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  1. Thought the same at first, but upon enhanced inspection it’s two additional rolls of fat hanging out of each side of the thong. Now excuse me while I go take a bath with a toaster.

  2. I just love that despite how the world's views on body shaming are in present day, when it comes to a trashy or a shitty person they do not apply. There's hope for this world 🥹

  3. My buddy is obese and I was visiting one weekend and I kept getting a whiff of shit. When he went to bed I realized it was his couch.

  4. I worked at Firestone and we got this new tech in. Seemingly normal guy. Super smokin chick came in for a brake job and he grabbed the keys. Dude literally smelled the seat. Like bruh... He didn't last long. We pretty much collectively bullied him out of the shop for being weird. I miss that place.

  5. He’s the final boss of Reddit mods. After beating him you have to fight an admin in diapers and if you succeed you win the game. Your prize is the golden turd.

  6. I think the only thing that stopped more people from making this comment was that this guy (unfortunately) gets plenty of sun.

  7. He’s way too obese to be able to wipe. His enormous butt cheeks prevent him from wiping poop out of his own butt crack. He would have to have a caretaker do it for him. Seeing that he’s a trucker, I really doubt he has a caretaker.

  8. He’s just stopping to let House Atreides know that the ancient art of kanly is still alive in the Universe.

  9. I can confirm this happens all too often. I worked for FedEx and from time to time we would have drivers shuttle freight from Memphis. Long story short the driver arrived early at our terminal and when to sleep. When we knocked on his door to back into the dock the whole cabin shook and we were greeted with the full Monty

  10. Fun fact: at a certain weight the fat begins to over-take the penis. This can result in a button-like penis which can dentist be completely overtaken by the fat. In the latter the genital area becomes a hole, or fat tunnel to twinkie, with an accompanying set of testicles.

  11. My parents were involved in street ministry in the 90s. They knew a lot of truckers who lived in their cabs, and only really left them to use the bathroom. Sometimes not even then. Which brings us to Tiny.

  12. Okay, this is a cool story but you know it can't possibly be true as described. Truckers have to get out of their cabs, if even just occasionally. You can't pull a rig through a drive through so how did he get food? They have to check and count freight after it's been loaded. They have to secure load straps or bars. They have to hand paperwork to receiving clerks (who I promise you are not leaving their offices to go get it from the trucker somewhere in the yard) They have to sign in and out of facilities at the security booths. They have to get out to put fuel in the tanks. When they pull out of a bay door after being loaded or unloaded they have to get out to close and latch the trailer doors. They have to get out to hook up the lights, air brakes, and to crank up or down the landing gear on the trailer. These are just the average daily things. There's absolutely no way a driver doesn't leave his cab ever or gets fused to the seat.

  13. I'll get downvotes for this, but it's typical how all these comments are about his body and not how he's, y'know, naked in public. The guy might have an eating/metabolic disorder or may be coping with trauma in an unhealthy way. But sure, shame him for being obese and not for being naked in public...

  14. As disgusting as this is, no one with good mental health, raised in a decent environment, will do this. I have started to feel pity rather than disgust for the people in this sub. I have no idea how to solve this in one generation though.

  15. Dude that's a new level of fat. I've heard of guy's stomach hanging over his junk but his pooch has gotten so fat that it hangs over his junk!

  16. This is what happens after 30 years in long distance freight transportation. Eventually he will be one with the interior.

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