TIL that in 2017 an 8 year old learned how to drive on YouTube and successfully drove to McDonalds while following traffic laws

  1. I hope to christ that nobody got angry with him for this, what an amazing (if misguided) show of independence from a kid so young.

  2. This evening on my local news there was a story about a 12 year old whose father allowed her to drive on the parkway with him riding shotgun. She crashed the car and died. Dad is in the hospital.

  3. it's not that long, but the fact that he was crying tells you he was out of his element. It doesn't take much to panic and accidentally run someone over. This was definitely dangerous as fuck.

  4. If I remember correctly, this might be a different story, but it was a big kid in both senses of the word, which explains why he was craving McDonald’s so bad.

  5. That is kinda cute that he didn't realize what he did initially but broke down when realized later, and all because he really wanted a sandwich

  6. That kid actually wanted to learn the rules and paid attention to the lessons. Most dipshits I know do the bare minimum to pass a driving test and immediately start building bad habits that last a lifetime

  7. The fact that driving licenses don't need to have a skill test or renewal of any sort is crazy to me. You can have someone that was issued their license 60 years ago, in a town with no traffic lights or road lines, and somehow they are totally cool to safely navigate downtown in a large city.

  8. He didn't follow traffic laws. He may have followed most, but he broke the one that requires a license to drive.

  9. Top reply is a shit joke as usual, I don't wanna be a old boring old man but this is all I see now on every post.

  10. As a kid I didn't know that Americans majorly drive automatic and I was always confused seeing children casually driving in movies/TV shows

  11. Me and my friend drove from Phoenix to San Diego and stayed in one of his family's empty condos for 5 days. Then we drove home. He was 13, I was 12. A cop looked me right in the eye while I was driving and didn't give a shit.

  12. His amature mistake was using the drive through. If he parked and walked in, nobody would have said a thing I bet. Glad nobody got hurt though in the end, something like this could have turned ugly quick.

  13. I did the same thing when I was 11 in 2007. Except I learned by watching my dad and I didn’t get caught so there was no news story. Got my bro and me some happy meals.

  14. My sister went on a little trip with a friend at 13 or 14? She was caught because she went down an embankment and got stuck maybe a mile up the road.

  15. I'm pretty decent at suturing fruit because of YouTube videos and boredom during covid lockdowns. Hopefully I'll never have to use the skill but I figure it's a pretty useful one.

  16. He was too busy watching YouTube videos on how to drive. He didn't have time to check mcbroken.com to see if their ice cream machine was up.

  17. I got McDonald’s ice cream 2x in the past two weeks. I get it somewhat frequently and I’ve never encountered a broken ice cream machine. I feel like it’s an internet urban legend that everyone seems to repeat.

  18. "Mommy, I've been looking through your investment portfolio and I think you're too exposed to domestic stocks. I've logged in to your account and made some changes. Pharma is looking good for the next five so I've put you into a group with Roche, GSK, and some other big multis. I've also added gold as a hedge. I also think Argentina is looking good long term so I've got some Banco Marco, Cresud, and few others because you are still young enough to be looking for some aggressive growth."

  19. My husband grew up on a ranch outside of town farther than the bus would travel. At 8 he would drive him and his siblings to the bus stop in their old Toyota truck and that thing was a stick shift. I'm in my 30s and still can't drive a stick to save my life

  20. That’s the thing, cars really are not complicated, especially automatics. If a kid can drive a go-cart, which I would imagine at 8 they can, a car is much the same in principle.

  21. How can an 8 year old reach the pedals and still see over the hood of a van or truck? That's the part i don't understand

  22. We rented a limo for our middle school graduation and pulled up to McDonald’s to order 100 cheeseburgers and pay with a hundred and a bunch of change for sales tax. The three of us were kings for like 15 burgers each then immediately brought back down to peasant. That has nothing to do with this article except kids do weird shit for McDonald’s

  23. And how tall was this 8-year-old I really don't think they're actually tall enough to see over the wheel and touch the gas and brake at the same time

  24. When an 8 year old teaches himself to drive instead of walking/using a bike/public transport it really tells you that city planning could be better.

  25. Where I grew up, you had to drive if you wanted to go absolutely anywhere. Nothing at all was even in bike range.

  26. It’s really simple to drive. It’s fairly simple to follow traffic laws. It’s really hard to maintain constant care and attention on something so easy.

  27. I rode my bike to DQ to get a burger or shake when I was 10 all the time. Not sure why the kid had to take a car.

  28. sadly a lot of places in the US do not have infrastructure for bikes or pedestrians so it is either impossible or extremely dangerous to travel by bike or foot

  29. Where I lived when I was 10, there was not a single store within bike-riding distance, unless I was going to ride for like an hour.

  30. It's really not that hard, even for an 8 year old. The only surprising part is that they could reach the pedals and see over the dashboard.

  31. honestly, I will disagree. I learned how to drive at 18, and even then, I had trouble at first not drifting into other lanes whenever I would check my mirrors or my speedometer. 8 year old me would definitely crash haha.

  32. Nobody will believe this, but somehow when I was around 4 or 5, I got into my mom's car with one of my friends. I managed to start it (i imagine from watching her), it was manual, but was already in first gear, so I drove is into the back yard and gently crashed into the side of the house.

  33. It probably wasn't actually in first gear. You were probably standing on the clutch and caused it to roll through the yard into the house. If you start it in gear, it just lurches forward a couple feet and stops.

