Tesla Model 3 Long Range Orders Halted Because 'Waitlist is Too Long': Musk

  1. Isn’t the wait for a standard range longer? Sounds like bs, they’re probably bringing the price back to 55k to get people on the fence to order and get the tax credit next year, and are doing it this way to avoid having to honor a lower price to everyone who just bought for 57k.

  2. Exactly, it's BS. The wait for a Model X is like a year or more depending on config and they're not halting orders for that.

  3. That doesn't even make sense. Whether you buy for 57k now and then price match to 55k next year or buy for 55k next year it's all the same to Tesla.

  4. Dude, no way. The tax credit is complete vaporware. No one who can afford these cars at these prices will qualify for the tax credit anyway due to the AGI limits.

  5. I mean what is too long? People have waited years for cars. I assume they don’t want that because of price changes or because they are trying to push sales of other cars. The Model X Long Range is late 2023 in the waitlist.

  6. Upcoming price change is my guess. People know that the wait is long but now they can’t lock in the price?

  7. The other reason could be they have a ton of LFP packs from CATL so they want to sell through all the RWD models before 2023. Then launch a version with batteries that will qualify to not have the LR the same price as the RWD.

  8. AKA, we want to shift to just making more of the more profitable Y’s. I think that talk of being the first trillionaire really went to his head.

  9. You're missing that the LR doesn't qualify for the rebate due to pricing. If there was a DM mid range at 300 miles or something similar for $53k, it would only cost about $46k after the credit vs $57k for the LR with just 50 miles more range. Huge difference in price but you still might be interested over the RWD because more power, AWD, premium interior, fog lights, etc. I think that's justified for a $6k price delta from the RWD (and that's if the RWD qualifies for the credit! I'm unsure it will)

  10. With an order approaching delivery date, I wonder seriously about possibly missing out on a price decrease to qualify for the tax credit. I had the RWD reserved since March, switched to LR, and suddenly had a VIN assigned. Had to hold the order…wasn’t prepared for that. Then a couple days later I got an email threatening that my order will be canceled before the end of Aug if I don’t take delivery. I think they’re cracking down on fulfilling the LR orders because of the tax credit.

  11. I'm sure a bunch of people have canceled in light of the credit passing. $55k will go a lot further on a car in 2023.

  12. I'm in the same boat and very anxious. Just a week ago my EDD was set to be DEC - FEB, then 3 days go by and to my surprise it's now showing Sept 4-28. I found that very odd, maybe people are canceling? I'll try to delay most I can and hopefully we'll get some more news of any price decrease. My guess would be that they're just gonna bring the RWD LR back to meet the tax credit, those surely will sell like hot cakes

  13. This is crazy. Demand for Tesla must be off the chart. I am not sure why this fact alone does not get more press.

  14. Simple? Because if someone is on the fence, there’s the possibility they won’t buy. That’s $0 profit for Tesla.

  15. Yeah but TBF that's $100 refundable. There isn't much of a real expectation or promise made on timing.

  16. Prediction- New Model 3 variant. At 55k the LR will be 47.5K or basically the same price as the SR. That is a problem especially for some people who are buying SR.

  17. Not enough people talking about how they most likely will just increase the standard range price. Doesn’t makes sense to drop the LR price a little and then after tax credit it’s almost the same price as the standard range..

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