Taking scratch and sniff to a whole new level

  1. I remember saying the same thing ages ago after watching a movie where a guy washes his hands before using the washroom, and not after 🤢

  2. Gotta wonder if people get recognized in videos like this and it comes up at work or family dinner

  3. He's probably unemployed and his family doesn't talk to him anymore, that's the only way I could imagine him escaping the awkward confrontations that follow the release of this video.

  4. Didn’t even look like he dug in his hole. Just looked like he touched the side of a booty cheek. Nothing about this looks real. Who the fuck would do that?? Does he not see them recording him, either from the corner of their eye, from the reflection of the glass?? It looks fucking staged.

  5. The last second before he pulls it out, you can tell he literally wipes his fingers clean on the inside of his pants. He wants the smell, not the pulp.

  6. I mean.. I can’t look at this and see anything else than a man with severe mental illness. His fucking “hat” coupled with this and his complete disregard of people seeing it.

  7. And then he goes and grabs that door handle on the way out, then you grab it right after on your way out, then you itch your face, now you're shitfaced.

  8. This guy is obviously not all there. Yes it's gross but Jesus people have some empathy instead of just making fun of this clearly mentally ill stranger.

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