How does weed smell go away so quickly but cigarette smell stays for days?

  1. In hs we’d always spray down with fabreeze if we were out drinking and smoking cigs but we’d smoke pot and be like nah we’re good we don’t smell now. All of our parents knew lol.

  2. it took me awhile to realize the smell wasn’t sticking to my clothes but rather my mouth, nose and hands. so i eventually had a routine when i would come home from college and leave my parents’ house to smoke i’d bring something to flush the smell out of my mouth and nose and something like hand sanitizer or lotion to get the smell of my hands

  3. And then some are in deep denial. Once we were hotboxing in my friends little chillhouse in the garden. Not 10 minutes after we smoked the latest of a whole series of joints, his mom comes in, to bring us some drinks, and she says "have you boys been eating Chinese food in here"?

  4. The first time I smoked weed, I was smoking with my friend and we were over this other person's house. Anyway, I specifically remember worrying about my parents smelling it, but the woman (who owned the house) said to me, "Nah, weed smell doesn't stick to anything. They won't be able to smell anything."

  5. When I smoked cigs I couldn’t smell it, but everyone else could! Same with weed. It doesn’t help that I work at a dispo so I always smell now… 😅

  6. One time after lunch in high school we followed this thinking. I had art class and got to work on my project. I had a question, so went up to the teachers desk. There were a few other students already up there when I arrived. The teacher stops and goes "You smell that? That's marijuana. Smells sweet doesn't it?" And just looks at me. He didn't send me to the office or anything, but it stressed me the fuck out. I try way harder not to smell like it now. lol

  7. Well, well, well, if it's not the house keeper at La Quinta Inn who narc'd on me to management in front of George Lopez that I was smoking cigarettes but it reality it was weed a whole bunch of weed. Where is your $200 cleaning fee now when I confidently look in the Manager and George Lopez's face and say "I ain't smoking shit"?

  8. george lopez blocked my friend on instagram almost seven years ago because we kept making tumblr-style edits of him and tagging him in them

  9. I smoked cigarettes to learn how to smoke so I could smoke weed without wasting when I was 14. I am now 30+ and rarely smoke weed but cigarettes are still going strong.

  10. When you are the smoker you don't smell it. Smoked a packed a day in the Army for five years. Never smelled it, quit nicotine for THC and now cigarettes smell like the devil's asshole and weed no longer smells like a skunk pissing. I can usually smell when others are token nearby but not my own aroma.

  11. I hated cigarettes joined the army started smoking a pack a day. Now I’m out and smoke half a pack a day. Trying to quit. Smoking thc has helped.

  12. how did you smoke so much while in the army? I tried to get my boot camp buddies to light up with me all the time, but they’re always so adamant about how they get tested. I know its one thing to smoke while deployed or on duty but I never knew it was so serious.

  13. I have almost e exact same story. 7.5 in the Army, smoked 1.5-2 packs of reds a day. Got out and went straight to Mary Jane. I can smell weed from like a mile away.

  14. There have been so many times when I was sure I reeked. The only time anyone ever said anything to me was the drive thru guy at taco bell, and he said it to be nice as a heads up! Like, don't get pulled over cuz you smell! Lol

  15. In my experience, blunts and joints can stink up a place nearly as bad as cigs. Not as bad and certainly different, but I think it's something about the paper.

  16. It’s definitely at least a very large part because of the weed. It stinks, it’s cool, you just lose sensitivity to it while/soon after you’re smoking. I smoke every day (always outside cos I rent and respect my housemates/landlord) and when I come back in I can’t smell the weed sitting out on my table. In a couple hours when I take it out again though, it’s gonna stink.

  17. A lot of people are saying tar, it's definitely not tar. Tar and soot is simply a byproduct of incomplete combustion. Unless you're stoichiometrically smoking your weed (which is impossible because smoke is also a byproduct of incomplete combustion), there's definitely tar in it. There's gotta be another component to it, maybe the terpenes oxidize or degrade quicker than the carotenoids in tobacco, or maybe something to do with the volatility of those compounds. I'd bank on the answer being somewhere along those lines rather than "tar is sticky, make smell stick".

  18. AFAIK, this is the answer. There are more byproducts of cigarette smoke that are volatile, thus when the tar gets on your walls and clothes, it will evaporate more readily into the surrounding air and settle in your nasal cavities.

