Plug said it’s a 200mg eddi. How much should I eat

  1. When you chose to go with glue, you made me feel like this isn’t the cursed timeline. Others might have chosen a different sticky white fluid.

  2. His plug smoked the quarter OP was originally gonna buy, farted on a cereal bar and was like, yeah 200mg sounds right?!?

  3. I made 500mg edibles when I started, ppl never complained 😂😂, now I make ~100mg edibles because I always assume the weed I'm using is 10%, so most the time it's "probably" more

  4. Measuring the amount of THC you're putting in a edible is either incredibly easy or I'm missing something important. Let's say you have a 90% THC concentrate and you put 100mg into an edible. Once you're finished you now have a 90mg edible, right?

  5. I would go with 1/4 and see how you feel. Fuck everyone in this comment section who says it looks like shit this is how I make them for personal use because more marshmallow means you can add more butter which means they’re stronger. They look good everyone just thinks they’re better than you for some reason.

  6. It’s really not though. It’s marshmallows melted and cereal. It’s actually amazing. I use to make these all the time when I first cooked with bud and it was pretty dang good.

  7. I consume 25mg rso everyday and I ate 1/3rd of this cereal bar here feelin right!! Might eat another 3rd in a few!! As far as these experiments are concerned..

  8. If you're a first timer, stick to 10-20 mgs! Seriously. If you're not experienced, 200 will absolutely knock you hard. I've been using edibles for years and anything more than 20-30 is just too much.

  9. true but thats if it’s dosed correctly. based on the looks and the fact that it’s from a random ahh plug it could be 20mg for tha whole bar

  10. It also heavily depends on weight and metabolism, I’ve done edibles for years as well and 20mg has never made me feel anything, 40-50 is where my comfort zone is and I weigh 135 with an extremely fast metabolism

  11. Used to suffer from insomnia when I was working crazy hours I needed to take 200 mg edibles to get a good restful sleep.

  12. That’s gonna depend on your tolerance and if it’s actually 200 mg. Personally, if I was gonna eat it I’d eat the whole thing but my tolerance is through the proverbial roof so maybe don’t do that lol

  13. If you have a low tolerance then an 1/8 to 1/4 and wait an hour if you have a high tolerance then 1/2 to the whole thing. You can probably eat all of it if it’s possible though more than likely it isn’t 200mg. Edibles like these and the candy that comes in the packs from wish or a smoke shop almost always have way less mg than what’s on the pack if they even work

  14. Some of you have only ever experienced a dispensary and it shows lol, this looks like some heat

  15. Jesus I can understand if OP made it himself that it'll look like this, but if you're paying for edibles, might as well get good quality shit not whatever your plug had in the fridge mixed with cannabutter

  16. I’m a daily smoker and when I eat edibles my starting dose is usually 30-50mg. So if the dosage is accurate (a huge if) then I would probably quarter it then take a bit of one of the quarters and wait an hour then adjust accordingly.

  17. Most BM edibles aren’t currently dosed. I ate a brownie that my plug used an edibles calculator for, but because basically no one tests what their bud thc % is at, they get a highly inaccurate % at the end. Eat a 1/4 and see how you go though, you can always eat more but ya can’t eat less! Also this basically looks like they put nuts and stuff covered in cannabutter. Nothin’ wrong w that, but it explains the way it looks.

  18. Literally the smallest 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch bite you can my friend. Wait about 45 minutes and if nothing at all try less that half of the original slice. I take 10 mg to feel like I’m floating at least 5 times a week… so a good start is 5 mg which means take whatever that is and divide it up into 40 and that’s a good start amount. If you have a scale that would make it easier, or take a small bite and see what happens

  19. Lmao all these people claiming how horrendous this looks would probably still eat it if they had it. Will concur, looks horrendous. Would I eat it? Fuck yeah I would

  20. How old are you ?? You obviously can’t read, he didn’t ask how to eat it, but how much to eat. I know those are big sentences for you so I’ll explain the difference. When someone asks “how to eat x” they need advice on how to as you say put it in their mouth chew and swallow X , when they ask “ how much to eat of Y” they are looking for advice on how much of y they should put in their mouth and chew. Do you need me to go over it again ?

  21. The fuck is it? I eat 150-200 mgs usually. I have a high tolerance so take that however you want good luck fellow traveller

  22. I don’t know why everyone is saying these look so gross…? They look like cocoa puff marshmallow treats that are green tinted from the canna butter. This shit probably kicks like a mf.

  23. I need to turn my larfer into butter and oil, and i havent, because thats honestly a dangerous game for me to play.

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