TIL after the TV show Teletubbies ended, the owner of the land used had to dig out the hill and flood the field it was filmed in, due to the amount of people trespassing to see Teletubbieland.

  1. The original series ran until 2001. It was rebooted a few years back and even has a couple of spinoff projects. The teletubbies have babies now called the tiddlytubbies?

  2. In the 90s Nickelodeon had a rule that their shows didn’t get an obvious final episode. IIRC the reasoning was that it could be confusing for kids and possibly hard on them. I bet it’s also because kids, especially older kids who could totally grasp and be okay with a real finale, were more likely to keep watching reruns of a show that they had no idea ended.

  3. I can imagine the farmer, right pissed off at all the tresspassers, sitting in the cab of his digger, chomping a stogie and growling a movie-style one-liner before turning on the engine: "Time for Tubby bye-byes, field..."

  4. Fun fact, Tots Tv was filmed at the same place. It’s a pretty part of the country but not much going on there apart from this circular pond.

  5. When I was in Chiang Mai, my tour guide told me that the popular film Lost in Thailand was set at their university. Chinese tourists would buy the actual uniforms and sit in on classes so they could have the full experience. It became so disruptive that they now offer some kind of paid tour for fans of the film.

  6. This is the correct response. When there is demand for a thing, cash in on that demand! It's a win/win. Tourists get to see what they want, and someone gets paid for providing that service.

  7. A bit like how they moved Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross from the platform to somewhere less disruptive due to all the Harry Potter fans.

  8. Yeah I'm a little surprised they didn't use the opportunity to make some money and have a little fun with it, but it's their land and their choice.

  9. This is the case now with the Goonies house. Before it was private and visitors were not allowed up the driveway. Now I believe they take donations.

  10. We came to see a beautiful television set in decay but there's just a watery wasteland of wildlife and nature. The destructive ways of man disgust me!

  11. I mean... The point was to make it so people wouldn't be interested in it anymore. Makes sense that they would want it described as unpleasantly as possible.

  12. Yup, too many people think vast swaths of closely clipped grass with nothing else is the pinnacle of how their lawns should look. That's more a wasteland than a pond. It's not benefitting much at all except maybe some worms and the HOA. I guess that last bit there is a tad redundant.

  13. This kind of grass is pretty much dead as an ecosystem. If this is a pond with fish and birds, its way, way more a contribution to the local plant, insect and animal species.

  14. “This is a rural area where people enjoy quite life” Maybe should’ve thought about it before renting the land out for good money. Boomer

  15. I like how the owner’s quote makes it sound like a a lovely lake bustling with wildlife but the article itself says ‘watery wasteland’— biased much?

  16. Personally, I liked it much better when I could still sell merch for the location. Now it just looks like every other place where life could dream of living to learn and thrive. V boring, 2/10, needs more profit

  17. I remember in the mid-00's driving past a wide-load truck on the motorway with part of the house structure on the back of it. It was unmistakable with it's destinctive windows and astro-turf covering. Thinking back, that was probably when they removed it and they probably put the structure into storage somewhere.

  18. If it’s in storage somewhere they should rebuild it and make it an attraction somewhere, could easily put the house in a theme park or something or rebuild the field set somewhere with the hills and everything. That said teletubbies might not be as popular now if it ended so long ago so it could be a waste of time

  19. Look up "in the night garden" from the same company...where the cast actaully did start sueing over impossible working conditions (e.g. the eyes were cameras and screens in inside (back in 00s) and failed and they were expected to work blind and one suit allegedly accidentally repeatedly electric shocked the poor actor

  20. I just can't fathom why anyone would be a "die hard Teletubbie" fan as a grown adult. I was about 5 years old when that show premiered and it annoyed me then.

  21. I worked for the production company and this is half true. The original deal with the farmer who owned was that it would always be returned to farm land when production finished. The farm has always sold koi carp and other fish. Fun fact : the Tots TV cottage is also on his land and still there, now sadly derelict.

  22. People saying “Why not profit?” clearly haven’t worked retail/sales long enough. People suck. Why deal with them coming near your home.

  23. There are some situations where it makes sense to just lean into it. Like the castle where Monty Python Holy Grail was filmed. They said fuck it, and sell coconut halfs in the gift shop for people to bang together and pretend to be horses. Why not.

  24. As someone who lives on the same property as my business...I can see why these owners wouldn't want that going on. There may also be zoning that prevents someone from buying these place and turning them into museums/paid attractions.

  25. I was gonna say that but then I read the part about it being rural and a quiet life. I paid a lot of money for a house in a nice quiet area in a rural town. I would be pissed if people were hopping over fences and walking through the cow pastures around my house and causing a disturbance.

  26. Case in point the Fast and Furious house. Poor people have to deal with people everyday taking pictures and parking their cars in their driveway for a photo op.

  27. That's reddit for you. Most of these people think they're experts and geniuses in topics that they'll grow old and die without having any practical experience in.

  28. Plus it sounds like it's a good ways off the road through a lot of farm property. The owner describes people disrupting cattle and going over fences to see it.

  29. additionally, i think the profit here is no longer dealing with trespassers. winning doesn't always have to be about financial gain smh

  30. Well, she works on sales since she runs an aquatics shop. Yet, these are different business. Not everyone wants to run tour for fans.