  34. Used to suffer terrible anxiety from driving (horrendous accident when I was a kid) - I recommend if you're into gaming to get a sim racer with the pedals/wheel. Really gives you confidence when driving irl

  35. I'm fascinated by this, do you live in a country where cars aren't the primary mode of transportation? I had a buddy here in the US who was frankly just too lazy to sign up for Drivers Ed, but eventually he got it. Not to say everyone needs a car or should want one, but driving is such a cornerstone, at least in my life, that your story intrigues me.

  36. It’s sad that all transportation requires a car here. I remember back in my childhood (Europe) me and my friends would always take a bus to get around to town. And it wasn’t sketchy at all

  37. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8310647/Astonishing-dashcam-footage-shows-ten-year-old-Russian-boy-driving-car-100mph-police-chase.html

  38. When I lived in ND, 1981-1985, it was common for farm kids to learn to drive at 7-8 years old. They'd jump in the tractor or farm truck to complete some chore without a second thought. Well, along with that the parents usually tell them they can't drive on the roads. But one Mom and Dad evidently neglected and their 8 year old son drove one of the family cars to visit his grandparents. Can't remember the exact distance but over 100 miles IIRC. Made the news. The parents weren't angry because the kid simply said he never knew about drivers licenses. Whether he followed all the laws is unknown. But ND only had 650,000 population and they were clustered in the major cities. Very thin population density in the rural areas. This kid may have not seen another vehicle or traffic light. The roads typically are controlled by a 4 way stop outside populated areas. One last road tid-bit. Nearly every single road in the state runs north/south or east/west. I think there are less than 10 roads that are diagonal, state wide.

  39. Do you know how long it takes for kids to fall asleep? Kid could’ve been in bed for three hours. When my parents go out of town there’s no way I’m waiting for all my siblings to fall asleep before I go to bed. They’re not two, they can wake me up if it’s an emergency.

  40. My kid falls asleep after me all the time, family friend could easily not have parents numbers (my dads friend, who I call my uncle, wouldnt have my number but would have my dads)

  41. Yeah did they fall asleep or did they nod off before the kids got dinner? Big difference, I didn't find this story cute or funny.

  42. I am super super super skeptical here. Driving is not something that can be taught theoretically. You can't learn how to use a gas and brake pedal on YouTube, everyone needs to go through the jerky stop and go thing while they learn how they really work. Learning how to divide your attention between the various functions of driving correctly really can't be taught theoretically either. Bottom line you can't watch YouTube videos and then drive anywhere safely without guided practice in a car with a teacher. Especially when you are eight years old and can barely reach the pedals and see out the windshield at the same time.

  43. Regardless, the facts are that the kid got to McDonalds in the car (with only him and his little sister), claimed it was from YouTube, and the other drivers on the road reported decent driving, and there was no reported property damage.

  44. It's literally just move stick to D, right pedal goes, left petal stops, wheel turns. The stuff you're talking about is learned in the first 10 minutes just from doing those 4 basics.

  45. You know, I'll admit when I was that age I would watch the grown ups while they drove and think "This looks easy! I could totally drive a car if they'd let me"

  46. I will be 47 next month. I am just now learning to drive and it is terrifying. Stuff like this and people who say "they give licenses to high school kids - any fool can do it, what's wrong with you?" make me want to give up.

  47. Driving is not that complicated tbf, and if the kid had ever played a racing game he probably knew half of it already. I learned how to drive stick by reading a few articles before going to buy the car. The sales guy at the dealership let me practice for about an hour with him after I bought it and then I drove it home.

  48. I lived there my family members know these parents they were on a lot of strong drugs and not taking care (feeding) these kids. They didn’t just want McDonald’s they wanted to eat.

  49. What's the big deal? Come to bfe where 11 year old Mennonite kids drive fertilizer trucks larger than the lanes every day!

  50. As a preschool child, I asked my older sister if she wanted to go to McDonald’s. She agreed, and we got in Mom’s dark green Chevy. I managed to start the car, put it in reverse, and roll it into a tree.

  51. This is an argument for manual cars. No chance a child that young could figure their way around driving a manual transmission. They could pull away sure, but they’d be stopped soon after due to all the high revs drawing attention to themselves

  52. My brother worked in a fancy car store over summer when he was like 16 and a client asked for him to move their car. It was a manual and he had never driven one before.

  53. When I was 4 I drove my parents '64 Dodge Dart. By which I mean I knocked it into neutral on a steep hill and proceeded to smash a stop sign, several hedges, a mailbox and very nearly an elderly woman before I came to a stop through a wooden fence. So ya know, not as good a job as this kid but pretty close.

  54. So I'm such a cynical person that I interpret parents falling asleep early as dope napping now. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think I am. The grandparents had to come get them.

  55. At that age and he can drive while obey the traffic laws and successfully drive to his destination just by watching youtube, this kid can do great stuffs with motor racing imo. Most kid starting around his age, so if the parents can consider his ability of driving

  56. I would like to point out that he, in fact, was not following traffic law, because without a license he is breaking the law.

  57. I am whipping up the courage to finally learn now. The thought frightens me. I’ve never been good with practical tasks, like my smart brain lies only in computers. I am going to be nervous. They used to make fun of me in school saying I am too stupid to drive a car. Part of me wants to do it so I can prove my old bullies wrong (even if it’s just for me to know I proved them wrong).

  58. Was he of old enough age to have a license and had he passed his driving test? If not, I don’t give a shit if he’s an F1 winner reincarnated, he isn’t allowed on the roads

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