ATT to T-mobile in Northern NJ (Essex county)

  1. Most of northern NJ is covered well with TMO, even in-buildings. As you get further south coverage does become a little iffy, in areas such as Jackson where lack of cell site density plays against TMO.

  2. They currently have 3 lines using 2 flip phones and 1 iPhone 7 with ATT for $140/mo - unlimited text & calls & 4GB rolling data.

  3. There are prepaid plans on TMo that would be cheaper like what you’re describing—the Connect plans

  4. They should be fine in Northern Jersey. I swapped my mom and sister who live in Northern Jersey to my plan (Hackensack and Clifton ) and haven't heard any complaints about calls dropping.

  5. The only issue I've ever had in Montclair, other than over by Nishuane, is congestion. Nishuane Park, though, is a complete dead zone and has been for years.

  6. T-Mobile is really good in northern NJ and NYC overall. Tower density is tight and n41 is deployed on most sites

  7. I just moved to the area from FL and the coverage is fine. I work in Montclair and always have full bars. Haven't been anywhere nearby where coverage was bad. However, I had zero signal in all of WV and much of VA on the trip up here though.

  8. Interesting! Luckily they don't travel much ... mainly NJ and maybe a bit of NY. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  9. I've never really had any issues. I live in Newark and have had T-Mobile since forever I also frequent the shore a lot as well no issues.

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