Tesla Dominating U.S. Luxury Car Registrations in First Half of 2022, Surging 61% YoY

  1. That’s an impressive surge for Tesla, especially since the other 9 carmakers in the top 10 luxury list all posted falling numbers compared to H1 2021

  2. Luxury for me is getting into a car that’s 70 degrees inside even though it’s been sitting in the sun on a 100 degree day, because I told my car 5 minutes ago that I’m heading back to it. And can run the AC without idling in the parking lot, while waiting on a pickup, with surprisingly little energy usage. My old BMW had nice leather, but that shit scorches the legs on a hot day.

  3. Thanks for sharing these. As someone used to reading left to right, it was a bit disorienting to see 2022 first and 2021 second. Then again, the years spent in Japan reading right to left, top to bottom made me appreciate that not everyone is a left to right person haha

  4. As a former BMW owner. I hope this is enough of a kick in the pants to the legacy car makers to follow Tesla’s lead and go electric with minimal interior and touch screens. Get rid of those physical buttons.

  5. I think people value thousands of less parts to worry about (engine and transmission), no exhaust smell or noise, plug in at home so no gas station visits, supercharging network is leading, simplistic interior space vs feature gimmick overload, smooth and fast mechanical guilt free acceleration, fluid interface.. stuff adds up to a better transportation experience imo

  6. "fast mechanical guilt free acceleration" is my favorite part on my model 3. With ICE cars I feel like I was hurting the engine every time 😅

  7. Or "Tesla Rival" applied to EV startups who have yet to pass even 10k vehicles made total, let alone make any vehicles yet.

  8. Here’s hoping the consumer price range actually gets more competition. So far the Leaf and Volt are equivalent to

  9. Tesla's luxury because of the high upfront cost, which pays for itself over a much longer timeframe. It's like dropping 800 dollars for a GPU and then, absent of any failure, not having to upgrade for 5 years because you can throw everything against it and it'll handle it like a champ. Also, their prices are crazy high because their demand for each model is off the fucking charts.

  10. This thread is low key hilarious. These numbers are legitimately scary for the new car market and we've got people debating what luxury means.

  11. I would call them premium, not luxury, but I think these ranking are just by total cost (ie, cars over $50k avg on average in the lineup or something like that).

  12. By that measure, though, a big chunk of BMW/Mercedes sales don’t count as luxury, either because lease-special CLAs and 3-series with vinyl seats and mediocre performance aren’t really luxury by any measure except price and maybe dealership service (although BMW service was nothing special at all for me).

  13. If someone spending $50k on a car is buying a Tesla over a “luxury” Mercedes, then that customer puts less value on the Mercedes type of luxury and instead puts more value on the Tesla type of luxury.

  14. I owned a M3 and now have had my MYP for almost a year and strongly agree with this. In no way do I feel like I’m driving a luxury car. I love it. But it’s not luxury

  15. Depends on your definition of luxury. In terms of material quality luxury, I agree a 3 or Y are not the same as a traditional luxury car from one of the German companies, but other creature comforts are also luxury features, such as remote climate pre-conditioning that only takes a few minutes to get the interior cool and comfortable, and being able to do that automatically with a set schedule that factors location context is just so luxurious to have. Not having to go to a gas station or worry about oil changes are also luxuries in my view. My wife test drove everything in the $60-$70k price range and with every ICE she would say "But with this car I'd still have to go fill up at a gas station once a week or more. I like being able to just plug in at home and not waste time going to gas stations." That was a clear, noticeable downside of an ICE car because she has gotten used to the ease of EV ownership.

  16. The smoothness of the acceleration, the lack of exhaust smell, and no longer needing to go to gas stations are luxury items to me.

  17. I wouldn’t call a 3 series or c class luxury either. You need to go at least to an s-class and even there it’s a stretch. Real luxury are the Rolls Royce and Bentleys of this world.

  18. Was getting disappointed to have to collapse 3 more popular comments until I found yours but I’d knew it would be here. Thank you for your service.

  19. The term luxury is subjective. If luxury is getting in my car and it’s already cooled down on a hot day, set the timer to warm up on a cold day, has decent autopilot, amongst other conveniences, then yes it’s luxury. I spent $50k on a model 3 and I could’ve easily spent that on a Mercedes or Audi. If luxury to some is top tier leather and comfort/looks? Maybe not luxurious

  20. The entry level BMW, Benz and Audis aren’t really luxury either in that case. It’s just the price that matters.

  21. Luxury in this case legally means expensive. It's just a fancy word that marketers came up with to explain why people spend more than they strictly have to on a car. Until the idea of a high-tech car gains traction in media, luxury is where Tesla will be categorized.

  22. Awesome but I wouldn’t say the 3 or Y anywhere close to being a luxury car they have standard features and interior is pretty average with average materials

  23. You're getting down voted because Luxury is the name of a vehicle segment invented by marketers in the 80s. And the definition is "expensive". And by that definition, and for that purpose, Tesla is grouped with the luxury car segment. This all makes sense and doesn't have any connection with whether you or I personally consider a Tesla to be luxurious.

  24. How is “Luxury” defined? They should just say “Expensive”. Teslas are fine but most of what they sell is not “Luxury” vehicles. Maybe the model X and S count with specific trims but my 2012 Volvo had a nicer interior and ride than any Tesla I ever sat in.

  25. Tons of lease-special 3-series and CLAs and such aren’t “luxury” either, then. No leather, no effortless power, minimal tech, etc. Better fit and finish, probably, but missing many of the things that are historically “luxury” characteristics.

  26. The luxury car segment was invented by marketers decades ago. It means expensive. Teslas are expensive for reasons other that luxury, but marketers and business journalists decide what segment Tesla belongs in no matter how you feel about it.

  27. I would not say Tesla is luxury model y for example is luxury. I have a CA build and a bit away luxury. My previous VW TDI SEL was more luxurious.

  28. The luxury car segment doesn't have anything to do with luxury. It's just about price. And if you don't like it, go fight the marketing industry.

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