising.

  6. When I was younger I had books about paintings and they had the nude paintings too so if I was grounded I would just masturbate to those.

  7. This is what it’s come to. Day and night. Will social media. Or masturbation win tonight’s fight?

  8. I'll never understand the obsession men have with women because I don't think there's a woman alive who would paint a picture like this about men lmao.

  9. If you suffer from depression that isn't able to be treated by medication and don't mind shelling out the money I would recommend getting Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy or TMS.

  10. Best way to do it to to just start doing it. Once you move that first tiny thing, it snowballs and you’ll clean everything and feel good about yourself. Just say to yourself you’ll only clean one tiny thing minimum and you’ll want to keep going. It’s like going to the gym, once you’re in there it’s easy to do, you only need to promise to yourself to do the minimum of getting into a gym to let your endorphins take over for you. This makes things not as daunting mentally

  11. Cleaning always lifts the mood somehow. I really do not like using cleaning chemicals though because I get really anxious about breathing in the fumes or touching what remains of them.

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