Just right after nap time but not before Bluey

  1. It's actually the baby on the corner Dave Chappelle was talking about, selling drugs at 3:00 in the morning.

  2. Idk their were some stupid ones back in the day to. I always thought both Qtip and Icecube were goofy names. But lol yeah I can't take him serious with that face he looks like a child.

  3. This dude looks like he ran his face through that filter on Instagram that makes you look like a younger version of yourself.

  4. He literally shows zero signs of FAS - Why do redditors think everyone who's trashy has it? Like, it's super obvious to spot.

  5. Why do rappers wanna look like lil waynes ugly ass. People need to be more creative with the look and stop copying others. Goes for all the rappers that use "lil" in thier stage name. Pothetic

  6. It’s a Trap rapper that got arrested. Nothing trashy at all. Just a bunch of judgemental boomers here.

  7. He looks like he’s 12, maybe 14. Never heard of him and I probably won’t remember him. I hope his stunt for street cred was worth it because it was pretty useless.

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