  19. "stoichiometrically smoking your weed" is cracking me the fuck up. I just had a flash back to highschool AP chemistry

  20. I don’t know this for sure, but it seems that tobacco tends to have a lot more nitrogen-containing alkaloids than cannabis. Usually much of the nitrogen-containing organic compounds will have some really foul smells. I am aware that cannabis have some sulfur-containing compounds, which I imagine is why weed smells more skunky whereas cigarettes have more of an amine-y rotten kind of smell

  21. You probably smoke way more cigarettes in general and they burn while you aren’t smoking them versus a bowl that isn’t just a chimney in between hits. But who knwos

  22. It has to do with the terpenoids in weed, as well as the addition of chemicals in tobacco. The processed thick paper cigarettes are rolled in does not help either. Weed also contains higher amounts of ammonia which is polar, just like water, meaning that the smoke will cling to water present in the air and settle or drift away instead of lingering in the air.

  23. My dad is a cigarette smoker and anytime he sends me a gift in the mail from his house it REEKS like cigarette smoke and he’s always surprised by it. He doesn’t smell it at all on himself but I can.

  24. Just looked up interview answers for Snoop Dogg/Lion to try and figure out what he averages. Holy shit... like an ounce a day to 81 blunts a day, averaging over 3 blunts an hour. Even if he is sharing those with his entourage that is a LOT.

  25. I can't answer this scientifically but I owned a small carpet cleaning biz for a few years and dipped my toes into the odor elimination business. If I remember correctly there are different sized molecules to different odors. I'm not saying that's the case. I don't know the sizes of molecules of cannabis and tobacco smoke. But it's most likely a combination of things.

  26. Idk my roommates used to smoke cigarettes in the house and although they stopped smoking at least 4 months ago, our windowless bathroom still smells like cigarettes every once in a while.

  27. It's like smoking a cig in your car(yes gross but there's a method) you keep the smoke ventilated and somewhere to escape and your room will never smell like weed but only for a minute, as soon as your bowl is gone the STANK goes away pretty quickly, assuming you don't just hotbox your room. Nothing wrong with that either.

  28. Two main reasons: first they are chemically different, weed scent is “heavier” but binds with air molecules easier because of its high amounts of ammonia (safe levels) cause it to bind with the air and be carried away. Cigarette smoke “sticks” and chemically binds with fabrics and really almost surfaces. Secondly is the sheer amount, heavy smoker may smoke an ounce every few weeks (I smoke daily and an ounce last me about 30 days) heavy cigarette smokers smoke an ounce… a day!

  29. My understanding is that cigarette smells stick to water based materials, whereas weed sticks to oil based. Most things in your home have some sort of moisture that is water based, but oil on objects is lesson common.

  30. Nah you are just nose blind to it. Weed smell definitely stays, as per all the drive through people commenting how good my car smells. Like bruh I haven’t even smoked today.

  31. The thing about us cannabis smokers, and probably the same with them cigarette smokers, is eventually we stop noticing the smell.

  32. The tar in cigs actually sticks to stuff. Ever move a picture frame on the wall in a cig smokers house?

  33. Nicotine and the thousands of other chemicals mixed into tobacco products stains paint and paper easily. Housing and rentals were already banning smoking in these private rental spaces long before public smoking policies were being enacted and taken seriously for its obvious health hazards.

  34. Because terpenes are VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds that will essentially evaporate when exposed to air. This is why keeping bud in a sealed glass jar is best for storage.

  35. The smoke from cigs clings much better to stuff. Why...idk. maybe because they're (including me, I smoke) burning things like cyanide....formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, ammonia... oh and nicotine lol.

  36. Fun fact stoners in non-legal states: keep a cigarette in your dash or whatever if a cop pulls you over because it’s so strong it’ll mask the smell of weed

  37. My ex loved this moment where we entered the backroom for the night and this newly-sloshed (you know the look) white girl turned, stumbled, stopped in front of our path-- not us, a yard or two ahead of us. I think the doors must have closed behind us and wafted the air at her?

  38. Curious if people think there's a difference in how smell lingers between a pre-rolled cigarette and one with quality rolling tobacco. In my limited experience, the smell from the rollies fades much faster.

  39. Naturally, burning weed (THCA) converts it to THC, which has oxygen molecules that gets "absorbed" by the surrounding oxygen. Exposing weed to oxygen over a period would convert THC-A to CBN.

  40. Tobacco smoke is water soluble and the particles are polar, so it seeps into literally anything that has water in it (paint in your walls, everything.) and polar smoke simply sticks around way way longer than non polar smoke.

