Supercharger Stall destroyed (possibly run over?) | Genoa, OH - Wyandot Service Plaza

  1. This is why we need concrete/steel barrier posts. Especially in the Midwest rural areas where people think EVs cause more pollution than ICEs!

  2. Define "cheap..." $2,000??? I'd argue that with the minimum wage still being less than $8 in the US $2,000 is not cheap.

  3. My money is on someone reversing in to charge and mixed up the gas and the brakes, if it was malicious they'd all be like that.

  4. If anyone knows how to relay this information to Tesla, let me know. There doesn’t seem to be an elegant way to do it via the app, and searching just seems to turn up their general customer service phone #.

  5. There used to be a customer service line printed on each stall. Then a few years ago, Tesla's official position became "don't call us about this because we think we already know everything about superchargers through remote diagnostics and reporting."

  6. The light is still on… There‘s a good chance it still works. Especially if we assume that the light automatically turns off if it detects that it’s not operational.

  7. Doesn't seem that bad, only the stall is broken, not the cabinet. Easy and pretty cheap to replace, still would be really a shame if the owner who did that hasn't reported it yet. Everyone makes mistakes but then at least don't flee the scene

  8. They have to install cameras and start imposing fines for people who destroy supercharger stalls and ICEing. The messed up thing is that these Tesla is a American company and are designed and made in the USA"USA version" these people need to feel proud that Tesla and its inovation is changing the world. Most likley these people use Samsung phones, have lg or Sony TVs, you get the point, and they dont support home made. smh

  9. Did this sort of thing happen 100 years ago when fuel bowsers were being installed. Did cowboys on horseback go around kicking them over?

  10. Peoples anger over Tesla just misplaced jealousy. Its just a car company. Given its a damed fine car and technology superior to most other vehicles on the road. But it has its flaws too. But it is just a car company.

  11. You know what's cool about this? The fact that it won't blow up like a gas pump would. Still shocking though..

  12. I would think even if it reports as still functional some red flag would be thrown up if it doesnt get used in x amount of day.

  13. Im going to go ahead an assume this wasn't malicious but that someone went to back into charge and accidently hit the accelerator when backing up

  14. Don’t even think it is by accident. This unfortunately is a human nature. Some people are able to suppress their hate, other not even trying to do it.

  15. Now this means a big diesel engine truck is going to have to come and fix the coal burning electric charger. That's funny.

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