Fremont Tesla Model Y Gets New Door Panels, Matrix Headlights on Long Range

  1. The photos at the top of the article are from a MYP. The article was referencing my comment, where I had mentioned that my recently received MYLR came with matrix headlights (article is a bit confusing). The photo of the headlights in the woods is my photo of a long range.

  2. as someone who is looking to upgrade to a y, i welcome the new design. other than the obvious size and capability, i would like to feel like i have a different car when i do switch.

  3. If you had a ‘22 3 like I do, it would feel like you have the same car. I am actually glad our Y7 has the old design, for a little variety. Tho I wish we had the matrix on the Y, too (and Ryzen — so much better than the castrated Intel turd of a chip).

  4. My brother just got his M3 SR+ with matrix headlights, Ryzen chip, Lithium low volt battery and the new door design. He was surprised it had all of that

  5. MYPs and all model 3s have had them for a while. The MYLR was the only one that didn’t for some reason (I guess to use up inventory?)

  6. DriveTeslaCanada’s article states that the Matrix Headlights are only temporary through October. However, RealTeslaNorth’s article states that the change was made as of August 5th. Can anyone else confirm with sources what is long term?

  7. MIC cars have had this for quite a while, several months at least. I’m surprised MIA cars have taken this long to catch up to be honest.

  8. Slack for line downtime for tooling changes and supply constraints (using up old design parts and ramping up supplier for new parts) determine the switch.

  9. Whatever the newest plant is has the most upgrades. Austin has 4680s, who knows how far behind the Chinese plant is on that.

  10. I have a MYP with the old white doors and my wife has a M3LR with the new white doors, and I much prefer hers. I like rubbing my arm against the alcantara material.

  11. Man, people just don't like change. The new door design is really nice. The old, especially in the white interior, just doesn't look all that good.

  12. When are they actually going to implement the smart features of the matrix lights? It was one of the big things I've been looking forward to for my '21 M3LR. (Australia)

  13. Got my VIN (F5159XX) on Aug 4th for MYLR7. Said it left the factor on Aug 11th. Delivery txt on Aug 14th....Curious if I made the cut for the updates.

  14. Wow a MYLR7 bro I order mine over a year ago and just keep getting pushed back. I thought that had given up on making 7 seaters at this point

  15. Ah just weeks after my new delivery from Fremont. Niceeee. Woulda held off for a bit more for the newest/latest. But ya know. Customers don’t know shit what’s going on release wise from Tesla.

  16. Buying a Tesla really is like a video game loot box... The basic value of the contents is known, but the actual contents are a mystery.

  17. Maaaan, So many cars are driving with Matrix headlights now but Tesla still hasn't even teased a software update for actual Matrix light yet. How long can it still take? 2weeks?

  18. That site is so crappy on mobile it’s barely possible to even understand what’s content and what’s ads

  19. Wonder if a retrofit for the matrix headlights will be possible in the future for MYLR since they’re shipping with them now. I recall someone posting they purchased a set from a MYP and installed them and they were non-functional.

  20. thank god, i might finally be able to find someone who wants to trade the aluminum dash/door trim for wood.

  21. I really hate that wrapped wood paneling look, especially since it doesn't align perfectly. Prefer the old white doors to the all-black alcantara too.

  22. As far as we know... HW3 will never have radar again. There have been rumors that Tesla is working on high definition radar, but IF (big if) radar makes a comeback, it would likely be part of HW4 which would debut on Cybertruck or Semi.

  23. I have a July MYP with the new doors and matrix lights. I’m excited for the future of the lights and what they’ll be able do.

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