  41. It’s because a weed smoker might smoke a few bowls a day. A cigarette smoker will blow down half a pack easy. It’s just a matter of volume.

  42. Normally I lurk, but since I have not seen the correct answer I must comment. The scent component of cigarettes is very water soluble. And water is everywhere in fabrics and even skin. Which is why cars and people smell strongly of cigarettes for a long time. Weed is more oil soluble and there fore doesn't get trapped like cigarette smoke does and diffuses faster.

  43. Weed smell don’t just disappear you’re just biased towards weed cause you like it so may not notice it. But if you don’t like cigarettes you’ll more easily notice it. It’s like 2 high asf people ask each other if they look high

  44. nicotine is sticky if you smoke indoors your walls go yellow from the tar itll fuck up the insides of all your electronics aswell. i assume weed smoke is less sticky? definitely seems to linger less.

  45. Cigarettes have tons of carcinogenic chemicals in them, when you smoke cigarettes you get what's called free radicals which are singular oxygen molecules, this is why antioxidants are good for cancer prevention, these chemicals have adhesive properties to them which cling on to surfaces, however marijuana is naturally occurring so it doesn't contain as many added chemicals

  46. Weed is a natural herbal and phases out because its smell come from the living parts and as it decays the smell fades. Cigarettes have so many extra chemicals that as you smoke and the sent laches onto things it doesn't go away because they are filled with non natural chems and such. Cant decay if you were never living.

  47. It's *because* you don't smoke cigs. People who don't smoke cannabis will similarly be able to smell you even if you smell normal to yourself. Always shower if it's important to be subtle

  48. I used to smoke cigarettes to hide my weed smoke smell, now I smoke weed to hide my cigarette smoking smell. The latter never works. I’m sure it’s because of all the trash in a cigarette to keep you coming back. Weed doesn’t need that.

  49. I walked through the mancave with a cigar to grab a beer from the tap, left immediately. Three days later I could still smell that cigar. Meanwhile, the wife, our homies and I smoke dank all night long in there unventilated. You can't smell it the next day. I don't know why either.

  50. It sticks around so long simply because there is more junk that can stick onto things out of a cigarette. By no means will smoking pot ever help your lungs but pot will never do nearly as much damage as cigarettes.

  51. I think I remember seeing online somewhere that the molecules for cigarette smoke are shaped like little spikes so they stick to things more, while the molecules from marijuana smoke are spherical so they tend to roll away and not stick as much. However I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure this is the case

  52. I think I have a genuine answer for this! Ciggies have loads of chemicals in them (eg ammonia and bleach) and those things turn into gas when you heat them up. When things turn into gas they hang around longer so more time to absorb into the surroundings.

  53. The weed smell are very volatile compounds (terpenes). Smoke smells comes from particles in suspension which are likely to literally stick around.

  54. It really doesn't tho. My jeans smell like bong water just from burning before work for the last 2 days. We just notice it less than non-tokers.

  55. You like the green smell over the brown smell so you notice the one you dislike more. Same is true for me.

  56. It doesn't go away as quickly as you think, you're just a pothead so you don't notice it as easily as someone that doesn't smoke at all.

  57. I Googled this one day and learned it has something to do with cigarette smoke being heavier than weed smoke. Eventually the molecules drop from the air and sink into fabric materials like carpet, clothes, furniture, etc. But weed smoke stays in the air and is able to dissipate, especially if you have a window open.

  58. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s due to the size of the molecules for thc versus the additives that get put in most cigarettes. That’s why nicer brands, like American spirits or other organic cigs, don’t smell nearly as badly since they don’t have additives besides stuff to help preserve the tobacco.

  59. Cigarettes... Are made of tobacco. You know...A natural plant? "Planet Earth's gift to us". Plenty of brands out there that sell it with no additives.

  60. I think it has to do with the additives somewhat, but primarily, when you smoke cigarettes you're smoking a hell of a lot more than when you're just smoking weed. If you were to smoke weed the way you smoke cigarettes, it might get the funky linger?

  61. i would say it’s because of the paper that cigarettes are made of. when i’m smoking tobacco using the hemp or organic rolling papers the smell almost non existing compared to regular cigarettes.

  62. I don't smoke cigs but every time I get my stash out it stanks everything up. I'll think I got it under control and someone will come by and be like damn it's loud in here.

