Tesla Semi with 500 mile range shipping in 2022; Cybertruck same range in 2023

  1. Lots of reports about the title. We’re not taking this down. The comments have good arguments for and against interpreting the tweet as CT having 500mi.

  2. The cyber truck order page says up to 500 mile range, so I am assuming that is for an upgraded battery. The tweet doesn’t say 500 miles, but the order page does. Maybe OP was referring to that?

  3. (Over on another planet) There are folks poking fun and ridiculing EV's as there are F150 Lightning's that when towing, are only getting 100 miles before having to charge.

  4. I mean, it's okay if an electric truck or semi doesn't replace every use-case that ICE ones do now.

  5. Towing is also an aero problem. The weight isn't really as big an issue at speed Huge car haulers or campers that are 6 ft higher than the truck with a flat leading edge destroy range. Most ice truck get atrocious range towing those but it's a 15 min stop vs 45-60 min stop and longer between stops.

  6. The title is not exactly what the tweet says. A bit misleading. It says nothing about the cyber truck range.

  7. takes me back... to a college buddy losing a bet and having to drink a bottle of liquid smoke. lets just say that was not a good idea

  8. It’s already mid August so if he’s saying deliveries begin within four months I think it’s a very good bet that that happens.

  9. The insane thing is that the semi should get 500 miles fully loaded according to Tesla. Its unloaded range is probably way more.

  10. Wait a minute, so you are saying an electric vehicle with many, many tons less weight in cargo will get a higher range than one that is loaded down? Amazing insight you have there.....

  11. Big if true, but the only reason I ordered the CyberTruck was for 500mi of range. His post doesn't say anything about this

  12. But long haul all day every day semis can't be replaced as easily by Tesla semis right? I was picturing these as being perfect for daily drivers. Routes 300-500 miles long round trip then the truck has all night to charge. It's gonna be hell charging an electric semi along must trucking routes for quite a while. I'd imagine it needs to line up with their mandatory driving breaks and all that as well.

  13. 500 mile range with a full trailer load on it? I haven’t seen any regular EV yet give any kind of official range for towing.

  14. Right, but unlike "civilian" towing, where there are too many variables, commercial towing has set weights and trailer configurations so apples to apples comparisons can be made.

  15. The biggest issue with towing and range reduction with EVs isn't the extra weight, it's mostly the huge increase in drag. Having a trailer attached to a car has a very detrimental impact on airflow around the car for a start, and most trailers are huge boxy things that themselves have very large drag coefficients. So instead of a nice slipperly 0.23 for the M3, you end up with 0.5 or something horrendous with the trailer attached.

  16. It would have to be that. 500 miles unloaded would be impractically short loaded. I’m still curious where they plan to charge it.

  17. Wouldn't he want to pump, then sell? Not sell, then pump? Unless he is trying to transfer wealth to other owners?

  18. I hope that range holds with the semi. It’s one thing to give us the bs rated range on our cars but it’s another for a truck driver to get screwed on range. Also, when will the MW changers start rolling out?

  19. Yep, same with the range loss due to degradation over time. People who use these for a living arent going to tolerate losing 30-60 miles in a few years when their diesels have the same range as 10 years ago when they bought them.

  20. Can’t imagine that’s an accurate number. I lose additional battery charge by not being careful how I mash the accelerator. Hauling cargo at different weights will reduce that range significantly.

  21. Does anyone actually believe what he says anymore? When a paying customer says they've received a vehicle and driven it 500 miles I'll agree that they are delivering them.

  22. I’m just guessing, and have nothing to back this up, but I would expect that Tesla will install, or sell, a few Semi chargers at the locations of choice for those companies that are buying semis. There is no way they deliver trucks without the companies purchasing them having the ability to charge. The chargers will be installed at their own warehouses, and possibly also at some of their regular destinations.

  23. Probably not used in long-haul routes to start. Just local stuff like back and forth to the port. And charge at their own location.

  24. I wonder if I’ll be able to just walk into a dealership and ask to test drive a Tesla semi. I wonder if they’d let me do it with a loaded trailer.

  25. Can you sleep in the back of a semi like the real trucks? I imagine there will be an outlet for plugging in laptops and microwaves

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