  31. that was my first thought.. until you also realise that they wouldn’t be allowed to use the Teletubbies branding at all. Or at least would have to fork over a significant cut for doing so.

  32. There's actually the remains of another filming site, for a second Ragdoll Productions programme called Tots TV on the same farm:

  33. Yep they definitely did that because of the trespassing. In absolutely no way was it to flood the warren and kill the telebababies before they could mature and come forth seeking new dreams to eat.

  34. I couldn’t read the article because yahoo wanted me to consent to giving my first born child and all privacy gone forever…. At least that’s what I understood before closing the page

  35. Just set up your browser to always delete cookies except from pages you visit frequently. Then install "I dont care about cookies" extension that will get you rid of these popups when the cookies are going to get deleted anyway.

  36. They demolished Hobbiton in New Zealand after Lord of the Rings was done filming. The land owner regretted that because he would meet so many disappointed fans who would pay for a tour. So when the studio came back to film The Hobbit movies, he agreed on the condition they leave the set when done filming

  37. On the other hand, the village in Apocalypse Now the helicopters attacked while playing Ride of the Valkyries is now a thriving surfing community due to that movie.

  38. They probably didn’t want to handle the responsibilities behind it and just went for the flood the whole thing route

  39. That kind of stuff is more of a hassle than it's worth. An annoying amount of trespassers is still a small amount of actual customers. (Think about it this way, 1 family or group stomps through and makes a mess of your property once a week and that's really annoying possibly expensive to mitigate or fix, but there's almost no business where you could charge that one family a week enough money to make it profitable to justify the upkeep or even the expense of the business filings and insurance. They'd spend more money making it safe and legally compliant for tourists than they'd ever make back.

  40. I live near the set, you will never ever get planning permission for change of use from farmland. The permission to build the film set would have been given with the condition it was temporary.

  41. A pond full of fish and waterfowl is referred to as a "watery wasteland" because it is no longer is a set for a television program. That's rich.

  42. ITT: Americans overestimating how many British people would go to see the set of some old TV show. Equating it to hobbiton, from one of the most popular movie series of all time.

  43. It also occurs to me that you should know your fortitude for only stopping at your destination or for calls of nature is no impressive feat- one could drive from London to Paris in a short day, where I couldn't even make it across the state I live in during that time frame. Just a thought that doesn't have anything to do with the Teletubby mound except that Americans plan sightseeing into trips because we have to stop occasionally on our journeys due to their much greater distance here.

  44. All the people in this comment section talking about “missed business opportunity” are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch and clearly have zero idea what’s actually needed for something like this to be profitable.

  45. ITT: Idiots that actually think this would have been a viable business opportunity, and idiots that think gawking weirdos deserve free rein over someone else's land.

  46. I am super confused as to why grown ass adults would be THAT into teletubbies as to trespass to see the filming location.

  47. Also the location of the forest used in the filming of In The Night Garden has never been disclosed after the creators saw what happened to TellyTubbieland. Though it is supposed to be near Stratford-on-Avon.

  48. Yeah yeah, that’s just the cover up story for them having to hide the Teletubbiesins of Teletubbieland. You won’t fool me! I’ll never forget what you did Po...

  49. Ever seen someone try to catch the Hogwarts train IRL? They’ve actually had to secure the area and setup a perimeter 😂

  50. I watched Mr. Rodgers neighborhood as a kid and I never once had the urge to travel to Pittsburgh. People are just weird.

  51. This article is dumb. I hardly think a pond bustling with swans, freshwater fish and other wildlife is a "watery wasteland."

  52. "'It's been underwater for a decade now and is bustling with wildlife - it's our home and we are glad to see the back of it."

  53. I have a small fence in my yard. It closes in maybe a quarter acre, doesn't disrupt any wildlife, and is easily walked around. I had to padlock both gates because kids would rather open them to try and cut through to the woods in the back than walk around, which leads to my dog potentially escaping and getting killed when I let her out.

  54. The house from Breaking Bad is a real house that a family lives in. They have a bunch of signs up asking people to not invade their privacy (totally reasonable). Apparently people throw pizzas on their roof.

  55. To this day I remember waking up Saturday morning and turning the TV on at 9am to watch the new episode of pokemon only to be greeted with this show. It was a bummer

  56. Reminds me the people who live at Walter White's house from Breaking Bad had to put up a fence to stop tourists from trying throw Pizzas on their roof

  57. I always wondered why/how Teletubbies became so popular in the US and outside the UK in general?? (Same with Wallace & Gromit)

  58. I would certainly have concern for those who worshiped Teletubbies. It would seem that their lives are quite empty and devoid of any real meaning.

  59. That’s what they want you to think. Truth is the only way to contain the tubbies was with several metres of water

  60. So many idiots on here thinking that more than a few annoying fans show up. "SHE COULD HAVE MADE MONEY!!" Jfc redditors are stupid.

  61. I would have done the same since the amount of people looking for planet of the apes set areas and even the mighty morphin power rangers high school was raided. The best example is the simpson house which was put in a lottery contest which ended up not being used, sat for 4 years and then continuously broken into, vandalized and creepily stalked even after it was owned.

  62. She runs a shop. It'd be pretty ideal to take advantage of the foot traffic somehow. That being said I'd probably flood it too. Teletubby fans seem like one of those fan bases you'd really want to avoid.

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