  63. I don't think ciggies smell more than cannabis, the thing is you usually smoke a lot more ciggies than joints, if i smoke a full joint with a friend at his place my clothes and hair will smell like weed till I wash them, but if i smoke 2-4 cigarettes (which is what I usually smoke when hanging out with my friends), after 3-4 hours I'm not gonna smell like cigarettes, and I have even asked people to smell my clothes after hours of having a joint to see if they smell the pot and they say yes, but with cigs, even my mom who is against cigarette smoking in the family does not notice it when I get home

  64. Cigarette are chocked full of chemicals. Pipe tobacco is pleasant as hell, but Wild Horses smell like a liquid chicken.

  65. any smoke is noticeable.Especially weed. We called it the LUM. I don’t think cigarette smoke will cover it . Like stepping in dog shit and putting on cologne.

  66. It has to do with the class of compounds that get released when burning cannabis versus burning tobacco. The tobacco breaks down into compounds that are not easily soluble in water (air) whereas cannabinoids (their thermal decomposition metabolites) are more soluble in the air.

  67. If you've ever not smoked for any length if time you can absolutely smell the residual from weed. We had a room in are home where house guests regularly smoked. It took months for the smell to finally disappear.

  68. I feel like you get used to the weed smell easier than the cigarette smell. I used to smoke cigs inside sometimes and I could always smell it even hours/days after even if I only smoked one. When I smoke weed it doesn’t seem like the smell stays but as soon as someone new walks in my house usually the first thing they comment on is the weed smell, I’m pretty much noseblind to it at this point.

  69. How many joints do u smoke a day vs how many cigs a chronic smoker, if you smoke like 10 a day inside a room the room WILL smell like weed

  70. It doesn't. If you don't smoke cigarettes, you aren't used to the smell. You smoke weed, so you are. It's called olfactory fatigue.

  71. You're nose blind. I work in north county stl as a mechanic and more cars come in smelling like Willy Nelson's ballcap than an ashtray.

  72. Neither does for me. I leave my bedroom window open all night even if it’s winter and the smell is reduced drastically by morn. Then I put the nail in the coffin by closing my window and dusting the room with a single spray of febreeze.

  73. It's because you are a non cigarette smoker, but a consumer of cannabis, as I am as well. Non smokers smell both equally.

  74. Back when I used to smoke cigs, I would pocket my butts. That would cause the people around me to smell it and assume all smokers are as smelly as I was.

  75. Also straight volume. Im Sure cig smokers smoke more than twice as much by weight than most stones smoke in a day. They're constantly smoking. Also the habit and culture is a bit different. Usually you take your hit and blow it out of the joint or bing or whatever kind of aggressively and see your smoke. Watch many cigarette smokers they'll exhale all over themselves and through their nose. Ever seen cigarette stained mustaches??

  76. I feel like weed lingers forever? Shit I’m paranoid driving with it on my way to work without my windows rolled down periodically lol

  77. It's all the chemicals and s*** they add in the cigarettes that to make it less harsh that creates the smell and the s*** that sticks to your walls

  78. So both weed and tobacco have strong smells, but will eventually dissipate. What I think the issue is with lingering smells is the residue from the other chemicals that isn’t weed or tobacco. Cigarettes, to my understanding, simply have more extra chemicals that stick to the surroundings of what the smoke touches.

  79. Waste has to be a big factor. Modern tobacco smokers have been conditioned to luxuriate in the product. If they don't have impractically large stogies, then they burn dry cigarettes designed to keep a strong ember for the duration. Joints typically contain a lot more moisture, so neglect often leads to the thing smoldering out rather than burning away.

  80. I've read that the long term smell from smoking cigs in a place is from the nicotinoids in the tobacco. They stick to/soak in to porous surfaces, and sublimate (solid -> gas) over time, and that's the source of the lingering smoke smell. Pot doesn't have these chemicals, and in my experience, won't build up a smell in a well ventilated area

  81. I think one of the reasons that’s cigarette/cigar smell sticks around so long is the paper burning. Idk about you but after I smoke a bowl out of my bong there’s nearly no weed scent on me, but if I smoke a joint, I have considerable weed smell on my fingers, clothes, hair, etc. I have a feeling that if someone were to smoke joints as frequently as someone who lights up a cigarette and smoked them in similar places: the car, the house, etc. they would probably have a long lingering weedy smell. Also I think the tar content in cigarettes has to do with it as well maybe?

  82. I don’t think it goes away as quick as you think it does. It’s just you’re use to the smell because you smoke it.

  83. I once lived in an old ass apartment building in downtown long Beach and there was an old guy downstairs who chain smoked.

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