Actual escelation to engineering? How?

  1. So here is the challenge with in-building and RF. It could be the building construction, it could be the trees, it could be other houses, but something is causing poor connectivity.

  2. My wife's friend was having pretty piss poor coverage with Verizon at her residence. Every time they would talk on cellular, inevitably the call would drop.

  3. I don’t live anywhere near you and I experience similar issues on calls with t-mobile for the past couple years. So do others on my family plan with various phones. We all have iPhones, 6S, 11, XS, 13, 13 Pro. It’s like having 2 bars of LTE service = no service as far as voice calls. The call doesn’t actually drop but one or the other person or both can’t hear each other for a period of time. Prior to 2021 this wasn’t an issue. I’ve had t-mobile with various devices since 2016. Customer service always tries to blame the device, but the devices all check out.

  4. One thing that can help get technical eyes interested and to the correct teams is correctly describing the issue. This sounds like it might be "One Way Audio". This means the call quality is fine, the call does not disconnect, only one party cannot hear the other.

  5. I know a rep cant —- but surely engineering either can, or could activate some form of debug mode/log to watch a device or cell for a period of time.

  6. As a former RF engineer SME for these guys… it almost sounds like your dad might be on a site that has a bad radio if he’s being handed to another channel in the same sector. Could be a second port on the same radio. Could be getting handed from PCS to AWS or 700 to PCS. But it also sounds like it could be that he’s handing to another sector that’s crappy or too far away. Funny things happen when you’re in a house/building that might shadow what was a dominant sector outside and now you’re in a handoff zone inside the house.

  7. I figure something along those lines — something is not getting handed off properly. Im sure this could be seen if someone would just look at the right logs.

  8. I’d love to, but his bill would jump from $25 a month on family plan to easily $80 after taxes. But that will be the last resort.

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