How do you get so many free lines?

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  1. I guess that's what I'm asking. Is the free line ever just "add a line for free" or are they usually associated with having to buy one new line first in order to get a free one.

  2. Yea, the 8 free lines were nice. My friend has all of them. He only pays for 2 lines. Impressive. I have another friend who has 2 unused free lines for his sons in the future when they are old enough for phones. Great planning.

  3. I think they did a total of 4 free line promos over the last 2 years. I just transferred a couple of my paid lines over to the 2 free lines I had.

  4. How does that promotion work back then? You get a code to enter? Ask T-Mobile to turn paid line to free? I just want an idea in case it ever comes back.

  5. I just added a line to my plan last week. I had 3 voice lines and out of them 2, 1 is free. So I called last week to add a 4th line (had my own unlocked phone) and they offered a 5th voice line free. So I added it to a iPhone 12 I had here at the house

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