Tesla Model Y with BYD Battery Said to Have 440km Range: Report

  1. Wow, 55kwh. I’m surprised by that. I wonder if that’s usable pack or total? Even the RWD model 3 uses 60kwh.

  2. So, depending on whether that's claimed mileage or real-world, ballpark equivalent to a standard range, or long range.

  3. not impossible. i have an old LR stealth car with 440km and 67kwh battery. So with the newer epa efficiency tricks and a 60kwh battery (its not 55) and RWD only its definetely possible.

  4. The "natural" price would be way under $60k if there were any viable competitors, and waitlists weren't over a year. I think they're pulling something like 25% profit per car right now, which is insane, and wouldn't be the case if the rest of the world hadn't resisted the switch to EV.

  5. They’re having a difficult time ramping up production of those. Even Austin is still making some cars with 2170s. Elon has basically said they’ll take as many batteries as they can.

  6. Even with their new batteries Tesla is going to be cell constrained for a decade or longer. Anything not into cars they want to get out in stationary and stationary demand will be unlimited for decades to come.

  7. Probably because it’s not enough? Tesla is making their own because there isn’t enough in the world, but that doesn’t mean they can make all of it on their own.

  8. It’s primarily the battery that is holding back the number of cars they can build. They cannot produce enough batteries themselves , and cannot buy more from existing suppliers than they already do. So only option to boost production numbers is to get more battery manufacturers onboard.

  9. There's nothing so amazing about the actual 4680 cells that it wouldn't be worth to also use other cells as well. If you look at

  10. Different tech for different applications. The iron based lithium technologies are the future of lower end lower performance vehicles. Both technologies are game changing but neither is in mass production to an extent that they can solve all of Teslas needs. It is the same reason Tesla still uses and likely will be using 2170 cells for a long time.

  11. Because they need to use more and more LFP batteries and transition to using NCA 4680s for their more premium models.

  12. Are there really THAT many vehicles that have 300+ miles per tank of gasoline, and people empty them regularly in a half day? I'm in a car now that has 240 miles charge and I've hit that limit only on road trips, when I'd need to hit up for a new tank of gas anyway.

  13. I won’t buy an EV until it can go more than 500 miles on a single charge and is cheaper than a comparable Gas vehicle.

  14. I thought Tesla is an innovation and manufacturing company, why do they have to rely on 3rd party battery supplier? Is it scalable issue?

  15. Don’t use your own use case as a as how all ranges should be. There are lots of reasons why 500+ mile ranges are good. One being less charging stops.

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