A noble sacrifice for his homies

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  1. My guess is he's got a life sentence or something and if he lets the other inmates cum on his tummy-tat, he can comfortably pick up the soap without fear of a snack attack in the bum

  2. Thank you! I was scrolling and scrolling like... are we.. just not gonna talk about that foot then or what? But here we are. What the fuck is going on with that foot?

  3. The ball of her foot is over shaded and out of proportion. Makes it look like a claw thing with the actual toes curling in.

  4. A good friend of mine is a tattoo artist and wanted to tattoo the word "fag" on my ass with an anarchy symbol for the A, said she'd do it for free. I was totally down until I realized if I end up in jail some day... I'm not going to want that on my ass.

  5. Plot twist: He's already in prison and the nastiness in your mind is exactly the reason why he got that tattoo, and why it looks freshly used.

  6. I think it's just the tattoo making it look funky, if it actually looks that dark naturally homie got some issues

  7. I never thought I’d see a worse tattoo then the guy who I almost hooked with at a party once, but this tops it. Dude had a tattoo of an elephant, penis was the trunk. He got mad I was laughing so hard and took off. At least this dude is using it like a bright color in nature, you don’t even have to see him naked.

  8. It's been 10 years since the apocalypse. Society has recreated itself as a harsher, more tribal world. Clan warlords get the women to themselves, and the soldiers make due. It's Friday night. With no internet or electricity, there's only one kind of porn. Jerry, who is too old to work, would have died out by now, but the tribe keeps him around for one reason. He stands, goes to the front of the crowded room of lonely men, and removes his shirt. He stands there, thinking of the kid he once was who thought this tattoo was a great idea. Focusing on these memories helps him avoid eye contact as he hears zippers being unzipped all around him. But hey, at least his tattoo being a substitution for old girly rags gets him food.

  9. There's obviously some surgical intervention on that belly button. I wonder if it happened before the idea for this tattoo, or because of it.

  10. Hope he likes creeps at the river/lake/pool jerking it to him. Also, now he can just jerk it in the mirror 🪞

  11. Why does she only have one hole? And which of the three is it supposed to be? It looks more like an asshole, but it’s located where the vagina should be… And why doesn’t the vulva have labias? Edit to add omg her foot, I didn’t even see it at first

  12. Forget about cigarettes, this dude is going to be most distributed asset in the whole prison system with that tattoo.

  13. I mean, who doesn't want to wank off to the naked teenager on their chest, this is clearly the best decision this man made in his entire life.

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