To take a ride on a boat

  1. This can’t happen in real life! That boat could’ve held a lot more people than that/ These are paid actors, they are just trying to get attention/s

  2. I’m sure this is the annual, ‘Most People On A Boat’ competition that’s held on the River Ganges every October

  3. did I just watch a lot of people drown? Because I just saw a ton of people go into the water and not a lot of people bob back up...

  4. Well. I gotta get in. The boat looks full. Just one more won't do any harm I guess. Every. One. Of. Them. Thought that. Until...

  5. Idk which river this is, let’s assume the Ganges. I have heard a story about a person who drank from the Ganges, not much just a sip for a spiritual reason or whatever (against the advice of his peers ofc). Anyway he got some bacteria in his gut, which even 15 years later still causes him a lot of grief.

  6. Well Hank, let me ask you this. Was that other company licensed and bonded? (Instead of mine) Is that what you wanted someone licensed and bonded?

  7. Honestly can't decide which is worse, being one of those individuals getting soaked, or possibly ingesting some of that filthy-looking polluted water.

  8. A bunch of people went down and I didn’t see them come back up. Many probably don’t know how to swim, they are wearing clothes that make it harder and those that do would be dragged down by those that don’t.

  9. The sad thing is probably half of that people doesn’t know how to swim. Thats how tragedies happens

  10. No wonder you always hear about these ferry disasters where many passengers drown. You would think someone would be controlling how many people could board the boat.

  11. This happens all the time in India. It's no laws or regulations and no education or birth control. This is what happens. Poor bastards r so ignorant they can't even decide if the boat trip was a good idea.

  12. I cannot fathom my day-to-day life involving so many people. I do not know how I would survive. The crowd on the shore is just as densely packed as the people on the boat. There would be no escape.

  13. It can actually be Bangladesh or pakistan as well. Given that they have a lot of rivers and are also infamous for these overcrowding stuffs.

  14. I understand that India is incredibly overpopulated, so I get the piling aboard trains and vehicles, but do these people have absolutely no sense of self-preservation? You could not pay me enough to get on a boat that crowded.

  15. Is it like an Indian tradition to treat everything like a clown car or are there just way too many damn people?

  16. Weird thing is, everyone saw this coming but the ones on the boat…. How do you not realize you have exceeded the weight limit?

  17. Too many people, everyone having places to be. If you don’t squeeze onto that train, that truck, that boat, and you try to wait for one less crowded, you’ll be there all day. Because everyone else is squeezing in. So you give in and hang precariously off that train, truck, boat. Cause it’s the only choice, and you got places to be.

  18. The guy in the video is saying "it's gonna sink, there are kids in it, it's gonna sink" but to us, safety is a suggestion not a priority

  19. These people (and those in more luxurious places) behave like the boat can’t be used twice! (Or elevator, or train, or bus, shopping trolley)

  20. This is exactly why when you see a headline “Bus accident in Bangladesh, 209 people dead” you need not wonder how they fit 209 people on a bus

  21. Where they trying to set or record or something ? Genuine question. Coz no way the boat owner would be keen to risk his boat for just an everyday trip?

  22. I don’t mean this to come off the wrong way but why do some many people in this part of the world overload trains, busses, and now boats(?)?

  23. What I never understand is that there are many fine, accredited engineers that are educated in India but you still have these types of shenanigans.

  24. So many people talk about how stupid this is or how stupid the people are, only one comment I found that’s genuinely empathetic to their struggle. These people don’t want to jump into an overcrowded boat in such dangerous conditions, they do it because they are forced to. It’s a country with a population of almost 1 and a half billion and a massive proportion of it lies beneath the poverty line, so I invite you to contemplate how hard it is to manage the limited amount of resources they are made available among such a gargantuan crowd.

  25. That all makes sense but what I don’t understand is where is the sense of self-preservation. Why do they ride on the roof of trains (and die), or overcrowd trucks and boys that turn over and more people die… I get that it’s over-crowded but the decision making isn’t in their best self-interest of living.

  26. Stop romanticizing the poor. They make stupid ass decisions just like the rest of us. It's not because they couldn't wait 10 minutes for the next boat. It's because they would rather risk their lives and the lives of everyone else on the boat rather than be inconvenienced by the wait. It's part of the culture of the place. I grew up somewhere just like that.

  27. First things first, this is Bangladesh, not India. And second thing, Americans out here calling Indians stupid is so fucking ironic, I almost choked laughing.

  28. The western poor were doing this just a century ago, overloading boats and trains and dying, its just that there are no videos. This is one of those countries where the existing class system keeps the people poor and uneducated so that they can provide cheap labor to western corporations while also providing entertainment to the western poor who think they are better than them. Human stupidity and desperation makes such things happen but since you are past that desperate stage you might not understand that, on account of your stupidity still staying with you.

  29. Bangladesh most intelligent people on earth I thought our India was the worst After working with them in gulf countries

  30. It is any wonder they have breed like cockroaches to combat deaths from their utter lack of anything resembling common sense or intelligence

  31. is this india? because i've seen them riding in and on trains like this. seems to me like they always defy physics.

  32. Fucking hell, I was not prepared for the callousness in this comment section. I came in to complain about the cameraman because I was so concerned that I couldn't see what happened, particularly to the couple in the centre of the picture towards the end, who for someone reason really caught my eye. Him immediately catching her and holding her in those desperate circumstances made me feel their panic so much. But there's just a bunch of racist fucking shitheads in here doing what racist fucking shitheads do.

  33. ngl when redditors link everything with India, it's actually fucking hilarious! why tf don't you guys draw the India's map correctly then? Include Bangladesh & Pakistan as part of India(used to be though!) since all the incidents happens in Pakistan & Bangladesh are accounted for India! 😂 😂

  34. It's beyond you because you have never visited it. You perceptions are only based on a few internet clips. This probably isn't even India. Sounds like Bangladesh. If I think there are homicides, school shooting, people getting cancer and not being able to afford treatment everyday in a typical US neighborhood, wouldn't I be dumb? If I think one individual in a household gets murdered every year in Brazil and how can anyone live there, wouldn't I be dumb?

  35. Funny, reminds me of what happens when too many people on welfare and not enough people working to sustain it.

  36. Anyone else see large crowds of people crammed together like this and get the urge to kill them all in one swoop like you're clearing an infestation? or am i just psychotic

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