Model S Plaid dethroned at Nürburgring by the Porsche Taycan Turbo S

  1. Tesla could benefit from better suspension and brakes on the Plaid. Maybe a speed sensitive rear spoiler as well.

  2. Tesla's response will be with the Roadster. There is no need to make their car any faster, it's already complete insanity and more performance than anyone would ever want in a 5-passenger luxury sedan. It will stomp the Taycan and anything else you would come across in straight line acceleration, and I mean anything. The fact that it laps within seconds on a tough circuit versus a performance oriented brand just shows the car is a beast.

  3. The car I’m most excited about. This could be a game changer if they can kee the price similar to a current 718.

  4. They'll put another massively modified version back out therr to win by .10 of a second, and then turn around and sell a neutered version to the masses.

  5. That will cruse this time. Just saw the video of Rosberg getting his Rimac. What a machine! The new era of hyper cars is here.

  6. Good on Porsche, this is their bread and butter. The fact that Plaid has held the record this long and continues to make Porsche reach, is pretty amazing.

  7. If you look at the video you can see that the time was set quite some time ago and not during summer. People are wearing coats. Wonder why they took so long to release it.

  8. Hasn’t Tesla stated that they don’t like the idea of a long range vehicle because of the resources it would take and weight the vehicle would have, and instead their goal is to increase the amount of chargers and charging speeds. Im with you though, I think they should make it for people who do long distance quite frequently because the average driver doesn’t need that range, heck 80% of the time I could get away with a short range but I got a long range for the trips

  9. Completely agree. I won’t lie, I always love seeing these sorts of competitions. But I’ll be far more impressed when one them releases an actual 500+ mile range car that doesn’t need the AC and music turned off to achieve it.

  10. If Tesla needed the publicity like it used to, they would do something to reply. At the moment it's not needed because they can't produce enough cars to meet demand as it is. I think they are just going to ignore it, until they get around to finishing the roadster.

  11. I wonder why they posted this time just now if the run was in winter? I mean you can clearly see in the YouTube video that the all the trees have no leaves and that it had to be recorded in winter season.

  12. Well that’s just an unfair comparison. The Model S would go faster with a turbo too. Now lemme Google how to add a turbo.

  13. We all saw the the Plaid lap and how the top speed was limited giving how shitty the brakes are.

  14. the plaid was more limited by its handling than anything else. the driver was fighting the car the entire time while the taycan lap looks much more controlled.

  15. “The performance kit includes 21-inch RS Spyder design wheels and street-approved Pirelli P Zero Corsa high-performance tires, which are now available as an option for Taycan customers. “Their tire compound is similar to that of racing tires,” Porsche said”

  16. They are roughly equal in terms of performance. If you look at the spec sheet you would assume they are much better. But looking at real world comparisons Shows they are very close to each other.

  17. first run where the plaid was 2 secs faster was with the same tires and a less powerful car. this run was on street legal tires that are better than what Tesla used. Both cars were tracked on the same tires you get from the factory.

  18. Nothing about that S was "consumer"... It had racing tires, carbon brakes, enhanced aero, and (IIRC) a swapped wheel.

  19. This is important for brand competition yes, but many other improvements to reach for except tenths of seconds. My MSP100DL+ is already fast af, and when launched I’m not afraid of what’s next to me. Let’s go for range, better self driving, a nicer interior and the rest of a long list…..

  20. That’s cool but no one is buying a plaid to be a track car, maybe 1%. They’re buying it for that ridiculous acceleration. I don’t think any plaid owners care if a less quick car has a better 13 mile lap time. Cheers to Porsche for the win though. They’ve always been track cars.

  21. Well crap! Guess I have to sell my Plaid now and get a more expensive, lower range, non self driving car that will surely allow my VERY TALENTED and Nigh F1 level driving ability to shave 2 whole ass seconds off a piece of road I FREQUENTLY travel.

  22. 2 seconds over 12.96 miles. Not that impressive for a $200k+ car (taycan s + "performance kit"). At least tesla has some competition now to get faster.

  23. With all the performance kit, especially the ceramic composite brakes on the taycan turbo s only beats stock S plaid without track mode by 2 seconds, thats actually makes the Plaid looks better. Regardless, getting into the 7.3x lap category is incredible by itself, grats to the porsche team.

  24. That's cool, I hope you don't intend on carrying passengers and stuff. The Model 3 has more room than the Taycan (with the exception of the Wagon)

  25. Can you provide evidence you actually have a Plaid? Like a (screen/outside censored) photo of the interior or something.

  26. Two seconds on a 7 minute 33 second lap? That's well within the performance improvement from just a set of tires. I raced autocross for 25 years and we would often see a 2 second improvement on a 60 second course from the latest new racing tires for autox.

  27. Hardly surprising when you sit inside one and drive it. Far far better dynamics and it makes sense, it's a Porsche. This with 300-400 HP less no less

  28. A German automaker using a German race car driver on a German track beats an American car brand the German government and automakers dislike, I wonder why Porsche won 🤔

  29. That's why it's an expensive car and not an everyday car for average people. Also, high acceleration and handling are safe if you want to avoid an accident. The extreme is semi trucks which have poor acceleration and poor handling, thus get in many accidents partly because of their inability to react to a situation quickly.

  30. Imagine that Tesla busts out some upgrades to the Plaid to retake the throne but get fucked by phantom braking

  31. Why would phantom breaking be relevant on a track? You wouldn't use autopilot or anything so your foot would be on the petals the whole race. Doesn't phantom breaking only occur with autopilot engaged?

  32. Maybe because the driver is lighter by about $70,000? :) Nah, just kidding. Tesla needs someone to up the game so they all get better. Competition is good.

  33. It was with the Turbo S instead of normal Turbo. It has more power, better breaks and better tires. (all from factory if you order the kit)

  34. Let’s be honest, the plaid is a family sedan. It’s heavy and it’s not made for the track. It’s made for the drag strip.

  35. Porsche now leads the game Tesla created. Glad Tesla drove the best engineering minds to work on this ev challenge.

  36. Missing the point here. The record is not how fast round the Nurburgring, but in fact how many cars can we build per week, month, year

  37. Awesome. But, that should not mean the Model S need more power. I don’t want a car designed by a circuit I’ll never drive on.

  38. Do people really care about nurburg? Why does it really matter? To me it’s just hype created by auto industry. I could careless what car does at race track.

  39. Not that I am planning on ever buying a Taycan Turbo S, but that's a shame it's only available in Germany.

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